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Bletchley Park gets £7.4m to tart up WWII code-breaking huts



... because when I went in April it was crap.

At present they've taken the confluence of some of the greatest instances of bravery, hard-work, secrecy, genius and technological advancements in human history and put it on the same level of excitement as Dido, Ed Milliband and tofu.

Yahoo! leaks! private! key! in! Axis! Chrome! debut!


Re: Lovely name (!)

So the Earth spins on a Nazi inclined at 23.5 degrees?



Re: Bloody EMI!

Face it, D.

Youtube is pretty much dead to you.

UK.gov: We really are going to start buying open-source from SMEs


Free != Gratis

The word ‘free’ in FOSS (‘Free/Open-Source Software’) has **nothing** to do with price. It means ‘free’ as in ‘Libre’ - i.e. that it can be used, studied, modified and re-distributed without restriction.

However you are correct in that making software either OSS or FLOSS does not mean that one cannot charge for it.

What's that sound? It's PC sales plummeting into abyss


Overkill + internet?

Firstly, I suspect that the increase in the use of on-line applications & media has reduced the need for ever-increasing computing power.

Secondly, could it be that large numbers of machines are already vastly overpowered for their owners' needs? If Joe Normal's system carries on working and being useful for 5+ years, why would he want to go through the hassle of replacing it?

Google flings Bing into search engine bin


Searching for reviews...

I find IXQuick to be much better at this.

An anonymous, https engine that doesn't use instant search or that stupid, STUPID all-in-one image search results page. Oh and it's a proxy as well

YMMV of course ;)

Intel out to add NFC payment tech to Ultrabooks


Sounds foolproof...

What could possibly go wrong?


India uncloaks new thorium nuke plants

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Signed, FB'd and +'d

A rapid first hands-on: Nokia’s Windows phones


I don't like Macs because...

- the consumer-level hardware usually lags behind competitors

- I'm not overly fond of the looks of *any* of their gear

- I can't stand global menus

- OSX is just as useless and cantankerous as Windows and much more so than BSD or Linux

- I mainly use software that will run on pretty much any platform

- Apple seems to lack even the most basic of corporate ethics

- the magic mouse sucks

- their keyboards suck

- glossy screens suck

As for the phones, I like them - wth does everything *have* to be grey? Besides, a bright colour means I might be able to find the bl**dy thing...

Jobs: 'I'll spend my dying breath destroying Android'


Hypocrisy much?...

... because Apple never stole any ideas from anybody. [/sarcasm]

Ubuntu's Oneiric Ocelot: Nice, but necessary?

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Hello from Xubuntu 11.10

The 3.0 kernel is a lot faster, it's had some cosmetic improvements and the "greybird-compat" WM theme means that the titlebar no longer has to be colossal. It picked up all my 11.04 settings and media pretty seamlessly and everything ran just as I like it.

So overall a big win.

That said, however, the new look Ubuntu Software Centre absolutely blows goats.

Truck nuts swing onto US freedom of speech agenda


You obviously don't understand Freedom of Speech then

Freedom of Speech was never restricted to politics. The entire point of the Right to Freedom of Speech is that I am allowed to say whatever I want, whenever I want about whatever I want. The only restriction is that this right cannot be used to harm someone else's rights nor threaten national security.

However, you don't have any 'right to not see your immature shite' - there is no freedom from being offended. And because none of your rights, nor anyone else's, have been harmed, you don't get any right to do anything. Why? Because *everyone* gets the right to say what they want, even if it's offensive. So instead try not looking and not being a whiny little tosspot.

And as for 'If the... majority, decides...your plastic sac is over the line, then grow up and take them off', you understand neither Freedom, Education, Awareness nor Democracy. The entire point of Freedom of Speech is that the majority *don't* get to decide.

Perhaps you should stop moaning about others growing up and try it yourself first

New company to lead UK police ICT procurement


Why a company?

Why not just run it properly in the first place?

Next iPhone to sport thinner, lighter casing, says paper

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Oh for pity's sake

This is an announcement that surely even the most ardent Apple devotee would have trouble finding interesting.

A pointless report about the WSJ's needless iPhone hand-job? Come on, El Reg; you can do better than this.

Feds declare victory over notorious Coreflood botnet


A better idea...

"Why not ban the use of Windows on the Internet and prosecute the people who made the "infected PCs"

Why not ban people who post idiotic twaddle instead?

Alpha.gov.uk preps for beta, prays for funding


Render failure

Oh for pity's sake! Yet another PR-w*nking I.T. make-work project that doesn't work properly. *sigh*

It doesn't even get close to rendering properly for me. Mind you I am on FF5 on Linux so it could be just me.

Apart from that though, if we're supposed to have so little money, why exactly are the Government spending money to knob about with IT systems?

FBI fat-thumbs data centre raid



"A Smith & Wesson beats four aces".

I don't suppose the Dibble half-inching a bunch of hardware was very high up in the planning. If it wasn't for the damage done to other users, the FBI's ultimate low-tech hack might even be funny. Part of me really hopes they're investigating a DoS attack.

That said, I wouldn't be laughing if my site was one of those not working.

Mozilla cranks out Firefox 5 with cross-platform 'Do Not Track' feature



Am I the only one who didn't notice a difference...

... except that some add-ons got disabled?


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