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So you broke our encrypted files? Ha! They were DOUBLY encrypted

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Re: If you encrypt it seven times ...

ahhh, LHA - now you're taking me back!

Meet Shenzhen, tech capital of China


Luohu Commercial Centre

The majority of shops in Luohu Commercial Centre appearing to sell electronics are actually just a front for selling pirated DVDs. If you look closely at the kit in the shops you'll see it's all fake - in fact a lot of it just looks like an empty chassis. For those in the know, you enter the shop, hint at your intentions, then before you can say "the register" one of the guys has rolled down the shutter and locked you in while the other guy is disappearing up into the false roof space to bring down a sort of makeshift catalogue of all the pirated DVDs available.

I assume if you then buy something they get it from some other store room buried away in the shopping centre or perhaps they keep them in the roof space - I genuinely don't know because the time I went the girl I was with didn't actually buy any DVDs in the end, which is probably a good thing, as if you get caught taking pirated DVDs back into Hong Kong the fine is something like £100 per DVD!

Did a Seagate sales bloke just say 5TB drives are coming?


5 year warranty

These Constellation-series drives come with a 5 year warranty. That suggests to me Seagate are pretty confident in their reliability.

I've had 16 2TB Constellations running in two NASs now for over 4 months and no issues yet... only time will tell. I'm not going to lose sleep over one or two failing either, since they're in RAID6+hot spare

Avere menaces NetApp with accelerators


feeling loved-up, Chris?

Has UK gov lost the census to Lulzsec?



isn't all historical census data on 192.com anyway?

looks like their business model just went down the toilet...


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