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Asteroid hunter achieves Vesta orbit


Ctulhu f'tagn

Maybe the Old Ones are not lying in wait at the bottom of the oceans... maybe they are living in a hollowed-out asteroid!

'I caught a virus from Murdoch's organ' – famous secret hooker



Can you restate that in plain English, please?

Ballmer leaves investors speechless in Seattle


"captive audience"

So, where the audience hogtied and gagged? Did Kane and The Undertaker watch over them, ready to punish any smirks?

Google Chrome extension busts Murdoch paywall


I dunno

Somehow I've been blissfully spared by the NYT paywall, don't ask me why cuz I dunno myself. Got cookies and javascript on, yet I read at least 50 articles a month no problem.

Microsoft pounces as Mozilla shuns enterprise


3.6.xx is LTS

I'm happily staying on 3.6., currently at 3.6.18. I'm not missing any of the "innovative" stuff in FF 4/5/etc. The claims of "six times faster" are just marketing hype and have nothing to do with actual browsing experience.

The early adopters can get on the hamster wheel, I'm not. And the sysadmins should consider fixing on the 3.6 line as well. It gets all the security updates just as quickly as the latest and greatest Firefox.

Wikipedia awash in 'frothy by-product' of US sexual politics


Bomb Wiki

There ya go buddy that's the stinking Wikipedia for you.


Just another day

Wikipedia is a friggin' joke, its "editors" (ha!) and "administrators" (haha!) a live mass of snaggle-toothed, slithering, slimy critters that no honest person should have the misfortune to encounter, ever.

Even after you have mastered its byzantine rules, a process that takes many months, you have ZERO guarantee of getting good, solid info into the "encyclopedia" (aahahaha!!) if one of the zillion cliques of warlords, battlenerds and cynical self-marketers object to it.

Case in point, just in the last couple of days: El Reg publishes an update on Captain Cyborg (Kevin Warwick) and notes in a postscript how he and his confederates have kept out even one small paragraph of criticism from the grandiloquent puff piece masquerading as his Wiki "article" (lol). A handful of readers rode into the valley of death, valiantly struggling to insert the paragraph. The first brought an improved reference for the quote, ironclad even by Wiki's "verifiability", "relevance" and "reliable source" standards.

All, all for naught. Warwick (probably Wiki admin "Mdd") and Wiki editors "Bradka" (his secretary), "James Wraight" (his wife), as well as colluding Wiki admin "2/0" (his pet goldhamster) together beat back the onslaught and retired to the pub for beer.

Just another friggin day on the friggin Wikipedia, among the friggin Wikipediots.