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SpaceX Bangabandhu-1 launch held up while Dragon splashes down on time


Kilograms and pounds in the same article. I suppose we should be grateful that El Reg isn't planning any Mars missions.

We put Huawei's P20 triple-lens snapper through its paces


Because it's a fruit?

Kernel-memory-leaking Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign


Re: Excellent use of example

Magellanic clouds?

Raspberry Pi gives us all new 'Pi Zero W' for its fifth birthday


Re: Everybody loves Pi

3, of course.

SpaceX's used flight-proven rocket to loft Euro satellite this year


Anyone want to buy some "flight-proven" beer?

HR botches redundancy so chap scores year-long paid holiday


Re: January 1st?

The real question is: when has anyone in HR ever worked?

Logging on to United's frequent flyer site might take longer than a flight


Yet another post-it for the underside of the keyboard.

Watch: SpaceX finally lands Falcon rocket on robo-barge in one piece


Now all they have to do is keep on doing it.

Champagne weekend for Blue Origin with third launch


Dr Flexi Jerkov called. he'd like his rocket back.

NASA's Orion: 100,000 parts riding 8 million pounds of thrust


But does it run Crysis?

UK drivers left idling as Tesla rolls out Autopilot in US


Re: "We’re not totally clear how the car intends to deal with being rear-ended"

Tesla produce a V8? That's kinda unlikely.

Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows: The spirit of Clippy lives on


Does Word handle apostrophes in leading contractions properly yet? Like, for example, "Have at 'em!"

Microsoft replaces Windows 10 patch update, isn't saying why


Re: Redmond's not been super-responsive of late.

MS can already revoke *any* copy of Windows from XP/2003 onwards that is connected to the Internet.

Windows 10 climbs to 3.55 per cent market share, Win 8.1 dips



Rolled back to 7 twice now. Too fed up with things not working right.

In the end why do the "Install W10/make W10 look and act like W7" dance when you can simply stick with W7 for the next 5 years or so?

Three-mile-high pyramid found on alien dwarf world, baffles boffins


It's the Last Redoubt.

NASA: 'Closest thing yet to ANOTHER EARTH' - FOUND


Welcome to Majipoor.

New Windows 10 will STAGGER to its feet, says Microsoft OS veep


Doesn't support my soundcard. End of.

What is the REAL value of your precious, precious data?


You missed something

A skilled bricklayer without a supply of bricks is valueless. Give her a lorry-load of bricks and mortar and her value shoots up. Google's data analysis skills and power are valueless without data to work with.

In other words, the value of my, and your, and his personal data is the loss to Google (and others) if access to that data is denied. And that loss is considerable - it's Google's whole business. It looks as if our data is valuable after all.

The coming of DAB+: Stereo eluded the radio star


Pure want money for the DAB+ upgrade.

Thecus N4310 4-bay: A NAS-ty beast for the budget-conscious


Or if you want something that just works and doesn't chew power get a Netgear ReadyNAS.

Over 50? Out of work? Watch out because IT is about to eat itself


"Scaffold" is a verb?

Death becomes it: Grim Fandango Remastered

Thumb Up

More pleasse

Would kill for a decent sequel,

ZX81 BEATEN at last as dev claims smallest Chess code crown


Re: Very nice exercise in minimalist programming

Code you debug with an oscilloscope!

Broadmoor: My Journey Into Hell, The Chimes and Cowboys and Indies


Ding Dong

I read an advance galley of THE CHIMES last year and thought it was like a cake that was all icing and no cake. Buried under all the needlessly alienating language is something so simple and banal you could run it off in a day or two at 5,000 words and be done.

Microsoft will give away Windows 10 FREE - for ONE year


like for like?

So will my W7 Ultimate upgrade to the best available W10?

German iron meets Monaco's highlands: Audi A1 review


Re: Something's missing

Before you jump on me, there's no photo of the whole car on the mobile version of the website, even tho' there is one on the full-fat edition.


Something's missing

So what does the car actually look like? The whole car, I mean.

Purple glistening plasma, you say? Orion plummets back to Earth


Re: So when do we hear about the SCIENCE?

All we know for now is that not all the airbags inflated. Still landed in Stable One, tho'.

eBay frets as right to resell comes under scrutiny

Thumb Down

Re: There is a difference...

Free markets aren't.

Self regulation doesn't.

Welcome to the real world.

Top admen beg Microsoft to switch off 'Do Not Track' in IE 10

Big Brother

Does nobody here remember the you-seeker from Frank Herbert's A-W-F, Unlimited?

Virgin Media's 'bye-bye to buffering' beardy Bolt boast BANNED


Legitimate buffery?

Behold: First look at Office 2013, with screenshots


It's OfficeBook!

Or OffItsFaceBook if you prefer.

ESA's first Vega rocket blasts off without a hitch


Light the blue touchpaper...

UltraViolet: Hollywood's giant digital gamble is here


But is a film tied to my account for ever or can I sell it on to someone else?

Canonical releases first alpha of Ubuntu 12.04


Damn! was hoping for Priapic Panda.

Spillover from 400lb man squeezed fellow flier into galley


That's why the US prefers to let UAVs and drones do its fighting for it.

NASA's nuclear Mars tank arrives at launch site


Thunderbirds are stop

Where's the problem? It's not rocket science...

Apple dealers hit with Lion bar


Special relationship

A partner is someone who's f*cked, no?

Nokia E6 smartphone


The charger may be clever

but it's not all all that new. My year-old Nokia featurephone has the same charger. It's not innovative white, though, just old-school grey.

Kindle Store awash with auto-generated crap 'books'

Paris Hilton

Crap stuff drives out good stuff - again

I'm an Amazon Kindle author and I'd happily pay a fee of £10 to publish. I'd have liked to have got an ISBN, but they're only available in batches of 10 for > £100.

Plug - look for The Boy by Peter Kendell on Kindle :)

Paris - because I'm sure she'd be my biggest fan, if only...


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