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Metallica's Lars Ulrich illegally downloads own album

Edward Rose

Quick question

Given he has freely distributed electronic copies of the music (which is the same as freely distributing CDs as a promo) does this mean people can legally download it now? Or, is it just the people who were connected whilst he did the download?

Or, is it just the pieces his system actually uploaded during the process that counts as free?

How do you prove which bits are which, and what is the value?

French court fines Google over trade marked keywords

Edward Rose

Ironic really.

@John Browne

You've managed to miss the point. It's like the servcie giving you the phone number you've asked for (Dell), then asking if you'd also be interested in having HP's number too.

Which is, to my knowledge both legal and fair (as far as the commercial world is concerned). Obviously I'm taking a UK view point on the law which is kind of irrelevant for a French court.

The first analogy was pretty good - provided you discount the shops own brand goods from the equation. They are after all just providing a service of advertising another firms product. And, for every Pepsi clicked, erm bought, a share of the profit goes to the shop.

I really don't see that Google has done anything overly wrong here. They need to make money, so their only crime is claiming to be the super benevolent wonderful t'interweb uber being. They are just another company out to make money.

And, now for someone to point out the 'ironic mistake' in my post.

EC will force users to pick a Windows browser, says Microsoft

Edward Rose

Not sure how it will work...

@SR, read most of your comment, can't help to agree with what I read. I can only assume it'll be the big three or four.

Good luck for the EC in making it work though...

@Moss Icely Spaceport

You choose which is the default for install. You can install whatever you like after.

@The 'Why don't other OSes suffer this' clan.

It's not exactly about the bundling. It's about using its position as a monopoly to push its own software to maintain that monopoly. If it was a large company with one or two rivals, with vaguely equal shares of the market, each would be allowed to bundle what it wanted. It is purely a measure to break the monopoly - nothing else.

Linux to spend eternity in shadow of 'little blue E'

Edward Rose

Some good points....

@Jared Earle

Linux doesn't _need_ the terminal. It's used for advanced tinkering (or if you are unlucky not to have common hardware). Okay, from that you may argue that you do need it still - but average Joe actually doesn't. Okay, you lose a lot of chance for optimising, but for the average windows user they can do the same through GUIs. Mostly. I apologise for poor English here, little tired.

That said I sort of agree with you, too much tinkering still needs the terminal. I know, I'm contradicting myself - but _I_ know what I mean.

(Most users can't do half the GUI config under windows remember - the techies do it for them).

Concerning the article - as one chap has mentioned, SCHOOLS. Start 'em young with a variety. See the difference. People don't like change and they hate learning. But, if they start with Linux or a mix then it stands a good chance. Get Linux in primary schools (Prinux anyone?). Perfect place for it too - no course work depending on things be just so....

What the Freetard Photo book tells us

Edward Rose


"Copyrights are for professionals, Creative Commons is for amateurs seeking..."

Well, yes. Without an income from it, it isn't professional really. And, as for amateurs, if they have no interest in making money from it, why not share it for free. So, up to this point fine. I quite agree with most of the articles sentiment that copyright of art is perfectly acceptable. Everything is worth what people are willing to pay. However...

"... a niche for unmarketable work"

This is the point where you fall flat on your face. Please extract your head from your backside and come down off your high horse. There are plenty of artists out there not interested in making money, but just do the work for the love of it. Please don't live under the assumption that because you get payed for your work that you are better than others. Especially if your quality of article writing is anything to go by. I know I'm not a great artist/writer, but I couldn't reach the end of your article due to the huge lack of point and interest.

Promoter hunts stars for McKinnon benefit gig

Edward Rose

Excuse me?

"He [allegedly] committed a crime on USA soil"

No, he was very much on British soil old boy. And, I'd put good money on it not being a fair trial if it goes to the USA.

:He did huge amounts of damage.

:Which was?

:Well we had to secure our systems after we realised there was a hacker.

:and how is that his fault?

:Well, if he didn't hack into the system we wouldn't have needed to secure it....

.....At least from what I've read.

Trial in the UK seems the fair answer to me, also, community service (done in the USA would be fair) instead of prison would be a much more fitting punishment.

The USA (this is not a knock on all 'Merkins just the ones pressing legal action) just want revenge for being shown up.

Royal Society of Chemistry defines perfect Yorkshire pud

Edward Rose

I can't believe it!

"I use batter mix that I pick up on my trips back to Blighty "

Am I the only person here to be deeply disturbed by this comment. It's flour!

Then, he goes on to say he try's to make them like his mum did (or something like that).

Definitely use a metal / enamled tin.

Can also make sure stuff stays hot by shoving t' hob on, then putting tin on t' hob (especially if you are putting sausages in, or better still, bacon pieces).

Microsoft marks Windows' anniversary with Windows 7

Edward Rose


@Rob Beard

It took a few times to stop reading Pacemaker!

@Mark Dempster

I've never heard anyone call X Windows and OS.

@AC, I hate FOSS GUIs.

Good speech, well made. There are some beautiful inconsistancies and it can be quite annoying tweaking configs.

As for rebooting, there is only one time you need ever do that. When you replace the actual kernel (which set up properly; ie server; can be years between. .ko)

But, back to your first point, remember that all this software is made by techies for themselves (no matter how they dress it). So, sticking to a standard like that is not in their best interests, and is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Shame really.

Halliburton seeks patent on patent trolling

Edward Rose


Take someone else's design, and patent it.

There is already prior art here, it's someone else's design, they have the prior art to you writing the patent.

So, this patent only covers the patents which get refused or overturn for prior art. It can't cover the trolls that get away with it (they have 'proven' it was their idea first, honest!). So, the patent doesn't cover a damned useful thing.

Open source fanciers finger Beeb's Win 7 'sales presentation'

Edward Rose


I'd put my money on the Beeb just wanting to look cutting edge.

There will be enough bad coverage from the Beeb in time I'm sure. I seem to recall both positive and negative coverage for both GNU/Linux and Vista over the past couple years. Were they sales pitches?

Hate to say it, but I'll side with the Beeb here.

Wi-Fi phobes hijack disability legislation

Edward Rose

Poor buggers

They want to hide in the big bad non-existance.

Mind you, I would too if I were allergic to sun-light.

Good luck on the THz free area especially.

Fifty years later, steam appears on British railway

Edward Rose

Old exterior new interiors

It would be really nice (in my opinion) if they made a flock of trains based on an old/steamer appearance, but just shove the appropriate elec/diesel bits inside (if steam really is a problem).

The new trains are just so bland and boring. Okay, they may be a bit more fuel efficient, but whatever happened to good old pleasure.

Oh well, well done to the Tornado team, I look forward to a trip in it someday.

Designer touts 'super sight' sunglasses

Edward Rose

Cycling on pavements?

For those pedestrians who have cyclists coming at them on the pavement without a care. Step smartly aside and raise your arm at about their neck height. Using the correct arm should give a tell-tale 'thunk' (quite satisfying).

For the pedestrians who spot a cyclist going along on the pavement gently and considerately - try and show the same consideration, I know it's your 'right of way', but it doesn't hurt or take much effort. Stopping is a pain on a bike.

For the motorists pissing on about cyclists not using the cycle lanes. Which ones, the ones that are an artwork of potholes and drains, or the ones covered with pedestrians. Also, you want a cyclist nipping by between 20 and 30 mph when you're walking on the pavement. It would scare the willies out of me!

As for the pedestrians who walk on the cycle lane, and the pavement, and the cycle lane (you get the idea). What's up? You pissed, or does the white line confuse you?

- That said, whenever I'm walking along the routes I normally cycle, I nearly always end up walking on the cycle lane. Oops! Old habits, and autopilot.

And for the TWATS at the local council office:

| pavement / cycle lane | road |

So, which clever dick thought putting the cyclist road-side was bright? Painting extra give-way signs for the cyclist whenever there is an area a pedestrian 'may' think of crossing is on par with eating cheese wire. Put the cyclist furthest from the road. 1) You don't need those annoying give-way signs every 100yds (yes it is that bad where I live) 2) when (or if) the cyclist screws the pooch, they are much less likely to end up under the wheels of the truck going by at the worst moment.

| pavement | cycle lane / road |

For five minutes!

- What's the width of the cycle lane in this scenario?

- What's the width of the average drain and obligatory pothole around it?

Only look up the answer to one or the other. They are the same.

| pavement | random red paint / road |

Why are there cycle lanes which are only about 3m long? And what's with the ones that just point you in a direction which just leads you around in circles? Do you have a budget for cycle lane paint that you just must use? How about making the useful ones wider?

End Of Rant

To probably 50+% of car drivers, 80+% of bus, van and lorry drivers:

Thank you. I'm shocked that the majority of motorists are actually pretty good where I live. And, much more shocked that the number of lorries or similar that drive like 'yaks* around me in one year can probably be counted on my fingers. I work on an industrial estate and ride ~3 miles to work _every_ working day (ie I see more HGVs a day or two, then try to kill me in a year).

*mani'yaks, for the ill educated. I can't compare people's driving to that of yaks' due to never having seen any sort of yak or elk like animal behind the wheel of a car. I want a yak icon. It could be used for all sorts guys.

Google UK honours Queen Liz 2.0

Edward Rose


I believe, and I suppose I could check (but I'm assuming this has already been done), that 'Queen of England' is the main title. Anything else is 'also Queen of....'. So, not 'probably' but, IS the second queen of England, short of some previous monarch scrubbing the records of a short reigned queen called Liz.

GooTube snubs McCain's call for DMCA favoritism

Edward Rose

I'm confused!

How can taking someone else's work, and using it to catch people's attention to advertise yourself be 'Fair Use'? He WANTS to win the election (which will get him loads of money). Nothing to do with him wanting to be a great benevolent leader at all. So, he should get on and pay the producers of the music/media the license fee.

Vote McCain, vote for a theiving, bullying git (not that the rest of politicians are much better, at least they don't seem to shout as loud).

SanDisk reinvents 1980s personal stereo for the noughties

Edward Rose

SD card storage?

It should be easy enough to put a small form factor storage compartment on the actual device for your spare cards (that's if Sandisk actually think about it).

~50hr battery life, with an easy to replace cell, and I'd be interested.

Small form factor, simple display, good battery life. If you don't like lots of separate cards (which I do - don't ask) shove a single biggun' in. Include a smallish amount of internal and you could allow 'hot swapping' of files between mates. For legit stuff only though, obviously. That's assuming they want to do a custom design just for me!

"$15 (£16/€20)"

I know it's been corrected in the article, but please folks, what's in the brackets is clearly el'reg's doing and not a genuine price. Go by the $, as they clearly state UK prices aren't recorded (whatever that means).

Gates predicts 'significant' US recession

Edward Rose


If they were so generous and selfless they wouldn't be so rich.

Why is it that giving away 0.1% of your cash gets much more thanks then lets say 20% of your free time?

This isn't a direct hit at the individuals (they don't have to give a penny away - a lot don't), just the way most media seems to hype just how generous these individuals are for giving away less (by value to themselves) than the vast majority of other individuals, and ignores the work so many others do. Oh well, roll on the retaliation...

Sony to save planet with PS3 firmware overhaul

Edward Rose

@Jiminy Krikett

Chalk and cheese?

Never tried Tesco's Chesire have you?

Anywho, get the good ol' Megadrive back out! It beats all these modern pansy, I can't use my imagination' toys.

And, on a more serious complaint - why are games so dark / grey / brown these days. Realistic? What? I thought the real world had light and colour. When you're playing nearly the whole game with night sight on there is something wrong.... (okay, not all games, probably just the one my mate buys).

Linux at 17 - What Windows promised to be

Edward Rose


"Add in the extra support time for supporting the commodity hardware and Linux starts to look very expensive compared with other systems." ?

Run it on standard hardware then. Or, run MS Windows on the hardware.

I won't comment on the rest apart from some of the arguements are flawed at least a little, but that issue sounds like the hardware you have chosen to use is expensive, nothing to do with software. Would MS Windows run on it?

Oh well, 8 years now, and loving it. Not ready for business me thinks, but ready for the home desktop (with some very annoying bugs).

Happy Birthday.

Serial troll bitchslaps Reg hack

Edward Rose

Christmas Presents?

I get the strange feeling the only Christmas and birthday presents he ever received were books on how the Yanks single handedly won the war (I won't ever deny they helped, but...) and books on databases.

There must be some reason for the strange obsession.

US teen cuffed for sending nude phone pics

Edward Rose


.... some UK chap will be done for sex with a bike in a locked room.




Mike summed it up well. Two-faced tossers.

'Podestrian' risk rising for drivers, warns insurer

Edward Rose


Where do your numbers come from? 3/4 of cyclists listen to music on the go?

Anywho, how the hell is a car behind a cyclist a threat if they actually did as they were meant to and gave the same room as if a car was there. ie, foxtrot oscar to the other lane, there's plenty of road - use it (or be patient if needs be)*!

I by no means imply hear that all motorists should be shot ~50% where I live are actually very considerate. 20% seem to be unaware that they should give a bit more room, 20% should be shot because they just don't care (affects other motorists as much as cyclists). 10% should be hung up to starve to death because the worthless scum seem to think cyclists are fair targets.

Same numbers probably apply to cyclists and others too.

Anywho, back on to the topic of the story. Ipods are quite clearly evil - we have proof. Wha, ha, ha. Lets ban morning lectures too, the amount of times I nearly went under the wheels of a car due to being 'so tired I was in autopilot' is scary. A big thanks to those who stopped - even if it was just to save on dents.

*A pre-emptive "actually the majority of cyclists do pay road fund tax". So no, that isn't a valid accuse for running them down.

Lithium-ion battery beater to debut in 'major' laptop release

Edward Rose


I suspect the biggest fear for a laptop manufacturer is supply and demand.

Never single source if you have the choice, and make sure your suppliers can more than meet demand.

Microsoft taints open source CodePlex well

Edward Rose

You missed the point.

"Open source violates the ageless and fundamental principle that *my* labor is worth something."

"1) O-S doesn't mean you must give *your* labour or ideas away for free. Not even vaguely."

I've highlighted the two important words. You seem to believe the world is about you. That O-S is forcing YOU to do something. It isn't. And, your original comment made it seem money was the center of all. To a lot of people (like myself) money is needed to live, nothing more.

@AC, Erm, why are you looking at me? I have a good idea of what a)O-S has done, b)what all the selfless work others have done, has done for me. I am extremely grateful for it. And, seeing that there are people so willing to give up a part of their freedom (or even just time:) reminds me to be proud to be human.

Edward Rose

@phat shantz

You really don't get it do you?

O-S doesn't mean you must give your labour or ideas away for free. Not even vaguely. You may well believe that all that matters in life is YOU and YOUR MONEY.

I don't. I believe all that matters in life is me being happy.

1) People around me being sad makes me sad - So, free of charge I try to make them happy.

2) The pleasure is first in the making, and then in the giving. I take joy out of the small amount of programming I do. I also like the idea that other people can get on and enjoy using it. I don't need the money, I don't care for it.

3) I do a large amount of charity work. Someone did the same for me when I was younger and it changed my life. To pay them back I now do that work for other people, hopefully it perpetuates.

You see, it's not about money, it's about giving to other people and knowing you've done your bit to make the world a happier place. So, get over it (okay, you were probably just trolling).

Fraud victims urged to use DPA to rebuild credit ratings

Edward Rose


I almost had my hopes up, until I realised all the letters I get are now addressed to 'the occupier'. Does that count as me as far as the DPA is concerned.

Oh well, it's not as if they send any of their thugs around outside of work hours.

AMD spins off manufacturing biz

Edward Rose

@thomas k

I would strongly guess capacity, to answer your first question (a NEW fab in NY).

Also, if set up to produce CPUs I'm not sure what their capacity to create small 'profitable' chips would be (basic packaged transistors etc). CPUs are used in limited numbers, where as smaller stuff can be turned out in silly high volume making it worth bothering with.

So no, I'd say this isn't AMD just trying to share their loses, I think it will work quite well for them. They worry about designing a good chip, someone else worries about foundry issues.

Plus, it's a way of getting someone else to 'upgrade' the German foundry given they don't have the money to do it, and they have to compete with Intel. Plus, a deal to nearly wipe out their debt (I say 'nearly' fully aware that $6bn is being handed over and there is $5bn debt, but we all know what accountants are like - I'm assuming I remember the numbers here).

Postman Pat goes postal

Edward Rose


My posty gets in typically around 9. He used to get in earlier, but given his energy, zeal and manners I'm guessing it is beyond his control now. How is a genuinely nice chap (actually jogs on parts of his round to get it done more quickly - at times).

The local post office, well. I was a regular according to the gentleman who ran it. I visited 2-3 times a year. So I can't blame PO for closing it. I'm just a bit screwed by the lack of car mind you.

Rupert Bear? That private school little twerp? Lets make it more realistic - where's the coke 'tache?

Hawaiian anti-LHC lawsuit thrown out

Edward Rose

Thank you

Fantastic, I shall never get over a person trying to stop a (I assume) mostly European project - In Europe - using the 'Murkin courts.

I also missread it as bovine-bothering boffins.

Somewhat less sense, but still funny in my twisted world.

Again, Mr Page, you do the world of news credit. And, cheers for keeping life enjoyable.

UK spooks poke Facebook for new spies

Edward Rose

@@Robert Grant

Oi, I'm out in the real world. Hardly ever in the house really. And, I use Facebook - with a high IQ might I add (that's not a claim that English is one of my strengths after a day at work).

And, I still don't have any friends!!!! How do you do it?

Or, on a more serious note - I live a long way from where I used to. To keep in touch with old friends is actually a nice thing to be able to do.

And, no, I don't block ads. Pictures of scantily clad females coming up for an advert keeps me happy.

FCO owns up to energy waste

Edward Rose

two to five percent....

... of maximum power draw. Given the theme of modern PCs I have no faith that maximum power draw won't be silly high (remember, max and not typical here).

Turn the damned things off, and hit the light switch on the way out too. Unless you're scared there'll be a sprained finger due to turning the lights off. Terrible H&S risk that.

Universities ain't much better either.

Alcatel-Lucent loses $1.5bn MP3 patent claim against MS

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It's not often...

... that I support MS on legal matters.

EPO staff strike over patent quality

Edward Rose
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Is this one of the first stories to make you not ashamed to be human? Wow!

Child abusers adopt blackmail tactics

Edward Rose

I got this far and just stopped....

"Growing use of mobile phones to access the net means parents can't control the child's internet access as easily as in the past."

Yes they can, it's called the 'Don't give them a completely pointless piece of bling' method.

Or, Nokia could produce a phone which can only manage incoming phone calls and incoming texts.

Oh wait, I think they probably do (although I'm not sure), simple as payg on a cheap handset.

Kiwi cops hunt teenage serial burglar with head of Robbie Coltrane

Edward Rose

Good on 'em

Nice to see some noggin' used.

Also, the law to stop the publishing photos of juviniles is actually fair. Hate to say it, but mistakes are too easy (all kids look alike...). Make the line very clear and it's hard to abuse it.

Okay, discretion goes out the window, but probably less than 5% of any population can be trusted to use it anyway.

Man buys $1,000 worth of iPhone pixels by accident

Edward Rose


Corporations spen millions on this sort of bling to put against their company slogan.

I think it's damned good value for money.

American man too fat for execution

Edward Rose

@ Sarah

Do you see your own irony.

We shouldn't allow the death penalty because people can be influanced by others, and thus see that the state sponsors murder (I completely agree).

You then ask why a load of people are being encourage to mete out death to a murderer. I think your answer is in the first paragraph. It's our nature to be led like sheep.

Prison should be tougher!

As was said by a very famous pacifist.

"Be the change you want to see in the wolrd." (the quote may not be spot on, and you can all play guess the chap).

Next Debian's 'Lenny' frozen

Edward Rose

@Simon Williams

Okay, I'll take the bait.... For the benifit of those who genuinely agree with your comments.

The testing branch is very up-to-date (Firefox 3 is in there). Okay, it may be a couple weeks off launch, or months for less popular products, but hey, it really doesn't make a difference.

As for releasing 'versions'. They are nothing but PR campaigns, you won't suddenly notice a big difference between a system moving from 'testing - lenny' to 'stable - lenny'. Home machines shouldn't be running on 'stable' anyway (sort of).

I love it, but I still use Gentoo at home.

Ubuntu man challenges open source to out-pretty Apple

Edward Rose

Leave the pretties to the artists. Not developers.


/usr/local or /opt

Don't quite get your point, NWN & UT2004 work perfectly across any distro. They come as a complete package and expect to find nothing more than a value stuffed into $HOME.

However, you do end up losing out on the advantage of common libraries like this. But, it's easily fixed.....

Each distro should hold a file in /etc called something like 'locations' (or whatever) and list where an installer is expected to install the appropriate files.

Likewise, have a common db that local installs can list what files they use, so the package manager can check it's own db (regardless of format) and the 'local install' db to see what files are loose. It would be simple to write a script to handle the install of ANY software then.

I admit some distros do funny things with certain config file locations, but most commercial software shouldn't be touching these config files any way (but, can also be resolved by above method).


Never seen an update for UT2004 for upgraded Libc, and it still works (he says after not playing it for some time, but meh - never seen an issue like that). So I'm guessing it shouldn't be a huge problem. I am willing to stand corrected here as I am nowhere near being an expert on libc.

Kernel modules suffer from it though. - So, thinking about it, provided the libraries are 'static' to the program and aren't anything to do with the system you really should be fine (MS _probably/may_ still use the same compiler+faults from years ago).

How about MS (that's Mark, not Micro) puts some effort into making pretty frontends to stuff like firewalls etc that work on X, and NOT KDE/GNOME. I like the layout of UDE (I would recommend to people who like *different*), therefore don't want all the KDE/GNOME base stuff installed. Autologin for xdm? available for kdm and gdm, but could do with being on all home systems I feel.

Police told: Delete old criminal records

Edward Rose


You can still get roles in charity work such as you mention with a criminal record. It depends on the offence and the chance of repeat. CRB checks etc bring back information for the organisation (charity) to make an informed decision on.It does not come back with Yes or No.

Anyway, there is a good reason to get rid of all the chaff. Reduce the amount of storage space required ;)

EU abolishes the acre

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Knowing the square meters in a hectare is equally useless when visualising area.

If you know what an acre looks like, it's easy to scale to multiple acres, regardles of how many square thou there may be floating about in there (I am, BTW, holding up two fingers to you, so bugger off back to your precious Europe).

Chinese earthquake hack scammer jailed

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@Good News

Now, now. You are suggesting that these parasites are nearly as low as 'it comes' - they just do it for survival.

Lower than the average politician, perhaps?

Really good to see he was caught, and although he counts very lowly in moral standards the law doesn't consider morals. He commited fraud, that is the crime - regardless of who he tried to defraud.

I'm pretty sure violent thugs typically receive less, which (wait for the flames) is IMHO a much more sick crime. I appreciate people will disagree, but I stand by my beliefs.

HP demonstrates mega-memory concept

Edward Rose

100 G impact withstanding...

It bounces then. Very well...

I wonder if this will go the same as holographic storage...

Has ISO already rejected anti-OOXML appeals?

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If governments start churning out documents in odf people will start noticing it, and a lot will follow suit. 'The government do it, it must be right - they are the best of the best after all'.

Certain bodies now MUST use open-standards, so if OOXML becomes ISO then the governments can use it and we are exactly where we were with .doc at the beginning.

The point is, if an organisation you deal with uses ODF you may use whatever software floats your boat in your own org or at home. No problems.

If they use OOXML, you MUST pay for MS Office. Like it or not, you pay.

SCHOOL. It's where they started with the same trick. Here's cheap/free OS.

How generous they all say. Then realise they need MS OS at home to be able to do homework. And, so it began. OOXML, and so it begins.

US retailers start pushing $20 Ubuntu

Edward Rose

Good plan

And, I'm not being sarcastic.

A printed manual and support goes a long way with a lot of people, £10 a pop doesn't sound to bad for 60 days support either.

Plus, if it's in a box on the shelves it's what we in the trade (okay, I'm not) call simple advertising. Making people hunt for a product needing to know it's name stops people finding it by accident. Wandering into a store and seeing it there, well - 'nuff said!

How long until it happens with OpenOffice (although, for the love of all things chewy, lets bleedin' trim it back a bit first - flame me if you will for not volunteering the efforst myself, but as a superhero I regularly spend my evenings flying around the world plucking lost babies and kittens from the trees...).

Three-quarters of EU radio equipment is non-compliant

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Too much like effort to punish these companies, so lets just let them do what they want and have it spiral out of control.

I've noticed a huge amount of crap on my radios in the amateur bands, not sure if it's fair noise or naughty noise, probably the later. Definitely man made around houses.

BBC must reveal EastEnders costs

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BBC ain't awful

@Andy Senyszyn

According to the license agency you should pay the tax wether you have TV or not. Nice little bullies.

Okay, I don't have TV, so don't pay the license - but for what you get it is fair money.

However, money aside, beastenders (oh sorry, beast makers) is a horrific pile of crap. The show sets the example that vicious nasty bitching is the way forwards. It should be forced to calm down and show functional families actually enjoying life. More viewers would follow suit. They can still have drama, there's plenty to be had for nice happy people, just ban this 'lets turn the country into uncaring nasty little shits' drive.

BBC should be used to educate (news, infomercials and learning - Robot wars but with a more design oriented view), and make sure people keep laughing. Comedies like RedDwarf and Bl'adders were brilliant, and more like that would be great (laughter IS important for the health).

Criminal record checks: More often wrong than right

Edward Rose


@Leo Stretch

His point is perfectly valid, okay some people don't get caught and don't show up on a CRB check, but the alternative is to shot everyone and be done with it.

@Archery Coach

So, you'd refuse to teach any adult just because they came under the classification of 'vulnerable'. I hope this is through a lack of thinking and not just you being a discriminating little tosspot.

Also, all these stories in the news, all what? two or three a year, mostly over hyped. Don't let that put you off, there is a lot that you can do for the community by helping the kids and a lot of satisfaction to be taken from seeing them succeed (sounds cheesey, but tough).

So, good luck with the coaching and I hope you're more willing to consider working with more vulnerable people in the future.

As for the CRB check, it's a hassle, but a worthy one I feel.

Microsoft criticizes EU's 'unreasonable' judgement

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@Terry Blay

The EU courts would be much happier bringing a EU company to task for misconduct as there are no fears of international trade 'upsets'. There is generally more politics than justice in anything of this scale.

Upsetting your own companies isn't a issue.

Facebook value drops $11.25bn

Edward Rose

It's all relative

"But one thing's for sure: a 1.6 per stake isn't worth $240m"

If $240m means nothing to MS then why the hell not? Money is not the absolute value people seem to think. Especially not when talking about the stock market where most of the money seems to be pulled out of thin air in the trading of shares (else 'valuie' couldn't be knocked of the stock market).

£100,000 is a huge amount to me. I wonder how many times big firms have signed that much off with never a thought?