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IBM to end NetApp OEM sales pact: report


Re: But where's the real value

How similar is NetApp cluster mode to SVC ? What's the equivalent of Image mode and work with a large variety of vendors' storage?

IBM have FlashCopy Manager which is similar to SnapManager.

I can see why IBM feel they can satisfy customer requirements with their own products.

Steve Jobs was top of the flops, says Apple's Tim Cook


Re: There is no such thing as a "Foxconn rebranding company"

How many "US Brand" products are made in China ? We happen to know who the manufacturers are for Apple but it'd be interesting to call say Bose, Levis, Garmin et. al. rebranding companies.

I guess this article was either deliberately provocative or written by a moron (not that there's anything wrong with morons, just that journalism perhaps isn't the ideal career for them).

TomTom Start 20 satnav



"But at £130 the absence of traffic data seems poor value"

So we'll give it a 70% score ?

Directions / traffic information are core to getting you to your destination. Phone numbers of points of interest are not. Lack of traffic information (and the option to even to subscribe to one additional cost) should have meant this product was given a 65% or lower mark IMHO.


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