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Users attacked by mysterious AIM buddies


What's worse - some of the bots still need work

[11:03:32 PM] Prof Gilzot: A rectangle has an area of 26 square inches. What is one possible value for its perimeter?

(A) 6.5

(B) 13

(C) 26

(D) 28

(E) 54

*Sam does some math*

High-School algebra tells us that C, D, or E are all valid answers.

I don't know where these test-prep questions came from, but D was wrong, that answer was E.

I say that a width and length of (7 - (23)^(-1)) and ( 26 / (7 - (23)^(-1)) ) seem to work just fine for a perimeter of 28 and an area of 26.

I decided I would share that with the creators or the tutors, and Googling prof gilzot yielded a stunningly small ONE Google "o" of results, half of which were foreign.

On http://www.profgilzot.com/ there was no 'contact us', nor any email addresses at all for that matter.

Silly silly people.


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