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Musk shows off the latest power plant for Starship, replaces Tesla CFO with a millennial


Re: Methane?

There was and is absolutely nothing wrong with the concept of the Big Dumb Booster.

They are a straightforward engineering way to get *LOTS* of mass into space in a useful way in ONE GO. Often relatively cheaply. O2/H2 plumbing is seldom simple and never cheap.

The Sea Dragon conceptualized in 1962 could have been built with then current technology and gotten a huge amount of useful stuff into orbit. Sometimes bending LOTS of tin quickly to get your job done is not considered bad.

The reusability case that Elon Musk brought to fruition was *ALWAYS* the goal of a true space-faring society but actually getting stuff into space is pretty much the only goal we measure by.

There are still use cases for expendables now. IF they are cheap and/or plentiful and can actually do the job you need done *now*. Re: Rocket Lab Electron

Launch often. Break things. Iterate. Improve.

Per Aspera Ad Astra.

30 spies dead after Iran cracked CIA comms network with, er, Google search – new claim


Who Watches The Watchmen...

The CIA has never really been a friend to the Republic. They pretend they are out to hobble and confound the enemies of the United States. In practice they have always spent far too much effort on disinformation and psyops aimed inward towards the citizenry.

Now they along with the rest of the THREE LETTER POWERS are too big to fail and only interested in protecting their turf.

Pournelles Iron Law writ large.

Boffins bork motion control gear with the power of applied sound


Re: There are limitations to the attacks

As drewsup opined down further in the comments the Real World Attack Vector could be quite applicable.

Imagine some fellow who regularly uses his segway to travel from point A to point B. The attacker sets up an ambush and drives the unwitting fellow into traffic, or off an elevation or.... any number of things. It would appear to anyone involved that it was the result of operator error.

I do not put ANYTHING past antifa or Russian trolls.

"Accidently" driving oneself off a cliff sounds like a pretty useful deployment of an attack to me.

Just My Opinion. I Could Be Wrong.


Military techie mangled minicomputer under nose of scary sergeant


Simply Baffling

I could not fathom why anyone would *ever* install a BRS without immediately following up with a Molly Guard

The sharks of AI will attack expensive and scarce workers faster than they eat drivers


Trade schools have been unfairly maligned for too long.

Plumbers, pipefitters, welders, electricians, mechanics etc. etc. etc.

Super-deluxe-3D-printing-robo-wonderbots with *true* waldoes are the stuff of science fiction dreams/nightmares. *BUT* a humans abilities for physical object manipulation will be pretty low on the tree of jobs which get taken over in the short term.

Humans brains are amazing and the bodies are built to manipulate the world around us with stunning alacrity. Production costs are surprisingly low and replacement units can be generated through the use of unskilled labor.

What's not to like?

(*EVENTUALLY* the nanites will take over. But not today.)

US taxmen pull plug on anti-identity-theft system used by identity thieves


No withholding = ZERO chance for "refund fraud"

The entire concept of withholding was done in order to lull the cattle into a sense of trust and resignation regarding the Income Tax. 1913 saw the instigation of the MANDATORY withholding of taxes. This was viewed so unfavorably it was repealed in 1917. During the 1930's the Social Security Act was passed and The Powers That Be decided to take another whack at stealing money in smaller tranches so as to be less noticeable. Individuals owing Federal Income Tax would pay quarterly prior to the 1940's. World War Two rolls around and the Federal Government finds it needs more money now, NOW NOA!!! and decides that withholding looks like a *dandy* answer to having to wait for those peons to pony up the cash. Thus the Current Tax Payment Act in 1943 was passed.

Pretty much downhill from there. The Government at *ALL* levels decided that nickel-and-diming the peons was SOOOOO much easier than actually having to go hat in hand to ask for *SPECIFIC* funds for *SPECIFIC* pork barrel projects.

After all..... what's a few billion dollars here or there?

The VAT tax is even more opaque and the continentals truly have not even an inkling of how much "their" government is skimming from them.

Governments... they are not really into this whole "transparency" thing.

NASA test foiled by rocket shaking power cord loose from camera


We can put a man on the moon ...

It is hauntingly beautiful but for pity's sake 720p?

Some of us *DO* watch video on things other than our phones...

Net neutrality: Email trail reveals how Prez Obama bent the FCC to his will


Re: Nothing new here...except maybe the IT angle.

Nothing new here.

Still shouting "BUSH DID IT!" after eight years in order to minimize or justify bad behavior in Executive Branch Land®.

Perhaps after killing a few millions of folks one could use the old saw:

"But STALIN was SOOOOO much worse!"

That's the ticket!


Re: rolleyes


Really now whenever shall we find time to worry about what the little people concern themselves with.

All this folderol about "honesty" or "transparency" is simply wasted on these petty matters.

We should be SO much more concerned about something important... like haranguing commentards about their poor syntax choices.


Re: The bully pulpit

Because when violating rules it is what *I* prefer that should be the final arbiter.

Rules for THEE but not for ME.

And The Suckers Never Catch Wise.


... over the cliff ...

Kaspersky backpedals on 'done nothing wrong, nothing to fear' blather


Done Nothing Wrong? Surely you jest...

"Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions.

There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern.

They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters."

- Daniel Webster

Cisco hits the roof in Olympics marketing dash



So the intarwebs IS a series of tubes!

And all you "smart guys" got on to Ted Stevens and berated the kindly old gent for saying so.

Well now that no less estimable a figure as the enlightened STEPHEN FRY says it is so the "science is settled", is it not?

Anyone questioning his conclusions is simply not clever enough to appreciate his wonderousness and should go and sit at the childrens table.

iRobot Warrior-bot goes on sale this Spring

Black Helicopters

Robopervyness at its best.

The thing appears to be acting like a peeping-tom kleptomaniac to me. Why is this a good thing?

Dang Guvmint wet dream.

Facebooking juror gets 8 months


Life is hard.

It's even harder if you're stupid.


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