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2060: Humvee-sized, bulletproof meat-eating spiders attack


I love the smell of Humvee-sized, bulletproof meat-eating spiders in the morning!

Wait till some of those critters figure out how to get to other continents.

I guess humanity won't have to worry about overpopulating the planet after all!

'Lenny': Debian for the masses?




and for the record Debian and PCLOS are my favs.

XP waaay better than Fista..

Cheers kids.

2TB Caviar drive too good to be true?



So what have Seagate, Samsung and Fujitsu been up to?

Maybe Seagate can get some decent firmware out for the 1.5TB drives :-p Maybe Samsung has something up their sleeves :)

Boeing sets (another) date for first Dreamliner flight


I wish they'd just ..

build the BelGeddes Airliner #4, maybe spruce it up with some modern engine concepts, even in its original design it was far more comfy and fuel efficient than 727s and 747's are today.

It was designed to *sleep 600 comfortably* as in staterooms, tennis courts, restaurants .. the whole red carpet cruise ship treatment ... in an airplane. Complete with a crew of around 155, lifeboats and even 2 small aircraft to go for help. What's more it was designed to carry over 600,000 pounds of cargo (about 273,000kg) .. more than 4 times what a 747 can manage. I'd think Fed-EX and UPS would be drooling at the thought.

As long as you don't mind a nice 48hour cruise across the Atlantic. Oh, and with a service ceiling of 10,000 feet and pressurized cabins you won't get swollen ankles.



Microsoft: Windows 7 ready for Christmas 2009

Paris Hilton

MS is a giant

..software crap factory

At this point Linux is easier to install and deal with, it doesn't have millions of pieces of malware (some made by MS) out there, or holes like Swiss cheese, it rarely if ever breaks down. IT looks at least as pretty as windows and most versions are free. But supported (as in support that makes MS support look slack jawed) versions are out there.

.. umm wait WHY am I supposed to use windows again?!

PH cuz even SHE could figure out what to use.

Mars Lander shows rock who's boss

IT Angle

uummm .. wha?

huh? moving a small rock is now news?

Maybe thats where MS left the source code that explains how the Office file formats work?

That would make it darker.

Northrop in electric blaster cannon milestone


missing points

You know like the ones Cheney seems to have cloaked .. er that is both horns.

Anyways I'd like to start the bidding .. I can name the first problem in 2 words "Friendly Fire" .. ooohh that's gonna sting.

RE: Range? .. well lets just say there are gonna be some ET's that were having a picnic on Gliese 587c and they are *really* ticked now!!

RE: and a playing card in the spokes .. you do know that devices that reflect nearly 100% of the light striking them back in the same direction they came from are called phase conjugate mirrors, and they are quite build able.

Microsoft breaks IE8 interoperability promise


RE: Oh the irony


It works fine in the (mostly) standards compliant web browser called Firefox .. and I don't have to fiddle with a retarded button with a confusing icon on it.

The Mozilla guys have even found ways to display the non-standards compliant pages just fine! It doesn't have issues, however the Acid page only gives it a score of 71%. The current beta of Firefox improves this to 85%.

The current beta of IE 8 on the other hand gets a pitiful 21%, the latest 'stable version' of IE 7 scores so badly that I think text mode browsers like Lynx could do better.. 14%.


So much for "improved" .. and its not "new" either. And while I'm bitching ... as much as the IE "development team" has copied from Netscape and Firefox over the years, you'd think they could at least get it working HALF RIGHT (50%)!!



Just another atempt at "Embrace and extend"

MS products = POS (no that's not 'Point Of Sale')

To be honest I consider Firefox 2 to be superior to any MS web browser precisely because of such shenanigans, plus it just plain works better!

Firefox 3 is nice and all, but did they have to make it look like IE7 by default?! IE7 is nasty I avoid it like the plague.

Hey Mozilla! Don't copy your imitators, its really bad form!

The downhill slide of MS products seems to have picked up a lot more speed the last few years .. just like a rocket sled pointed down. The crap they've released in the last 2 to 3 years is just not usable IMO. Although I've been using and supporting MS products since 95', it is time to go to something else.

MS is a sinking ship, while MAC and Linux are coming to the rescue.

This week I had to setup some networking stuff on a MAC which I've not done for years. Even though I was a bit lost at first, it was surprisingly easy. The whole experience left me with a very nice impression compared with the nightmare that is VISTA. At this point I would even recommend it over XP.

And I thought I was a Linux fanboi! Long live Linux! .. but let me have a MAC.

Secret of invisibility unravelled by US researchers

Paris Hilton

Can anyone say ...

Friendly Fire ... I knew you could.

Seriously the friendly troops will be a lot harder to spot ... "why didn't my bullet nail the enemy, and why is there blood spurting out of thin air halfway between me and enemy mine?!"

yah, yah I know never heard a solder wax poetic .. that's the other secret tech! Its just about as useful too!

PH cuz it'd be better to have her parading around distracting the troops in a two piece.

Russians probe depths of Lake Baikal


20% of the worlds unfrozen freshwater?!


seriously .. I wonder if the depths are carbonated like some of the volcanic lakes that occasionally explode in Africa?

They explode because some of the carbonated water from the depths rises. And as it is relieved of the crushing pressure that keeps the CO2 dissolved, it begins bubbling, and rises faster, increasing the upwelling very rapidly. Then it is just like taking a bottle of carbonated beverage, shaking it up and popping the top. Note that you don't want to be within several miles of this as the heavy CO2 displaces almost all breathable air until the winds can disperse it. However by then most anything that needs to breathe has perished.

Ubisoft pirates game fix from pirates


@Yep been there done that

and he said ... "The truth is if businesses really want to do away with piracy, there's only one way to do so. Make drm-free, downloadable games available at zero cost. Of course this would mean no more good games, but there you go."

I beg to differ sir! Has anyone had a peek at the open source games available for Linux *LATELY*?!


"some have won awards..."

Not too shabby eh? As if that wasn't enough, there are various frameworks with 3D engines and all, AND some people have even made use of them. What, you don't like something about one of them?? Schmooze the people that maintain it (yes, they REALLY respond!) and you'll likely get your wish!

What's more they *don't care* if you take the game and modify it!! As long as you let others play with your mods too!

DRM free since forever.


HP shatters excessive packaging world record

Paris Hilton

@Wish others were so protective

"Unfortunately they appear to have used explosives as part of the shipping process as about 20% of it was totaled and many of the remaining boxes were of a warranty voiding nature.... they actually managed to _BEND_ a line card (made of steel) mounted in a chassis (also made of steel) in a box (cardboard plus foam) on a pallet (wood) to such an extend that the bloody installation arms (made of steel too) were broken clean off!!"

Yeah here in the US we have a company that does that for us too, its called




or is that




wait no ..




Well something like that, its amazing what these idiots can do to well packed and protected parcels. Also they seem to have found new ways to interpret the phrase "With all deliberate speed." .. sigh.

PH cuz she knows how to take care of your 'package' :)

Obama bloats Vista by 11MB


@ Important

"Do they ever send out unimportant updates ?"

hehe there are a few ways to answer that :-p

I think they are all unimportant, after SP2 for XP I routinely disable the update service in client PCs. AND it pays off, less annoyance, better performing systems and besides they never fix any of the *important* bugs anyways. Not only that the OS is *much* faster when the hard drive isn't unimaginably fragmented.

And as for so called 'security', the fully updated machines running A-V software, anti-malware, and the retarded runt child called 'Windows Defender' always seem to be the ones that get loaded with undefeatable spyware and have to be wiped out and re-installed. So basically Windows security updates are less than useless.

@ Er... so?

"How important could a Vista workstation be that you can't afford four minutes to reboot it? Not like anyone would ever run something production on it...."

Firstly I agree with you Vista should not be relied upon for anything remotely important, not even personal email.

So let me get this right ... in this 'day and age' we have computing devices that have performance measured in BILLIONS of operations per SECOND, with BILLIONS of bytes of RAM, and hard drives that have data transfer rates measured in hundreds of millions of bytes per second, and it takes the "operating system" FOUR FSKING MINUTES TO BOOT UP?!

Something is very very wrong.

As for me Linux is where I'm going, I can't say I'll miss the million and one stupid annoyances that Windows 2000 and XP are loaded with, and I am overjoyed that I will never have to get that familiar with this huge bloated turd called 'Vista'

US retailers start pushing $20 Ubuntu


$20 is not bad at ALL

SUSE used to be US $40 to $60.

And I agree the brainwashed masses that continue to let Beastly Buy rip them off and abuse them need a break too! I'm hoping that a retail presence will make more people aware of Linux, as most of them ask "What's Linux?" when I suggest it as an alternative to Windows.

Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda



That means your question must be along the lines of :

"What's the most bloated, clumsy, buggiest, slowest POS Operating System I can find, with the worst hardware compatibility, at least 2 back doors, sh*t tonnes of DRM, and phones home a hundred times a day?"

If your question is "What OS can I use that doesn't get in my way or dictate what I have to BUY next, and just plain works?" Then the answer is going to be either Linux or a Mac.

BTW people if you are looking for drivers for XP so you can kick Vista out of your life, check out driverpacks.net I keep a current set on a DVD-RW, unpacked, and when I find a machine that needs drivers (for absolutely anything) I pop in the DVD and let XP or 2000 'automatically' search for drivers. I'm starting to think the temperature in Satan's fireplace is headed south of 32 F, because it WORKS!

Cardiff 'copter coppers give chase to UFO

Paris Hilton

RE: Hmmmm

"The fact that the UFO was heading straight for the helicopter would lead me to believe it was some secret weapon built by the USA, seeing as it had locked onto the nearest friendly target."

Best comment .. ever!

I'm an American .. a fact I don't like admitting, I know we're the biggest meanest joke on the planet. But I also know that friendly fire is the most accurate .. sigh.

PH cuz' she could do a better job running this country ... yeah, that kind of 'job' too.

1,076 developers, 15 years, one open-source Wine

Paris Hilton

WINE is sweet!

I have experimented with it a few times, and as I prepare to ditch Winblows with its NSA + ??? back doors, and of course uncountable numbers of security and other holes, along with thousands of buggy app crashing updates

... I am wondering will it run WarPath? That was the most awesome Win3.11 game :) I still have my copy! Also I have found it to be many times faster in *some instances* than say XP or 2000.

PH, cuz EVEN SHE could use Linux these days!

Stray left foot washes up on Vancouver beach

Dead Vulture

that's grisly

My first question would be DNA analysis to see if there are any matches?

I feel morbid for even reading this article.

AT&T brainstorms Time Warner-like bandwidth cap


ATT sucks from the inside too

I know someone who works there. this person is is part of the team that updates and maintains the billing servers among other things, some of the difficulties that they encounter are ...

Degenerate corporate culture, for some reason its nearly impossible to get fired from ATT. The pay is sub-average, but they have good benefits, so talented people go elsewhere .. eventually, who likes trying to push everyone you have to deal with to do their job so you can do yours?! That leaves the rest, mostly lazy, many idiots, and in many cases (like internal IT) woefully unqualified to do what they are supposed to do every day.

The 'new' craptop given to this person who is a programmer/developer is one of the cheapest Dell's out there, as a matter of fact I did not know you could still find one with a 30GB hard drive, yeah this is 'new'.

Some of the major consequences of this situation are ...

1) Incredibly ridiculous SPAM for starters, not internet spam, but CORPORATE SPAM, and the in-DUH-viduals who send this have found some nasty tricks, the email are usually an image not text, and very LONG and usually raves about required updates .. no searching, you have to read the whole damned thing only to find out that its NOT for your department!!! Actually making a mailing list for them would require thought (and IT people who know how), and that might smoke one of the last 3 brain cells they have left .. so they send it (yes they have permissions) to "everyone". As if that wasn't bad enough they've somehow (using Outlook/Exchange) figured out how to make the message pop up as an action required item EVERY TIME YOU CLICK ON IT, de-selecting the message and resorting the list .. so it takes as long as 10 to 20 minutes to deal with one of these turds marked URGENT.

Multiply that by 50 to 100 per day .. then try to find the important scheduled events sent by your department, or that you need to work on,it's worse than the heyday of AOL advertising!

2) Next up (Vogon Style) absolutely everything requires forms, and not just ones for you, you get to fill out a form to request authorization, send it to someone who does not want to do his or her job (Idiocracy style) to get the forms to get clearance (again from a disinterested drooler) to notify everyone you are about to recompile the binary that was due to go into production yesterday .. or last week. Then you need to get permission to recompile. Typically (re)compiling a binary that would normally take someone 20 minutes on a slow machine (like the Craptop given as the ONLY work computer), takes something like a month to accomplish??

3) What else do you think could be detrimental to getting your job done?? How about an IT department that does not setup the (yes they do use) HP/UX server properly, because THEY DON'T KNOW HOW !! And you aren't allowed to modify it even though you know *exactly* what is wrong/missing (or has the config file copied from the old server) and could easily fix it in 10 minutes. Yes you heard it here first folks the majority of IT at ATT couldn't find their asses with both hands tied behind their backs and a 10 minute head start !! Because they don't know what it is or how to use it!!

Telecommunications in the US is doomed.

US Senate to probe Goo-Hoo!

Paris Hilton

RE: Do you actually take MS live search seriously?

MS Live search is an even bigger turd than Vista, Have you ever seen the version that gets installed on XP? Suddenly using the search to find files becomes utterly worthless. And there doesn't seem to be any options for letting it search anything other then document/sound/picture files or emails.

PH cuz' she could find files faster.

OpenOffice update completes bumper patch crop


Please tell me it loads faster!

Its slower than MS Orifice 200x [ eyes the old Office 97 sp2 CD in the corner ]

What hell hath science wrought lately?


BigDog=Pack Mule

It weighs 235 lbs, and can carry 340 lbs. Now if they could just get rid of that *buzzing noise*, obviously some kind of engine, then it'd be an awesome pack mule!

If it gets out of line, just blast it with an EMP device, it won't get up after that .. and if you don't keep it shielded you will also fry your phone, GPS etc.

US imposes 72 hour pre-reg for Visa waiver travellers


The only havoc being wreaked here is ..

By the worlds biggest terrorist and idiot GW Bush. We'd be MUCH better off if we'd elected a monkey to run the country. However my vote didn't count, as I voted against him both times.

PH because even *she* could do better than Bush! .. between photo shoots of course.

Windows XP given additional resuscitation


@Software firewalls

"Software firewall mate. I just block all the Windows services from phoning home."

I'm not sure if you're aware, but using a software firewall is like protecting a hen-house by giving one of the hens dark glasses, billy club, and a trench coat. Dirty looks are optional.

As the firewalls from Symantec, McAfee, MS, and atleast a few others that are *known* let some obscure NSA traffic into and out of the computer with ZERO notification or impedance. They are pretty much useless, I've seen MANY spy ware infested XP machines that had to be formatted because nothing could clean them, with the MS or Symantec firewall on the whole time.

MY short list of alternatives 1) a hosts file from MVPS.org and then add some MS domains to it. 2) a Linux firewall on an older box, with said hosts file. 3) just use Linux .. my preference BTW is either PCLinuxOS 2008, or Debian Etch 4.0r3 also released in 2008.

<blatant plug>

PCLinuxOS 2008 even has eye candy, transparency that looks good is on by default and is easily turned off, 3D desktops can also be turned on using slimmer hardware than the whole "Vista Capable" will ever settle for. *Easiest configuration ever*, control panel icon right on the desktop. Also has many of the perks that Ubuntu users enjoy, I like it cuz I CAN log on as root if I choose :-p

</blatant plug>

Nvidia targets Intel Atom with ARM-based system-on-a-chip

Thumb Up

If you split an 'Atom' ...

Then you get just half of the some pretty bad FPU performance.

The 'Atom' has less FPU performance than the crappiest Celeron you can still buy .. oh but it uses 5% less power. The VIA C-7 doesn't look so bad anymore, and the New VIA Nano/Isaiah even beats the 'Atom' in early benchmarks.


ARM sounds way better to me, then again I don't care for windows. And don't let the low mhz numbers fool you, ARM can really perform a lot at low clock speeds. Anyone who's ever installed Linux on an NSLU2 can tell you that!

Japanese woman moves into bloke's closet


Who does she *think* she is ..

Harry Potter?!

/coat, mines the one from Hogwarts.

Uncontacted rainforest tribe caught from the air


@Pavlovs well trained dog ... Shame, poor buggers

"One of them thar primitives is going to use this as an excuse to invent some evil religion.

Shame for the rest of them

yes, I know, the evil is implied with religion.."

Exactly! <refrains from a sarcastic 'amen'> .. so how do we inform the er.. brainwashed masses about the control mechanism/sham/evil/lies that are organized religions?

Its not like you can just "show them" that would be just another 'scandal'.

There has to be some way of getting these sheeple to wakeup and think for themselves!

I'd say go to TED.com and check out Richard Dawkins .. what a great guy, and funny too!

I go one god farther.

Boeing raygunship fires first blasts in ground testing



No I'm sure the ET's have these things small enough to fit on hip holsters, or if you fancy some of the more obscure sci-fi, wrist mounted devices.

@Chris G: Yes! Because everyone knows that 'friendly friar' is more accurate!

also BTW polished copper is a good reflector of infrared, I imagine it could be used *behind* camo that is transparent to those frequencies ... OOPS, high $$$ tech once again 'foiled' by simple field engineering! Oh well, I guess its back to the plasma weapons.

HP leaves Dell with an EDS-shaped hole


No, DAAMMIT is a CPU vendor

Dell is OK if you don't need a serious computer .. or server for that matter.

HP makes decent stuff, but since they assimilated Compaq (better known as Crap Pack) things have gone a bit down hill.

Can anyone come up with a reason why 90% of any computer from Dell (server laptop, whatever) does NOT power up most external USB drives??

Anything that stars getting close to the maximum 500ma current draw of a USB 2.0 port simply does not work on almost every Dell I've ever tried them on.

Acer for me, and make that with XP, NOT Vista ... better yet can it be "factory pre-downgraded" to Debian Etch x86 please?

Fedora 9 - an OS that even the Linux challenged can love

Thumb Down

I'll stick with Debian, thanks

Every few releases of Fedora Core I will try it in the vain hope that they've actually made it usable...

After reading this glowing praise of Fedorka 9, I downloaded it and tried it and I can summarize my experience with it on a mainboard that has been in production from Biostar (K8M800) for around 2 years...


You'd think the people at Red Hat would figure out how to support an integrated video adapter (Via K8M800) that has been out for years! It seems you have to have either an Nvidia, or ATI add-in video if you want anything more than 640x480.

Now this new KDE looks like a knock off of the Vista desktop, and it sucks, even more at 640x480 .. hell, Debian will at least let me use 800x600 with a generic VESA driver on unrecognized video hardware!! That's not to say that Fedorka Core 9 didn't FIND the video adapter, it just would not use any resolution higher than 640 by 480.

I gave it a good go, the 'GUI tools' are almost NON-existent, this turd has the chrome plating flaking off.

As an aside Red Hat does not include any high end driver binaries, as a matter of fact any hardware that remotely looks like it may go into a server has the binary drivers removed from Fedorka ... this seems like a shallow effort to force one to go buy RHEL.

I restored Debian Etch 4.0r3, which gave me 1024x768 out of the box. It defaults to Gnome, but its easy to install KDE + KDM, no dependency hell at all. Apt-get, or the GUI program Synaptic just does it all, with a one time ask if you want all the dependency packages.

Even PCLinuxOS with a tiny dev team in comparison to Red Hat and their billion$ does a far better job! PCLOS is one of my favorites, but lacking the huge software repository and 64bit support I went with Debian for my home server.

If you must go with Linux from a big commercial vendor I'd say use SUSE or Ubuntu.

Texas man tries to cash $360bn cheque


@ how to raise an idiot

As an ashamed Texan ...

I have lived in Texas and Utah, and I think this stupidity thing has something to do with the bible/religious belt. Because as astonishing as this may sound, Utah seems to be worse off.

Call it 'Dumb and Dumber' .. which BTW has to be one of the worst movies ever released .. even for Hollywierd.

I feel like a stranded ET... in my homeland :(

MS pulls plugs on XP SP3 mass launch

Paris Hilton

RE: Hmmmmmmm......

Haven't you heard? MCSE stands for Must Call Someone Else .. been babysitting 'em for years.

Some buffoon said: [Yes install Linux! And instead of rebooting every 2hours, you just need to kill the Window server every 20 minutes because of the hobbiests couldn't be bothered to test it with your hardware.]

Hobbyists? You mean M$ programmers? They would be the ones that don't test anything. Which explains why my Automatic Updates Services are DISABLED, because otherwise it still downloads crap when you tell it not to!! And yes I do mean crap !!

Every Linux server/box I've setup is more stable than the foundations that the M$ campus is built on. And easier to work with to boot!

On the subject of Vista SP1 / XP SP3 .. I thought Linux was supposed to be the Windows killer !!

PH because I think she helped write the latest service packs @ MS.

Airline pilot sacked for 777 Top Gun stunt


What a way to retire

He was in his mid-50's according to the article. He probably doesn't give a flying f@ck!

I imagine he's got plenty saved for retirement, and is only 'considering an appeal'...

Now if that was at a commercial airport he'd be in all kinds of trouble, as it was at the manufacturing facility its probably pretty safe.

Suicidal moose descends on Alaska


methinks there is still a law on the books

"It is considered an offense to push a live moose out of a moving airplane."


Then again if one could entice it to charge out on its own ... that would be Mooste funny .. err I mean acceptable.

But, the law did not mention black helicopters.

also .. "It is considered an offense to feed alcoholic beverages to a moose."

Fertility watchdogs approve first human-animal hybrids


but what about ...

Mitochondrial DNA ?

How will that affect the organs grown this way? Mayhap choosing the unfertilized egg of a creature with a significantly faster metabolism for more energy, or a creature with a significantly slower metabolism for longevity.

Latest Vista SP1 tweak open to everyone with a week to spare


@ Gabriele

permission granted :)

Also I've been meaning to mention that I have recently checked out Ubuntu, actually Kubuntu, coz I like KDE. Its smooth sailing, the control panel is lots simpler than even XP, well at least the classic view, then again the default view isn't very functional. And it works well.

Also its noticeably faster than XP on the same machine. I've worked on machines considerably more capable than my own running Vista, and in all honesty it was just as fast as a P100 running windows 95, except for the constant nagging ... so I'm not letting that crap anywher near my personal computer(s).

Gates Horns

more chrome plating, that just doesn't work

As a "statisticaly improbable" and stupidly optimistic acquaintance of mine said in reply to an email from me about the 130 days file copying ... err FEATURE ...

"verry funny.. you know sp1 is out for vista now.. I'm sure they fixed everything !!"

ya right, maybe I can sell him a bridge....

the stink was/is getting soo bad, that M$ began trying to cover it up with the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC Refresh, which provides a thicker chrome plating for the biggest turd ever dropped anywhere period.

Who else is betting that this floater is the better part of a 1GB download? ... wait, its the WORST part .. oh and its 436.5 MB.

Your time and bandwidth would be better spent downloading the Netinstall ISO for Debian 4.0r2, its a lot simpler and easier to deal with, and probably able to run more programs from previous windows versions than Fistya will ever be able to.



Call me a fanboi if you like but at least I have enough brain cells to know that Vindows Wista is more hindrance, hair pulling, wailing, moaning, gnashing of teeth, and embarrassment than it is functional.

NASA's Deep Impact mislays comet

Gates Horns

Steve stop throwing chairs!

Maybe someone nailed it with a few high speed chairs and changed its course.

... that's the IT angle

Iowa house swallowed in grain bin collapse

IT Angle

shouldn't the headline be ..

'Iowa farm house creamed by corn' - OR 'Iowa house popped by corn'

we all know that somehow M$ is to blame. It must have been one of those pre-alpha updates they're always slinging about.

But atleast they will have *plenty* of stuffing for the turkey!

Wave power prototype sinks after seven weeks

IT Angle

what goes up

must come down,

and up, and down,

and up again, and .. err wait did it start out on the bottom of the ocean?

These wouldn't by chance be any of the same 'engineers' that 'over designed' windows

Cuz I've seen that thing sink like a stone many times. <= There's the IT angle for ya




Flying cow destroys minivan


save the DNA!!

OMG its the first bit for the cows that WANT to be killed/eaten! Just as Douglas Adams predicted!

The cows actually try to make their selves tasty and tender, and try to entice people in the restaurant to eat various choice bits!

Its unfortunate the first one fell off a cliff though.

Hey what's the Paris Hilton angle?!

Fancy an earful? Click here for tech support


RE:Fancy an earful? - bad link, bad HTML, and RAR

Ok these 'muppets' are idiots ...

Firstly: as the customer said in his email the download link isn't clickable. (Try looking at the download page for the GS1600)

Secondly: if you know how, you can find in the page source code that it is commented out.

Thirdly: the download is a RAR file, and I don't know many users who have any clue what THAT is ( I personally use them for better compression, spanning etc. ). Winzip, or Windows won't even touch it.

Windows recovery loophole lets hackers in


There's worse in NT 4.0

I found a Windows NT 4.0 SP6 PDC/fileserver at a customer site the other day, and no one knew any of the passwords to it (sigh...) so grabbing at straws, I clicked on the usrmgr.exe ( I have them on my keychain/USB ) using an WinXP media center PC on the same LAN ... not only was I able to select and view the users on its domain **without being authenticated**, but I was able to reset the administrator account password as well.

When someone mentions windows and security in the same breath or paragraph, its because they are telling a joke.