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BlackBerry and Apple pie this summer. Or BBM-onna-Droid


Is this a sign that RIM (oh it's Blackberry now) is phasing out the consumer hardware market and is going to desperately try and claw back the high security business market.

BBC blueprint to make EVERY programme on TV a repeat revealed


Re: iPlayer

"Certainly. Once they remove the dependency on Adobe (Air), that is... "

Careful what you wish for. We could end up with Silverlight. Then you can wish goodbye to iPlayer on a variety of screens.

Alas though, something similar to the Netflix implementation on Android would suffice.

Black Ops 2 blunder has Mass Effect on buyers


I should think so, return and get a replacement.

BMW slams ad machine into reverse, screeches out of pirate den


Thanks Trichordist for giving me a new website (to me) to download pirated music from. :D

Dropbox brings in crack team to probe spam leakage


On my unique dropbox address, in the form dropbox@mydomain.co.uk, I recieved 2 spam emails from EuroDice.

New UK network touts FREE* mobile broadband


Seems a good idea for occasional tablet (or other device) users.

Damn I wish I bought that 3G Playstation Vita now.

RIM's new BlackBerry Curve 9320 tempts teens


Seems slightly better than the classic Curve 9300, which is still in use by many of RIM's original target market. Then again, the Curve 9300 is a pretty old phone (by modern standards anyway - 2Years) and therefore those still on an old 9300 are clearly not RIMs /current/ market anyway - which signals an inherent problem with them.

For anyone coming from a Curve 9300 it sees a welcome upgrade - with twice the RAM and internal memory (a big problem on the 9300) ; an upgraded Camera with flash.

HTC sues fans for premature unboxing


Even worse. You can get it brand new for £207 (I assume the HTC Evo 3D is the aforementioned phone)

'The new iPad' revealed: Full specs, rumor scorecard



2011/2012 (ie the iPhone 4S , iPad 3 etc.) a quiet generation for Apple (and the industry). Perhaps all that can be done technologically and viably at this moment has been done? The best we are getting now are pointless quadcore devices.Nothing in this past generation has been particularly Game changing.

Oh well perhaps that locally based haptic feedback tech will make a splash soon.

Everything Everywhere pushes towards 4G, wants to show off its wad


Re: Re: LTE with 500Mb fair use

Very inaccurate calculation but ...

8Mbps is about 1 MByte ps

Thus 16Mbps is 2MByte ps

and therefore 4Mbps is 500Kbyte ps

Resulting in (4+16)=(2+0.5)

= 20Mbps = 2.5MByte p/s

and therefore 500/2.5 = 200

Therefore 500Mb usage allowance would be used up in 200 Seconds

or alternatively EE won't offer such silly limits.

I like apples.


I prefer Bananas!

No but seriously; Apples are my thing

The Register Comments Guidelines


Please enact this policy.

On my previous handle (admittedly a name that was a bit childish) I had accrued a nice large number of posts (I think?), I would like my previous posts to be under my new a33a handle.


Finally a use for PlayBook: Tab bodged into Windows, PS3 remote


@PaulR79 The article title is wrong, misleading and a childish attempt to put the Playbook down.

The functionality is provided by the Blackberry Bridge app on the phone not the tablet.

A Note to El Reg and all Playbook naysayers:

I'm sure many people will back me up (those that have ACTUALLY USED it) that the Playbook is a wonderful device to use for what it can do (and following OS2.0, alot). The web browser is simply fantastic; the responsiveness of the OS- amazing and the styling - awesome.

Send me your downvotes; I'm ready.

UK crime-busters knock hiphop site off the Internet


"SOCA has the capability to monitor and investigate you, and can inform your internet service provider of these infringements."

Jesus Christ, talk about scare mongering. The IP info and access time table is just unnecessary. SOCA trying to imply they have powers (and laws) that they don't then?

Colorfly Pocket Hi-Fi C4


"- if you're going to spend serious you'll have serious phones and wont need eq. This thing will end up plugged into Beats by Dre or Bose so will need all the help it can get."

and then

"Of course I meant that Bose and Beats by Dre are the exact opposite of serious headphones. Clownphones, in fact"

Bit of a contradictory argument then?

Sony PlayStation Vita offered for 80 quid


May I be the first (or the 4th... depending on when this is moderated) to say, what a spectacular ripoff. much better waiting for prices to drop(however this does cause economic collapse), or better yet sell your old consoles on ebay(or another merchant or actual friends) and buy from a cheaper merchant(Amazon for example).

Brit pair deported from US for 'destroy America' tweet


"According to the Daily Mail" Surely this has to be a troll article, if it was written 12 Years ago. However its sad to see the state of secur... No wait.... this is definitely a troll article.

The Register to publish other sites' blacked-out content in SOPA protest


LOLling aside

LOLing aside, there is a serious point here (from El Reg, really? I hear you ask!). The passing of this act is pointless, and will just result in Large websites being copied and put back on the (intricate system of tubes that connects the internets) within a few hours.

This act will really harm the individual (or small) content providers who unknowingly infringe copyright (and thus do not have the resources to get another website online)

HTC Sensation XL


Sensation XL?

Having checked the specifications, it has EXACTLY the same Chipset/Processor as the DHD's MSM8255; same RAM amount -768MB and the same Camera - probably the same sensor (but I can't find the part no. anywhere).

Sensation XL, nope its a Desire HD XL with a factory overclocked processor; Front facing Camera... oh and a beastier screen. All available (with the exception of the latter two) with a nice looking optimised custom Sense 3.5 ROM (or better yet vanilla CyanogenMod 7 if that's your thing.)

HTC should have done better and loaded this thing with a bit more power.

Five... friendly, free Android apps


Yes! An alternative Launcher from the market for the launcher aspect (eg. ADWLauncher / LauncherPro / GoLauncherEX). Or Jump in and flash yourself a custom ROM to get rid of HTC Sense completely (CM7 will do nicely or CM9 (ICS) in a few months). xda-developers.com is full of useful advice.

Ice Cream Sandwich WILL get Flash


Around other forums and news sources etc. people aren't having much of a problem with this scrapping of mobile flash. But what they don't seem to to realise is; that the vast majority of video sharing sites on the internet use flash, and will for the foreseeable future. For Google to let Adobe stop developing Flash for Android after ICS, it will be Commercial Suicide for the Android Platform. One of the main reasons for Adobe making this decision is that currently Flash doesn't run optimally on current spec devices,but by the time ICS 4.0 is the old version, most devices won't have a problem running Flash optimally.

iPad 2 made from T-Rex fossils costs £5m



But will it blend?

Apple outs iPhone micro USB adaptor


Every single MiniUSB cable I have ever had (and that's alot) has stopped working after a short period of time. Contrasingly, every single MicroUSB cable I have ever had (even el cheapo ones) has worked for a long, long, long period of time.

Ford spins pop-out anti-prang door shield


one word...


Google+ opened to world+dog



Its been 4 months since they promised that feature. I've given up waiting.

'Anon member' claims credit for WikiLeaks takedown



"The attack against the whistle-blowing site occurred at the same time as less high-profile assaults against Pastebin and 4Chan, the anarchic image board and birthplace of Anonymous."

WTF Is going on? Attacking their own tools used to recruit and publicise?

Anon are Trolls.

Videotree VideoSpa bathroom TV


Cutesy Bubbles Menu

This is bog standard Cheapo generic chinese television internal hardware. The remote is even the same as these elcheapo products. You are paying for the idea ( and of course the case)

Don't believe me? check out this £109.99 http://www.ebuyer.com/product/199284 , I have this TV right now and it has those cutesy bubbles you speak of and the elcheapo remote along with all the features of this BathTV you speak of. (not targeting this rant at reghardware). PLUS INTERNAL SPEAKERS!

Apple flings patent lawsuit at HTC (again)


HTC Sued Georgetown?

I decided to look up this spurious claim of yours. HTC did sue Georgetown. Only this HTC is known as Horry Telephone Cooperative and NOT High Tech Computer.



What are the odds?

What are the odds of (AC 11:45GMT) being "Sleepy" ?

Virgin mobile users get tariff tweak treats


Seperate Browser

According to this article : http://crackberry.com/blackberry-browsers-explained , there is a seperate Browser for Wifi (called the HotSpot browser). Blackberry are overcomplicating it.

Infamous 2


The beginning

I believe the game begins in empire city.

The graphics look improved in this screen shot.

I've just finished this amazing game after the PSN freebie (Infamous 1).

Dolphin Browser HD


Mystery solved :)

I believe the term is "Text Reflow"