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Brit MPs: Our policies are crap and the political process is in tatters, but it's Twitter's fault, OK?


Re: No s##t Sherlock...

What about the policy to allow tenants to buy the privately owned house they are letting from the landlord at a discounted rate? The landlord will be compelled to sell under this policy.

Incidentally, what do you call 'their share' of tax? The top 1% of income tax earners pay something like 40% of ALL income tax collected.

Brit Parliament online orifice overwhelmed by Brexit bashers


Bots or scripts or sunnink.

No petition has ever garnered so many votes in one day. Many people may feel strongly about this but given the speed and rapid growth of the numbers it can't be genuine.

Sure, you can keep Grandpa Windows 7 snug in the old code home – for a price


Re: Not funny caption

Any chance of a 'Snowflake' icon for just this sort of post?

Remember Misco? Staff win protective award at employment tribunal


It shouldn't be beyond the wit of Parliament to create a law in which a company is required to hold the money to pay staff redundancies in escrow.

UK.gov to roll out voter ID trials in 2019 local elections


Re: In other countries

In the UK the corruption is in large part down to the postal voting system.


Re: So...



There is a huge scandal with postal voting, overwhelmingly amongst the most diverse of our beautiful rainbow coloured nation of diversity.

I blame colonialism and structural oppression.

Euro eggheads call it: Facebook political ads do change voters' minds – and they worked rather well for Trump in 2016


Re: Democrats only have themselves to blame

Interestingly the 'bankruptcy' line didn't work on voters. To the 'privileged set' (wealthy centre-left Clinton supporters) bankruptcy is a thing of disgrace but it wasn't seen that way by people further down the financial and social scale. The reason is that people saw him as more like them, because they felt that things had gone wrong for him and he'd bounced back from that.

The pussy grabbing didn't work either, because the name CLINTON has a fair amount of pussy-grabbing associated with it.

Microsoft gets ready to kill Skype Classic once again: 'This time we mean it'


Pretty sure that with Windows 10 you can download from other users instead of Microsoft's servers. I always turn that feature off when I set up a computer for a client, it scares the bejasus out of me.

As one Microsoft Windows product hauls itself out of the grave, others tumble in


Re: Who would want such a thing?

I am one of several people I know who love their Windows Phones (I have a 640XL after having first had a 720) and I was very sad to see them die. If Wileyfox really do have some for sale I am very tempted to get one (and their website suggests that they do).

Drug cops stopped techie's upgrade to question him for hours. About everything


Re: It's a sound salvation.

There's also the Disney character Ariel.

My daughter (like many daughters) likes Disney and fairies and all that jazz and when we were playing Fairies she said she would be Ariel and asked me who I was going to be and I said "Daz". So we played as Ariel and Daz the fairies from then on. I also caused an almighty row when she got old enough to talk to other children about the My Little Ponies and discovered they weren't called Brian, Trevor and Gerald.

I'm going to hell.

JURI's out, Euro copyright votes in: Whoa, did the EU just 'break the internet'?


There are thousands of full-time lobbyists who live in Brussels and Strasbourg whose job is to petition for special treatment for their particular interest. I don't know if you recall Tim Worstall, but he described the time when the rare metals lobby, in a time of a price slump, lobbied the EU for a ban on incandescent bulbs (under the guise of the 'green' movement) to force the sale of toxic 'low energy' bulbs and drive the rare metals price up. So we created a pollution mountain, got poorer, and had worse lighting - and then 10 years after the ban the LED bulb went mainstream. And I doubt that's the most egregious case.

Admin needed server fast, skipped factory config … then bricked it


Re: That happened to me

Terrible trouble with mouse balls at the schools I worked at to. The glue gun to seal the mouse ball in worked well, or making a screw hole and putting a screw in. By 2003 when I ran my own school IT department I ordered a wholesale switch to LED mice which by then were just about affordable for a school.

I've got way too much cash, thinks Jeff Bezos. Hmmm, pay more tax? Pay staff more? Nah, let's just go into space


Re: What to do with surplus money?

Maybe they just downvote because they consider the post to be weapons grade fuckwittery but don't have the time to post a reply.


Re: Not just USA

The cost of living varies so widely across the country that a national minimum wage is clearly never going to work.

If you fix it at the level needed by a worker to buy a house in London then it means that companies in Grimsby and Scarborough won't hire because they can't make enough money. If you fix it at the level needed to buy a house in Grimsby then people in London can't afford to buy their lunchtime panini and moccalokkapuchino.

So a minimum wage gives you a choice between pushing up unemployment in areas with low wages and pushing up poverty in areas with high wages. And of course whichever you choose the lefties will rant and froth about how evil it all is and how evil you are and so on ad infinitum because that's all they ever do.

It's an idiot system that should be scrapped.

No top-ups, please, I'm a millennial: Lightweight yoof shunning booze like never before


Re: Demographic change a factor?

"It'd have an impact, but then it'd impact the other numbers as well (the older generation)."

Not necessarily so, because migrants tend to be younger (ie of working age).


Re: Demographic change a factor?

"I honestly think they make all of this up. How can two countries say a beer is +/- .5 units?"

Because the unit calculation is a political and not a scientific one, as is evidenced by the fact that the unit calculation for alcoholic drinks magically changed in the last five years.


Demographic change a factor?

Could it not also be that a rising migrant population from cultures that abstain from drinking is increasing the figure? If you've got 1 in 20 or 1 in 10 people who are told they're forbidden from touching the stuff, that will make a difference to the numbers.

BBC extends Capita Audience Services contract to 25 years


Re: Interested to know

They hide behind the defence of 'commercial confidentiality', as does government when caught spending outrageous amounts of money on something that they can't justify.

The theory seems to be that if we all knew what they paid for a product then somebody might bid a lower figure for the same product, and we can't possibly have that. Heavens to Murgatroyd, no we can't.

The true victims of Brexit are poor RuneScape players


Re: "Jagex did not say exactly how Brexit will up its costs"

'Groceries' is not a cost that the company has to bear. Of course the employees do but that doesn't increase the cost of the company doing business. It can choose to raise salaries or not. There's a price to pay for not raising them but given that salaries have been trailing inflation (except in a very few areas) for 10 years that isn't anything new.

What might have increased their costs are the new employment regs including mandatory pensions for all employees.

"Brexit" is just a convenient excuse, much like it was for a company near to me who went bust after taking a £100m loan to expand their business and then finding there wasn't the market for their products. They blamed Brexit rather than their own poor judgement.

2001: A Space Odyssey has haunted pop culture with anxiety about rogue AIs for half a century


Re: Ah well, back to my PowerPoint slides

I'm not sure. I had that feeling about it when I first watched it on DVD. However I watched it on a bigger TV a year or so ago and it felt that what I was really watching was an object of great beauty being carefully assembled. It is a beautiful film. I don't much like the star child bit, but there are some films that are beautiful. Watch something like Lawrence of Arabia and see how in love with the landscape David Lean is and how he conjures up its majesty and beauty. 2001 is the same. Kubrick paints a canvas.

Cambridge Analytica 'privatised colonising operation', not a 'legitimate business', says whistleblower


Let's just keep this dangerhair talking.

The more he goes on the more he sounds like a crackpot. What next, Rothschilds or reptiloids?

Beer hall putz: Regulator slaps northern pub over Nazi-themed ad


Re: The problem here is bigger than one pub...

@Anomalous Coward

Yes, I did.

1 - The rest of Europe has not 'moved on from the war'. When the Greeks tried to default on their debt there was a HUGE amount of 'Germans=Nazis' language in the Greek press. There is still plenty of it from the Poles too, and the Hungarians. I remember my trip to Budapest and talking to the locals you got the impression they still really had a problem with Nazis. The walls of the Jewish quarter still have the bullet holes in them. But by God did they hate the Soviets. They had no time for the Nazis but mention the Soviets and they were seriously angry.

2 - If you are of the right generation, Allo Allo-style comic Nazis might be EXACTLY the theme you would be looking for. Knockwursts, transvestite Gestapo officers, and lots of lovely Nazis.

3 - Well, with opinions like THAT about Brexit it's not surprising you're staying anonymous. Shameful but not even slightly shocking. But rather than abuse you let me offer you a friendly book recommendation which might open your eyes a little. It's called "The Road to Somewhere" and it's by David Goodhart. It might help you to stop treating everyone who voted for Brexit quite so awfully.


Re: The problem here is bigger than one pub...

I think I've found one of the people who complained about the pub advert.


Astroboffins say our Solar System is a dark, violent, cosmic weirdo


I don't think we can. We have reasonably complete information about a single solar system - ours. Given that we may have a Planet X roaming around out there, we don't even have a complete understanding of our OWN solar system. We don't even know what's orbiting around the nearest handful of stars to us.

I disagree with the notion that a few hundred observations of the tiny proportion of systems whose planets cross their star when viewed from earth is sufficient data for the researchers to make this claim.

And we return to Munich's migration back to Windows – it's going to cost what now?! €100m!


I know why this has happened.

A new person has just joined high up in the council. On day 1 they're sat in front of their machine and they say "Wo ist Word? Wo ist Outlook?" Then someone has tried to explain it to them and they haven't understood. Then the head of IT has been told to come and explain it and the new person STILL hasn't understood. And they hate the non Windows look, even if it works well and is cheaper, because it isn't exactly the same as they've always had.

No amount of "But this program does exactly the same job" will work with people like that.

From the graaaaaave! WileyFox's Windows 10 phone delayed again


I suppose it's down to personal preference. I really like my 640XL. I like the Calendar integration with Outlook, I like the camera quality, I find it's fast enough for my needs and I like how it syncs with my Win10 tablet and Win8 laptop.

I have a couple of clients who RAVE about their Windows phones. One I saw a few weeks ago said it was the best phone she'd ever had (she has a Lumia 950XL). I was very surprised because I thought it was only me that liked it.

Report: Women make up just 17% of IT workforce, paid 15% less than men


Of course it's a crude analysis. These stupid figures always are and as soon as you dig down it turns out that the picture is complex and it goes a bit further than 'Evil Patriarchy Is Oppressing Womxnhood'.

But that doesn't sell copies of the Guardian and feed the Rage of the Twitter mob, does it?

How is 55 Cancri e like a Sisters of Mercy gig? Astroboffins: It has atmosphere


Re: "It has a mass of about eight Earths and radius of about two so it's no golf ball."

Hal Clement's "mission of gravity" has that - but they're only visiting there to meet the intelligent caterpillars.

I'm underselling the book, it's very good really.

Pastry in a manger: We're soz, Greggs man said


Re: Spineless of them to give in

Attacking Christianity in Britain is like kicking a child in a wheelchair.


Re: Offence


Thousand-dollar iPhone X's Face ID wrecked by '$150 3D-printed mask'


Re: and added a silicone nose for realism.

It worked for Inspector Clouseau.

Imagine the candles on its birthday cake: Astro-eggheads detect galaxy born in universe's first billion years


Re: Where are they moving to?

I read that drunk and I read it sober and I think I preferred reading it drunk.


Where are they moving to?

Are they on the edge of the universe? Yes there was nothing and then it exploded, but if they're the oldest galaxies are they the furthest things from us? Is the universe ball-shaped and are we on the inside or the outside of the ball? Where is the centre and where did it explode from?

It gives me such a headache to try to understand it.

Why the Apple Watch with LTE means a very Apple-y sort of freedom


Re: Typical Apple bullshit

I wonder what the Apple Reformation will look like.

The UK's super duper 1,000mph car is being tested in Cornwall


Re: Aircraft w/ no wings

He was right to mention the 263. The Me163 didn't have wheels. The Me263 was a 163 with wheels. Never got past the prototype stage but would probably have been a more effective fighter and certainly less lethal to its own pilots than the 163 was, since it had a tendency to explode on landing.

First iPhone X fondlers struggle to admit that Face ID sort of sucks


Re: swipe unlock is all I need

Do what I do and own a Windows Phone. No risk of someone pinching it so I don't even have a lock on it.

Hey, you know why it's called the iPhone X? When you see Apple's repair bill, your response will be X-rated


Re: Seems proportionate

Not any more. Now a tube of iLube costs $79.

Malware hidden in vid app is so nasty, victims should wipe their Macs


Re: Macs and PCs aren't so very different

You've got to REALLY hate Bill Gates to lay in to him over spending $2billion dollars on developing a malaria vaccine.

Let's make the coppers wear cameras! That'll make the ba... Oh. No sodding difference


Re: Better justice is the difference

Well exactly. That's the weird thing about this study. They have put cameras on officers and expected people to act differently around them and are surprised when people don't. People see cameras all the time, every day. They're normal. So why WOULD they change their behaviour? The assertion that cameras will make people behave differently is bunk. If the PMCs (Plod-Mounted Cams) are being sold on the basis that they will make people behave better then that's obviously not going to happen.

Surely the purpose of the camera is the recording of the officer's shift to allow them to carry out their job of law enforcement successfully? Sell the cameras on the basis of better quality evidence so that it's not Perp's Word Against Plod's.

Boffins trapped antiprotons for days, still can't say why they survived the Big Bang


Re: Simple

As good an answer as we're likely to see in our lifetimes.

Footie ballsup: Petition kicks off to fix 'geometrically impossible' street signs


Re: Metric please

Why is the mile the stupid measurement? Imperial measurements are based on human perceptions of distance. A mile is 8 furlongs, and a furlong is the furrow length of an field of one acre.

No more stupid than the metre being one ten millionth of the distance from the North Pole to the Equator.

'All-screen display'? But surely every display is all-screen... or is a screen not a display?


Re: Say what you mean and mean what you say

I don't see why we should rewrite every single thing merely to stop pisstakers from taking the piss. Family membership is pretty clear in the minds of everyone who isn't trying to take the piss. It means parents and children. Not a pair of adult brothers. Or pisstakers.

Boffins fear we might be running out of ideas


Re: Eight men control as much wealth as the poorest 3.6 billion people

Tim Worstall suggests hyperventilating lefties should relax:


UK.gov is hiring IT bods with skills in ... Windows Vista?!


Re: 2003?!

If I had a pound for every job interview I went on where the list of required skills discussed at the interview bore little relation to the list on the job spec, I'd be able to afford to hire my own recruitment agency morons.

Got a Windows Phone 8 mobe? It's now officially obsolete. Here's why...


Microsoft's big mistake was in not filling their app store.

Apparently they spent a BEEELLION dollars marketing Windows phone. But surely the sensible thing to do would be to take a tenth of that money and use it to pay the makers of the 100 most popular apps on Android and iPhone to remake their apps on Windows phone. That would have solved the 'empty app store' problem that Microsoft had.

I know, it's all history now but I am sad. I liked my 720, and I like my 640 XL.

Extreme trainspotting on Britain's highest (and windiest) railway


Re: Choo Choo!

Bringing Birmingham 20 minutes closer to London is essential for London. Just like Crossrail is essential for London. Don't you know London is the only part of the UK which matters?


Re: What is the gauge?

He was lucky to be born when he was. If he'd tried a single engineering project in the 21st century he'd never have got started what with raging ecomentalists wanting to protect the Vicious Murdering Sandfly (there are only two places in the whole of the UK where they nest and suck human blood, you know) and Elven Safety Committees demanding everybody wear three safety vests and insurance companies wanting a waiver every time somebody bites in to an apple.

Britain's on the brink of a small-scale nuclear reactor revolution


Re: Decommissioning

Sellafield is not a power station. It is a reprocessing plant for weapons grade nuclear material.


Re: Fusion is saleable.

But fusion won't make wind farm builders and their lobbyists in Brussels rich, will it? It'll put them out of business. And cheap, clean, always-on electricity is the LAST thing the green movement wants, because if we have that then why do we need them to bang on about AGW?


Vested interests will block this, sadly.

The Green movement in the EU has fought tooth and nail against nuclear for decades. It wants expensive windmills and it wants rationing, and cheap, unlimited nuclear power would deny them the levers of control.



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