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Is this the sleek new BlackBerry mobe that will save RIM jobs?


Re: BB User

...and the 9900 does have a proximity sensor built in to prevent that. I'm guessing that it might be an old OS that she has installed on it.

RIM is really in trouble when even Windows Phone 8 looks great


Re: Wrong strategy

"By aiming at premium first with an average OS is madness"

?? By all accounts BB10 is set to blow iOS and Android out of the water. From what i have seen, and from what has been spouted by journalists who have been shown BB10, it is not an average OS.

They are also issuing a physical keyboard BB10 device shortly after the launch of the touchscreen. How do you know "there are cheaper ok phones out there at the moment" when we dont know the pricing of BB10 devices?

But pray tell...where did you use BB10?

BT Tower falls over, crushes X Factor hopefuls



So theres a single point of failover for UK television broadcasts? Who runs the BT Tower...RIM?!?

Next we'll have x-factor fanbois demanding compensation for the 15 minutes they didnt have service despite the fact their televisions still performed as television...

How to stay out of big trouble from little devices



iOS and Android are the only Smartphone operating systems now? I must have missed the memo stating that Blackberry (arguably the most secure smartphone and tablet OS) wasnt available any more!

Commons hit by rash of laptop thefts

Big Brother


...will the ICO be investigating this spate of laptop thefts and fining appropriately as they have done with Local Authorities and NHS Trusts?