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US Senator lobbies feds to BAN BITCOIN


Lot of worried bitcoin owners on here, no?!

Whining because your silly play tokens are destined to disappear down the shitter where they belong?

I have about as much sympathy as I do for one of my turds. Probably less, as I doubt even a log of shit would be so dumb as to get involved in these.

MtGox boss vows to keep going despite $429m Bitcoin 'theft'


Re: Got what they deserved.

"A shitload of profit? Because that's what a lot of people seem to have got out of it"

Only those who got in early fall into this category. You do realise this is a zero sum game, right? People can ONLY make a profit by dumping these onto someone else for a higher price than they paid (the so-called greater fool theory).

And when something like this happens, it's only the fools holding them...those who made 'a shitload of profit', as you put it, are long gone.


Re: Ironic

Silk Road, that paragon of virtuous activities huh.

MtGox has VANISHED. So where have all the Bitcoins gone?


I hope you're laughing at the stupidity of Bitcoin exchange users?

banks are safer than Mt Gox - ask any of those who have lost a small, large or life-changing amount in there...do you think they're giggling?!

I am though.


Re: Time to buy

Except that any time at all these mickey mouse exchanges can steal/lose/disappear with all your pretend money?


Re: Were people really stupid enough to use MtGox as a bitcoin wallet

Were people really stupid enough to use MtGox as a bitcoin wallet

Fixed that for you.


Re: Only confirms what I have said all along

'You need a solid commodity for that'

Like Bitcoin, for example?


MANIC MINERS: Ten Bitcoin generating machines


Re: Keep your pretend coins

people who bought bitcoins as little as 18 months ago have seen them go up by over 100X... pretend currency or not (and I agree, they're ridiculous when stacked up against commodities such as gold or compared against the classic definitions of money), someone who bought a couple of thousand of them summer 2012 is now a millionaire - its relatively easy to shift a few thousand of these a day now on the exchanges or via localbitcoin etc.

(no, not me sadly to my eternal chagrin)

China's central bank hit by DDoS after Bitcoin blitz


BitCoin Replacement!

To the Bitcoin users who have just lost the shirts off their back with this (and those soon to be joining them), don't worry!

I have this new currency - its called TurdCoin. I'll only produce a few of them a day, so they MUST be valuable?! If we all pretend they're money then they're as good as the real thing right?!

Bitcoin value breaks $1,000 barrier in FRENZIED HYPEGASM


One of the major flaws in these kind of stories is liquidity (or lack thereof) on the exchanges. Try selling anything more than a few 'coins' at once at these kind of prices and see the price fall. Mt Gox rate was halved in price briefly last week by the sale of ONE HUNDRED bitcoin. This $1000 thing is a false price, elevated as much by hoarding and lack of large scale trades as anything.

Lots of luck trying to cash in $4M worth, you'd bring the price down to single figures all by yourself before you were anywhere near.

And that's apart from the difficulties in getting out any real cash you've managed to trade BTC for. MT Gox are only allowing withdrawals in dribs and drabs, and they'll probably be regulated out of existence altogether before long. And in the UK, there's really no practical way to get out large amounts at all.

GO Bitcoin. To the Moon etc etc

Basic instinct: how we used to code


No, on the shop demo machines I was doing

10 *MOTOR 1

20 *MOTOR 0 (or something very similar, cant quite remember the syntax now)

30 GOTO 10

If ignored by the numpty shop staff and left for a while, it would burn out the disk drive motor :)

Toshiba Regza 32UL863 32in LED TV


Too small

Who buys a 32in TV anymore? The image is bound to look sharp on a screen that tiny.

GCHQ spooks' code-breaking puzzle solved


as others have said, its not about the money. there are a lot of people (myself included) who would happily trade a larger wage for the tech and work that they do there.

a lot of you bragging about much higher wages - GCHQ are probably glad you arent there, and so am i.

Sony Bravia KDL-55HX923 55in LED 3D TV


you can actually pick this up for around £2200 online - significantly better value and at that price surely a serious proposition.

1m iPad 3s being built this quarter, says analyst


the ipad2 display is going to look crap next to the retina resolution of the new one..haha bad luck to all the saps who are getting an ipad2 this xmas. enjoy it for all of a couple months before becoming a loser.

Brit cyberwarriors, your country needs you



yeah but come on, you're missing the point...a big trade-off against their low pay is that you're doing top secret work with tech that the rest of us wont see for years, if ever.

Bitcoin slump follows senators’ threats


an early investor

it is, of course, simply a well-disguised ponzi - but get in on early on these and you can do very well. i took an educated punt and acquired £250 worth of BitCoins late last year after seeing the possibilities. sold two weeks ago for just under £40K. life is all about timing.