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Windows recovery loophole lets hackers in


(From a *nix geek) Thank you MS! No, seriously.

Thank the maker! This Admin-Pass work around CD is going to feel sooo goood!

Seriously, I cannot count the number of times I have had to work on a clients computer (private sector PC repair) and they have no idea what their password is. Usually I take out their hard drive and mount it in the test box at work, but this is the same difference. BitLocker scares me from a repair point of view. Once the TPM is common place, how many people will enable full disk encryption with out realizing they have just made restoring data from a hosed system (especially if the MoBo is fried via a surge) very costly and difficult? I am glad the option is lacking on most vista installs, at least until the common user understands just what they are getting themselves into.