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Acer releases second-gen Android tablet


for full specs of the A200 google 'acer A500 specs'.

James Bond savages the Kardashians


I didn't know Danial Craig was a Bajoran.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone


If 16GB isn't enough for you then maybe buy a different phone. It's not like there's a shortage of android phones with SD slots. The Galaxy Note has 32 built in + an SD slot, higher resolution, faster processor, better camera and a 2500 mAh battery. No curvy screen though.

Ultrabooks are doomed unless prices tumble


as far as i can tell an ultra book is exactly the same as a laptop but thinner and about twice the price. the lack of buyers is just proof that people arn't as daft as Intel hopes.

Sony Tablet S


18 bit

Well don't know about this sony tablet but the eee pad transformer only has an 18 bit colour display. I was quite disappointed when i got mine cos none of the reviews mentioned this but i'm not bothered by it any more.

Samsung, Google delay next-gen Nexus launch


i doubt steve cares about such trivial things anymore.

Amazon to whup Apple rivals when Kindle Fire hits UK


dude, the 53.8% uk rip off tax is a given.

i love getting ripped off by consumer electronics vendors. so much that i think amazon should sell this for £250. i'll by 10.

Apple loses bid to trademark 'multi-touch'


why would you be using bing?

The real reason Google bought Motorola



i though they'd just put the price of their products up to cover the corporation tax. which would mean we pay the bill. just like we pay own income tax, national insurance, value added tax, council tax, road tax, fuel duty... did i miss any out? what about inflation? i did a few calculations a while back which showed that i get to keep 30% of my salary to spend on things. haha. don't you just love being extorted?

Formula 1



not interesting? have you even seen any F1 this century?

Motorola Atrix dual-core Android smartphone


RE: Don't make me laugh

tru dat. i'm still on 2.1 with my Defy. we were promised an update to 2.2 about 6 months ago.