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ChatGPT starts spouting nonsense in 'unexpected responses' shocker


As they say, "To err is human...

...to really foul things up requires a regenerative language model."

Watch out World, we're all going to die, victims of a misconfigured algorithm.

You're not imagining things – USB memory sticks are getting worse


I wonder what part of the world the main source of these devices is located…

Don’t tell me. I can make a good guess, especially if they come from a well known internet souk.

Google AI chatbot more empathetic than real doctors in tests

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To be honest, I'd prefer a properly programmed AI chat-bot for first medical contact.

Rather than waiting for an appointment 2-4 weeks away (in the UK specifically), an initial chat with a machine might diagnose symptoms more accurately. If there was anything serious discovered, the system could quickly escalate to a human medical specialist in the right area. Getting rid of those initial contact delays would drastically improve the state of medical care worldwide.

If you're gonna use AI-made stuff in your game, you better tell us, says Steam


Steam retain the ability to stop you using a paid-for game without compensation.

It should be a simple matter for them to check each game submitted to their platform. Quite fun actually. I'm sure there are a wealth of gamers who would do it for them for free.

Should a game be found to violate their rules, it can be taken down, and the users blocked from continued play. Steam don't even need to refund.

(Not in the small print? Steam stopped supporting Windows 7 at the end of last year "Steam will stop running on Windows 7 in 0 days" it says now, although the games still load). This potentially means that anyone playing on that platform will lose the lot, or have to pay for updated hardware and software to run 10 or 11.)

No wonder folks are moving to other platforms (I'm not the only one still running W7, I'm sure).

Be honest. Would you pay off a ransomware crew?


Doesn't anyone do backups anymore?

Back in the day, a rolling backup was essential, with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tapes all in rotation. With the availability of cheap storage in the terabytes or cloud facilities, there is no excuse for not having adequate provision. Ransomware? Just roll back to the previous working copy. Yes, you might lose a few days work, but this can be rebuilt if you have adequate short term records (you do have, don't you?). You can then track the breach and deal with it, if you haven't already. The application of a red hot poker to various parts of the perp will ensure it doesn't happen again.

HP customers claim firmware update rendered third-party ink verboten

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Re: "If a printer is connected to the internet, the update downloads automatically"

Internet Ink where I get mine specifically states that you should disable software updates when using equivalents to prevent precisely this sort of thing happening. I haven't had any trouble with my Epson printers in any case.

Chinese CPUs to feature in servers made by sanctioned Russian company


One almost feels sorry for them

In my experience of components from that part of the world, if they work at all, they work just fine until the warranty expires...

AI safety guardrails easily thwarted, security study finds


Why bother? Surely an opportunity to track the crims?

Why not train the A.I. to cross reference dodgy searches against known criminals (e.g. sex offenders' register etc.) and report suspicious incursions to the authorities? In real life, if you popped into Citizens Advice and asked for details on making bombs I'm sure they would be glad to help. Why should A.I. be any different?

I'm sure that sort of thing is already in place. I asked one of the bots to write me a scenario about cracking a bank vault. Apart from producing banal rubbish, it told me I was naughty and shouldn't attempt that of of thing.

One problem I can see is that the jails will soon fill up with innocent authors such as I researching their future works. Oooops.

Amazon unleashes Gen AI for product descriptions, curbs it for Kindle


A pack of lies?

So, the pack of lies told in some of the product descriptions will be replaced by an A.I. generated pack of lies?

As usual, Amazon are continuing to rely on the consumer to root out all the dodgy kit, but for us it will be more difficult to spot, because the spelling mistakes and weird sentence construction will be obfuscated.

I’m sure it will result in many more returns that Amazon will have to pay for. What they save using A.I. will be swallowed up in postage.

What happens when What3Words gets lost in translation?

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My iPhone compass app includes the w3w location as well

Belt and braces. If the emergency services can't find me from all this, I'm in big trouble.

Another thing AI is better at than you: First-person drone racing


Competitions should be like for like

What's next, entering driver-less cars in track races against humans?

You don't have donkeys in the Grand National; conversely why would you consider AI piloting a drone a fair comparison?

How to ask Facebook's Meta to not train its AI models on some of your personal info


And why should we tell Meta anything?

When you sign up they ask a number of personal questions. There is no validation check, so when they ask date of birth for example, why would you tell them the truth (I know people do)?

Yes they monitor your posts, but you then have the opportunity to skew your comments whichever way you like. Love pigeons, hate ice-cream, got baked beans and caviar for dinner, drive an electric Model T Ford? I pity A.I. having to try to sort out something meaningful from that lot.

US Air Force wants $6B to build 2,000 AI-powered drones


What could possibly...

"swarming as a group to fight alongside human pilots"

go wrong?

How will they determine friend or foe? Shooting each other down because of software glitches or worse, shooting 'friendly' humans. Head for the shelters now!

Two US Navy sailors charged with giving Chinese spies secret military info


Best spies ever

Didn't think that their names would give the game away? Even the internet scammers and 'support' folks have the decency to call themselves Pete or Steve or Victoria.

NASA humanoid robot to be tested as remote oil rig attendant


And so a new race of killer robots populate the universe

How long before they decide they don't need puny humans at all?

Imagine their first meeting with intelligent life... Beep beep, take me to the nearest charging point.

Musk sues law firm for overcharging Twitter when Twitter was suing Musk


You couldn't make it up!

If I wrote a plot like this in one of my satires, I'd be laughed out of the jobcentre (and not in a good way).

Number of pensioners hurt by DWP legacy system error actually 165,000


So who gets the money?

Pensioners back in the 1980s are unlikely to still be alive to get their missing millions. A cunning plan eh?

They can send me a cheque for my granddad's underpayment - Third Washbasin Along, King's Cross Station, Alabama (you ain't seen me, roit?)

Amazon Prime too easy to join, too hard to quit, says FTC lawsuit

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Re: Yes! Yes! I asked for a flag on my account as well

They said they'd do it, but never did. They still try to fool me into accepting the 'deal'.

I use Onbuy.com instead. Most of the items are free postage.

Ads for lucrative jobs in Asia fail to mention chance of slavery as crypto-scammer


The reverse of people trafficking in the UK

It's just a variation on what they tell the poor folks looking for a better life over here, who end up in farms, factories and prostitution. Trafficking is illegal in any country. What are the Cambodian authorities doing about it?

Huge lithium discovery could end world shortages ... Oh, wait, it's in Iran


This is all we need.

We've already devastated Bolivia, Argentina and Chile by digging huge holes and poisoning the natives. Why not extend that to Iran as well. Alternatively, find a better technology for power storage?

Used EV car batteries find new life storing solar power in California


There's no denying it: EVs are here, and they're gradually displacing more gas-powered vehicles.

Excuse me, you might find that the EV market is already saturated, with only the hype pushing it on in the hope that we idiots will buy more of the things.

Limitations such as climate, chargers, cost of electricity, range etc are putting the brakes on further take up of this cul-de-sac technology.

My advice, ditch your Betamax and Gramophone, Granddad, and wait for fuel cell development to mature. Then we will see an auto revolution which won't involve the horrendous accidents and melted people that are certainly coming our way with all these spent lithium batteries.

Scammers steal $4 million in crypto during face-to-face meeting


A plot straight out of 'Hustle'?

One of the last great shows the BBC ever did before they went all weird on us.


World of Warcraft Classic lead dev resigns to protest 'stack ranking'


The bell curve is so last century

But then again, isn't the WoW set in an imaginary past/future?

I worked for an organisation that insisted on sticking with it, and yes, managers were given the task of allocating one low grade (2) and one high grade (4) while everyone else sat on the middle (3). The recognised procedure would them be for the token 2 to complain to Personnel/Union that they were being victimised (assuming they weren't dead wood, and deserved it), whereupon the 2 would be bumped up to a 3.

This worked well, satisfied the box-tickers, appeased both employee and manager and rendered the whole appraisal process pointless, as indeed it is if you insist on sticking to the bell curve.

No amount of logic seems to work with the advocates of this archaic process. All it does is waste everyone's time and company money, and generally hacks off the workforce. Again, sooooo last century.

Appraisals should be based on individual merit, not relative to others. If there is any scoring, it should be based on objectives agreed between employee and manager at the beginning of each period. If this then falls into a bell curve for a set group of workers, management can smile knowingly, and this is fine, but the tail should not wag the dog.

Midjourney, DeviantArt face lawsuit over AI-made art


Art for art's sake?

Money for God's sake?

One argument goes along the lines that 'art' should be free for all, otherwise eventually everything you see will have to be paid for. The BBC practises this already by charging everyone for the licence fee.

Are the accused to be considered as 'galleries', charging an entrance fee, or are they like Pixabay where all the artwork is free?

Maybe the case hangs on whether artists using the platform agree, as part of the hosting agreement, to let everyone view (and use?) their material. After all, it is free publicity, and I know a number of excellent artists who have received commissions based on what they have exhibited. If they are really desperate for the cash, rather than spending it on lawyers (which suggests they are already awash with the stuff), one way to secure their work would be to watermark it and only release the clean version when paid. Is that an issue between artist and buyer and really nothing to do with the host?

This case seems to me to be a very effective way of throwing money away, and as always, it will only be the lawyers who win.

With pay strikes ending, BT merges divisions to save £100m in annual costs


73% of the ballot papers were returned

The rest lost in the post presumably. My mother still hasn’t received her birthday card posted in June.

Study suggests AI cruise control could kill traffic jams by cutting out the 'intuition' factor


It's known as the concertina effect

Surprised nobody's mentioned this. AI can look further ahead than humans and control the traffic movements more effectively. Basically the assumption is that humans are too stupid to drive and should be locked away while the robots deal with moving traffic around. Oh, wait a mo...

Foxconn workers protest over pay and lockdowns at iPhone factory in China

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Close the factory? Bring the work back to less oppressive countries? Don't buy Apple phones anymore?

I'm as guilty as the next man (he's called Bruce), in touting an Apple phone - sorry. When it comes to replacement, I'll be looking at alternatives if they haven't done something to improve human condition at their factories. I'm sure it's starting to happen anyway. How many of you readers have bought an iPhone 13?

San Francisco politicians to vote on policy endorsing lethal force for robots

Big Brother

It will come eventually

It's all very well civilised nations doing the right thing, but how long before certain despot regimes are employing them to control the population with no restrictions? After all, Covid is getting to be a really lame excuse these days.

'Pig butchering' romance scam domains seized and slaughtered by the Feds


Arthur Daly said...

"Remember, Terry, you only get out of life what you put into it... plus a bit extra if you can find a few mugs." He would have been impressed with a $10m scam.

GM: Seeing as all y'all like our electric cars, we'll double output next year


You might not even get 50 miles on a freezing day. Would there be any sales in Canada?

We all know that a cold battery has less power output. During a Canadian winter and you're stuck in a snowdrift with the battery dying 20 miles from a warm and cosy, I think you'll wish you'd stayed with hydrocarbons. Go and buy something that doesn't need the Duracell Bunny to keep it running.

Here's an idea...


Musk grumbles about 'overpaying' for Twitter but says he's excited


And how many bots is he buying?

Twitter don't like to make it easy to find out how many of your followers are fictitious. If they went through and cleared out all the false and duplicate accounts, he would have a hissy-fit.

Amazon hit with $1bn claim that secretive Buy Box algorithm screws shoppers


And this is news to just about nobody?

Every time you go on Amazon you get their recommended' products stuffed in your face. Of course they will promote their own stuff. Presumably the crime is to not make clear that they are doing that even though it's b***** obvious to everyone that buys stuff from there.

How Wi-Fi spy drones snooped on financial firm


Welcome to your new job

Here is your essential equipment: identity badge, desk, workstation, key to the bathroom, luncheon vouchers, shotgun for taking out spy drones.

Accountancy doesn't have to be boring.

Prison inmate accused of orchestrating $11M fraud using cell cellphone


It beggars belief...

...that some big companies can still be bamboozled by this sort of scam. What sort of people and systems do they employ, for goodness sake?

If someone weaponizes our robots, we'll be really, really sad, says Boston Dynamics

Black Helicopters

Re: They could probably detect use of firearms

Fitted lasers wouldn't have a recoil. Getting very sci-fi now!

China may be the future for Mercedes-Benz


And when China invades Taiwan?

Will they be given the same treatment as Russia vs Ukraine, and MB lose their deposit?

Short term blinkers by Merc, presumably the same bunch who used to rely on Russia for just about all of their energy?

"Oh dear, we never saw that one coming, Otto," will be engraved on their candles this winter.

Heineken says there’s no free beer, warns of phishing scam


It will only catch lager drinkers anyway

So who really cares? Bring it on.

EV battery can reach full charge in 'less than 10 minutes'


Missing the whole point

People moan about the amount of damage to the environment caused by cryptocurrency, but think on the amount of power needed to charge all the cars in the world (#cars x #total miles travelled x kw/mile.) Where do we get that all that power from? Not from your solar panels when half the world is under cloud.

Electric cars, while a neat idea, are a cul-de-sac technology unless an infinite supply of free electricity can be tapped into.

If you are still using fossil in your vehicle, ignore the fossils who are dictating we all go electric and wait for the development of fuel cells, which can be swapped out without people whittling on about getting an old one in place of new. Here's a glimpse of what might be...


DARPA wants to refuel drones in flight – wirelessly


The should have asked Nikola Tesla

He knew how to do this 100 years ago, but nobody listened.

Cops' Killer Bee stings credential-stealing scammer


Seems an awful lot of effort to put a guy behind bars for 12 months

Perhaps they should keep him in until he's paid off what he owes, or better still, make him legit by giving him a job with our fuel companies.

Coca-Cola probes pro-Kremlin gang's claims of 161GB data theft


What critical data could they possibly have grabbed?

How many people connect to CC and give them all their personal details? Many a bunch of addicts, buying the stuff by the lorry-load, but I can't see it affecting the majority of folks.

Perhaps they have captured internal reports saying how bad the product is for health or the mess its bottles and cans make of the environment. Earth shattering if it gets out... not.

I don't think I'm going to lose any sleep over it.

(At least CC didn't steal Christmas, as rumours would have it. The rotund home invader used to have a green suit, but it wasn't CC who changed it.

https://www.thefactsite.com/how-coca-cola-changed-santa/ )

Pony.ai lassos China's first autonomous taxi license


What could possibly go wrong?

Of course, we will never hear about the number of people mowed down by system failure in such a teeming city. Perhaps they will link everything with 5G to make it doubly entertaining, or perhaps the lockdown will keep everyone off the streets anyway, and the only folks out there using taxis will be exchanging germs like there's no tomorrow (which sadly there may not be for some of them). At least with human taxi drivers, they can disinfect after each fare. Will the self-driving ones do the same, and if so, how much time will they be out of service while they are fumigated?

REvil resurrected? Ransomware crew appears to be back. Keyword: Appears


Cyber warfare

If we could keep the guns off the streets it would be a small price to pay, but it won't be the first case of poacher turned gamekeeper in the cyber world.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba makes 9 datacenter energy patents available


Anything to get us talking

Any olive branch from China will be most welcome in the face of other world affairs.

Elon Musk says he can get $46.5bn to buy Twitter


I wouldn't give a fiver for it

Doesn't the man realise that Twitter is last decade's thing? The yoof have moved to other platforms, leaving us wrinklies adding comments that nobody bothers reading because we aren't in Celebrity Bake Off.

Waste of the money he could otherwise spend on medical research and other desperate charities.

Shanghai lockdown: Chinese tech execs warn of supply-chain chaos


Boo hoo

Amazon seems to get most of its cheap stuff from China, so who's going to mourn? When you order anything from there, they say something like 'Despatched within 3 days'. What they obscure is that your purchase is coming by moose from the Middle Kingdom and can take weeks if not months.

Always check where it is coming from, and buy local for goodness sake.

First rocket launch from UK soil now has... a logo


Britain in space eh? Getting kiddies to design the logo.

I suppose it makes a change from getting kiddies to design websites, mobile phone operating systems and every other tortuous process we have to navigate, where usability and acceptance testing are dirty words. The TV series, Hyperdrive' shows exactly how it will be.


(Don't forget to customise and reject all cookies when you view this pilot).

Plans for UK rival to Silicon Valley ditched


What about Cambridge?

Presumably the Government hasn't heard of this out-of-London powerhouse of technical innovation.

Microsoft: Russia invasion of Ukraine ‘unlawful, unjustified’


What about another service update to Windows for Russia?

That usually completely screws my systems.

Suspected Chinese spies break into cloud accounts of News Corp journalists


Let's hope World War 3 is fought in Cyberland

It will be a lot less messy than the alternative when Putin invades Ukraine.