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Dynamic ninjas kill off free DNS service


EditDNS "Lifetime Pro" members

JFYI, when the EditDNS takeover happened, all the EditDNS members having paid for the so called Lifetime pro status have been told their status will be honored and kept.

Now they are warned that only 50 of their zones at EditDNS will be granted free DNS hosting at DynDNS, and they should remove "unnecessary" zones.

When I tried to ask, in the message exchange with DynDNS representative, why DynDNS breaks its promise, I was told, among other things, that DynDNS, citing, "no longer are offering a free option for people over 50 zones".

That sounds like kind of a bad joke, I think, since there were no other messages warning of sites imminent shutdown, so I can't comprehend what is "no longer".

So now they force me to either remove 15 "extra" zones from my EditDNS account, or switch to their absurdly expensive paid services.

To those interested, EditDNS DNS servers (five of them), as far as I can recall, never failed and the response time was quite acceptable.

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