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Facebook tips India and Pakistan into NUCLEAR WAR of words


Re: I've been to Kashmir

A hell hole? It's been described as paradise on earth before the dispute.

The reason they fight over it is because most of the major rivers in both Pakistan and India have their water source in Kashmir. Whosoever controls Kashmir controls the water supply.

For Pakistan it also includes access to a land route to China.

As for the glacier - the Pakistanis started that fight because they knew it would cost the Indians more to defend it than it would Pakistan - which it does.


Re: Rock and a hard place

It's a disputed territory. This means, AFAIK, Pakistanis and Indians of non-Kashmiri origin cannot buy property in Kashmir. The reason being that both Pakistan and India agreed to old a referendum in Kashmir to decide which side it would join in a final resolution (ie self determination for the people of Kashmir).

The indians dragged their feet because it's quite likely the Kashmiries would go with Pakistan if given a 2 way option. The Pakistanis on the other hand aren't willing to have the third option on the ballot slip of full independence for the area.

It's a lot more detailed than that with water rights, overland connections to china etc but I don't think it's considered part of India else it would not be disputed but occupied territory.

Hard-as-woodpecker-lips MOUSE GOBBLES live scorpion, LAUGHS off stings to face


Re: Evolution at work

But the mouse must have had other things to eat too? If it didn't then what are the chances of this mutation occurring before the mouse species is wiped out by the stings?

If the odds of this occurrence is high over a large number of years then why haven't other animals also evolved to eat this scorpion?


Re: How friggin awesome is evolution!

Realistically what are the odds of a mouse, which presumably can find other creatures to eat, comes along but due to some odd occurrence happens to have a natural genetic mutation that allows it to survive the stings, lives long enough to mate and those particular genes get carried forward to the next generation.

Then some time down the line one of its descendants has a genetic mutation that turns this toxin into something that also numbs the pain.

And if it didn't have other creatures to eat we have to factor in the chances of the whole species just being wiped out.

I'm not talking God vs Evolution - I'm talking mathematically what are the odds.

'It's GOOD we stopped selling the iPhone'


Putin is hardly musclebound.

From Russia with no love: Prez Putin dubs Ed Snowden 'unwanted gift'


Why does not just dump it in one go and then seek asylum. I realise that dragging it out has the benefit of keeping it in the public mind but he's kind stuck at the mo.

China prepares to lift 13-year game console ban – report


lol, complaining about protectionism? From a country that simply tried to take over the world and force everyone in the empire to buy British? Surely not!

Screw it, says NSA leaker Snowden: I'm applying for asylum in Russia


Re: Rest of World to USA



Rest of World to USA

We own you treasury bills, we'll hack you're networks all we like and this makes it even more convenient.

Thnx - bye!

Up yours, Google! Iran to launch OWN state email service


dismantling of their online freedoms

Moving closer inline with the US then?

Media phone-hacking? Tip of the iceberg, says leaked police report


The longer the people in this country continue to pretend that the people in charge are freedom loving democrats and not self serving cliques then this will get worse.

They have the prefect cover for their crimes. Take the newspapers refusing to accept new laws controlling their behavior by claiming they are an important part of democratic checks and balances while doing everything except act as a check on government (unless it suites them)

Hey, wannabe Murdochs, yet more chances to run your own telly station


OR they could

Or they could just use youtube at a fraction of the cost, larger (growing) target market as opposed to setting up a real TV station with a larger cost and most probably dwindling viewer base.

Adobe CEO admits need to 'tweak' Creative Suite's cloud-only policy


Re: Another

What is it with the software world that they seem to have a need to access the 2nd hard market for their products. You don't see car manufactures trying to get a cut when you sell your car (yet) do you?

Seems quite greedy and prevents people getting on and using their software via the "cheap" way by buying a product that is a few years old...

imo it will just mean less newbies will end up using it and most probably mean more customers for disc based competitors in the long run...which could be a good thing I guess.

... time machine. Iranian Dr Who claims he invented a ...


Re: pledging to set up its own Arabic,..

Iranians are Persians, not Arabs. The two groups don't like each other - at least on a political level. So saying that they'll set up an Arabic version of xyz may cause issues.

Obama seeks $100m to unlock your BRAIN's secrets


Just waiting

for companies to start patenting parts of the brain they "discover" and then charging for any medication that uses that part of the brain. Much like when they started to "discover" that human genome thingy.

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working


Re: No good deed shall escape unpunished

I think you're mum is just finding an excuse to call you - you moved 1000kms away after all.

Dell directors foresee unremitting brutality in PC market


That's one thing you can say about Apple. They to generally provide better quality products. It doesn't really matter that the iPhone 5 was an incremental upgrade and that the iPads are not really "magical" - what they are is decent quality and built with a bit of thought for the end user (HCI).

PC manufactures seem content with just cramming everything on it without thought of how it would be used by the end user (full keyboards with number pads squished on 15" laptops being one of my gripes).

Apple iWatch: Coming soon, runs iOS, to earn mucho mazuma


Doesn't this already exist?


except this one works with both iOS and android

Bank Muscat hit by $39m ATM cash-out heist


Re: The terrorists need new cash flow.

This would require too much smarts for those guys.

Simpler approach would be (is being used) is to either use drug money or smuggling (or if your in somalia why not try piracy - like the "on a boat in the sea" type)...or if your in Afghanistan set up a "transport mafia" and have the Americans pay you millions to protect their trucks from...well, yourself!

iPhone-maker Foxconn not gonna save Sharp


Re: AC says:

Only if the west loses it's science/engineering base...if that happens and the east keeps going in those terms which it could as it's cheaper for them then yes.

Apple files 'iWatch' patent application


Didn't Nokia have a video of something like this

a few years ago nokia did a watch phone concept thing like this didn't they?

Apple and world HACKED by Facebook plunderers


Re: "This is the first really big attack on Macs,"

No, that happened over at Burger Kings twitter feed.

Chinese PLA soldiers 'mastermind cyber-espionage Cold War'


They say it like as if the US doesn't do the same thing...most probably on a much larger scale...heck - the US just invades countries, forget the whole hacking business...

Canonical unveils fondleslab-friendly Ubuntu 'experience'


Re: Full marks for effort

I saw a demo of the nexus 4? version and how it connected to a monitor and turned into the full OS. This is what win8 should have been like. They would have got a lot more publicity just being MS and kudos for well a engineered "One OS for all form factors" solution.

UK doesn't have the SKILLS to save itself from cyber threats


Doesn't matter

Because we don't have aircraft carriers with aircraft for another decade or two and we've only got about 80,000 troops who are actually not here at the moment.

They'd not need to cyber attack - they could just walk right in and take what they want. Most probably the only official opposition would be some guy from Group4 security on minimum wage (if that).


Re: *nods*

Last I herd from a French person was that in France if you have qualification xyz then you must be paid at least a certain amount.

If I remember correctly that French person also said if you cannot find employment at that rate they pay you your job seekers at that rate (I may have mis-heard that part)

Anonymous turns private eye in Ohio rape case


Re: the Indian rape case involved a death

It was international news before she died and in terms what actually happened in each case the US version is a bit more disturbing considering the cover-up in a country were you'd expect better.


Why isn't this all over the international news like the Indian rape case?

I mean theReg, an IT mag, is the only UK based site reporting this. I'm guessing non-geeks outside the US will never hear about this one...and why aren't Americans protesting in the streets demanding justice like those Indians?

Israel taps teens to become 'interceptors' in cyberwarfare


Re: "It was not immediately clear, however...

Now, I don't agree with the Israeli occupation of Palestine or anything else it does but hoping that 8 million people (not to mention another 4 million from the Palestinian territories) go out in a burst of Persian glory is a bit much.

Vatican shrugs off apocalypse, fiddles with accounts dept


Re: as it almost always is


Most killing in history are not done due to religion - but most in fighting. See my other post for details. I was just making a point that we can pin killings by person X on their beliefs easily - so we can pin Stalin killings on this Atheist beliefs.

The crusades was most probably the biggest killer (in particular of civilians) which was based on religion (though the political reasoning of the instigators back in Europe was slightly different) - that killed around 3m at most. Now compare that to the 40-70m killed in ww2 alone. I think it's a bit much blaming religion for all the problems - especially as I don't think Christian beliefs allowed for those killings even if it was Christians doing the killings .

And as for the loony bombers - well I don't they would even register on the scales** - flu most probably kills more people each year - not to mention that suicide is actually against Islam so that kind of shows how compatible that particular "struggle" is with the teachings of that religion (and if you look into islamic teachings you'll notice how far these people are from those teachings the claim to represent - under Islamic theology they are defined as "the worst of people to be killed on the earth" and the "dogs of the hellfire") .

see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kharijites

**not to say it's not bad, but it's small relatively speaking to other wars etc


Re: as it almost always is

Really, how are you defining that? A civil war fought between two groups of Christians (or other religious group) isn't really about religion - it's a political conflict that happens to involve Christians.

The main religious wars on there are French Wars of Religion & the Crusades which total 7 million. I suspect if we include smaller European wars between different churches it would bump up a bit but still most of the killing according to that list did not involve religion as the driving force.

WW1, WW2 was about empire building and in both cases we had a mix of religions on both sides.

WW1 - Muslims+Christians+Hindus+Sikhs (and Japan - not sure the name of their main religion) Vs Christians

WW2 - same except with Atheist Soviets on the side of the Allies and the Japanese with the Nazis.

Then we have the Mongol conquests - mostly non-religious. Different parts of the Mongal empire and their armies had different religions. For example the Blue Horde was headed by a Muslim while other elites where Christians and others had their native Mongol beliefs.

That remaining "large" death tolls are down to Chinese infighting.

Most of the killing is definitely not done in Gods name - ie to promote or spread religion XYZ.


as it almost always is

What? Like:

maybe the 4-10 million killed by our friend Joseph Stalin - you know, the guy who works in Gods name, no, wait - he was an atheist - oh well.


or maybe the the 40 odd million killed during that time that well known Christian Chairman Mao ruled China, oh wait, did I say Christian? I meant atheist.


Yup. All done in God name most of the time. I don't think the church has every pulled off large scale industrial genocide like the atheists.

Pakistan Cyber Army declares war on Chinese, Bangladeshi sites


Doubt it was the Pakistani Army of anything.

China and Pakistan are very close as are the people (the Pakistani team to the Beijing Olympics had some of the loudest applause from the Chinese crowd).

I doubt it was Pakistanis.

Retailers report slow Windows 8 sales, low demand


can we trust him?

his name is "McIntosh".

Why IT chiefs are irrelevant to Microsoft's Windows 8 strategy


Re: Not surprising.

I have to agree. Leave win7 for enterprise and win8 with its "App Store" thing to tap the new app buying consumer market. If that was their strategy then I think they are playing to their strengths while trying something new.

Also I hope they do well in the consumer market. Win8 needs some refinement but if it does well it will force everyone to up their game. That can only be a good thing.

eBay hit with antitrust suit over hiring practices


Nice, first they don't pay their share of taxes and now the big companies are up to this?!

Taliban official's email blunder leaks 400+ contacts


Don't really see the issue here. Everyone on the list is known to the Taliban so why would they attack them now the list is in the "open" and anyone who may view these people as "traitors", well how are they going to track down anyone just by an email address? Unless they have email addresses like Ahmad123.Kabul.124DonkeyLane@gmail.com.

Most of the Talibans on the list are most probably already in contact with or already known to the US/Afghans anyway so a blunder yes, but doubt it's anything big.

Egypt takes hard line on internet pr0n, calls for total ban


Re: Suppress natural instincts

You might want to research that a bit rather than just copy and paste stuff from BNP esque websites. Historical accuracy of his wife's age is disputed even among Muslims. It ranges between one source saying 9 years with others indicating 16 years all the way up to around 21 years of age.

Of course if you're Nick Griffen then 9 is the most accurate.

The fact that it seems our elite are riddled with the pedo tendency I think we're best sorting our house first.

Kim Dotcom offers free internet with own submarine cable


Re: Internet freedom funded by Arabs

If the Americans can fund 'democracy' in Iraq why can't the Arabs fund 'freedom' in NZ?

Windows 8: Microsoft will declare victory, but will anyone believe it?


I think we should wait and see. I think people will get use to it and the thought of having a tablet that can run full windows apps when needed and just be a tablet the rest of the time is appealing enough imo to drive sales.

All the best to them. I hope it works out for them because it will help encourage everyone else (Apple & Google) to up their game in the same way Apple sticking iOS on tablets forced everyone else to wake up.

I think people tend to get in to "there is only one way of doing things, and everything else will fail" - much like when iPad came out.

McKinnon will not be extradited to the US, says Home Secretary



Apparently Babar Ahmads co-accused Mr Ahsan also had Aspergers. Not only that but the evidence in that case was in complete and unseen by British officials.

He was shipped off nevertheless. Slight double standards from the home office considering it's only been a week or so.

Iran blamed for ZTE's 260 PER CENT profit slump


Re: Three lousy choices

Former colonies that are "enemies"?

The real "threat" to the west comes from Russia and China. In terms economic/military threat, places like Iran are quite down the list.


Re: Three lousy choices

cut them off economically is the preferred option? Like with Saddam and 12 years of sanctions and 100,000 of Iraqis dead (due to sanctions, not the war that followed)? Preferred option?

I'd rather keep talking, apply pressure economically and support groups that would eventually replace the current lot.

Iranians are a proud lot, like a lot of people around the world. Cut them off like that and they'll rally around the guys in charge - the opposite of what you want to happen.

Windows 8 pricing details announced as preorders begin


It's TheReg. Most people are IT folk here and they are going to be upset because it's not a straightforward OS for business use. They've stuck a pretty plinky plonky interface and generally will give headache to IT support in any company that adopts it as their desktop system...

On the consumer side I'm gonna guess most people will simply get use to it and I think regular, non "techies", will actually like it. It's not often most regular users need to delve in to core features or administrator tasks on an OS.

Ballmer's lightened pay packet is the least of his problems


it'll grow on people

I don't think using the job market is quite valid as pointed out by the poster above. To add to that windows7 has been out for a year or two. Check the win8 stats in a year or two.

As for companies upgrading to win8. I guess as people are forced to use win8 at home (due to it being shipped on newly built PCs) they'll become more familiar with it. That would make it less of a shock at work. All you have then is the cost of the upgrade.

All in all I don't think you can expect win8 to just take off overnight but around 6-12 months down the line would be the best time to gauge it's success/failure.

Top admen beg Microsoft to switch off 'Do Not Track' in IE 10


Re: "drastically...

That's actually an interesting way that Microsoft could starve Google of it's revenues.

Just put adBlocker or noScript in IE by default.

'Replace crypto-couple Alice and Bob with Sita and Rama'


slight translation error

The word "badmash" is not "bad man" but usually means a fornicator (when used in context) or generally very evil person. It's quite an insult to say it to someone.

Also, I see no reason for changing it. Alice and Bob work fine.

'App Economy' has created 466,000 US jobs


Oh dear

I think I just went to one of those "hiring interviews" you speak of

They asked me questions like 'how would you maintain the "stateful environment" within a web application' .

I answer and I'm not sure if he scribbled it down or not.

I agree with all the other points you made. With point 3 some recuritment agents, I'm sure, simply put out ads to collect candidate details...and usually offer you a job other than the one you applied for...which is usually not in tune with what you wanted.

Huawei uncloaks sleek, slim, sexy smartphones


Yet another phone out to kill the iPhone. Murderous swines.

Amazon cloud double fluffs in 2011


is there a reason

why a lot of big tech companies are moving/opening data centres in Brazil?