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Oracle, for one, says we'll welcome our new robot overlords: '90%' of you will obey an AI bot

Jucking Fidiot

Is it shocking to accept orders from robots...

...while accepting same from some anonymous human is OK?

I'll take the robot, thanks.

Beer, 'cause, well, it's beer.

Volterman 'super wallet': The worst crowdsource video pitch of all time?

Jucking Fidiot

Never mind the wallet...

...Rob seriously needs to NEVER lose that girl. He'll never find another vacuous airhead who is so easily impressed with his inability to keep track of his wallet or phone.

Must listen: We've found the real Bastard Operator From Hell

Jucking Fidiot

Perhaps too good?

OH DEAR GOD! I wept from the the sheer beauty of it! I could actually taste the colors, and smell the notes!

My only worry would be sales types who actually liked that fecal rendition, and tied up our lines by calling back. A tune only a sales person _could_ love.

Canny Canadian PM schools snarky hack on quantum computing

Jucking Fidiot

Meanwhile, back in Washington...

"Quantum" computing? Where is that company based? Let's buy some really big ones...

Collective noun search for security vulns moves into beta testing

Jucking Fidiot

HAs anyone done a Flash joke yet?

...as in, "A Flash of malware"?

Oh, I see it has. Sorry, I was late to the party.

Has Steve Jobs killed the consumer hard disk industry?

Jucking Fidiot

Fanbois Now Writing For The Reg...

Geez, I like Apple products, but I'm not crazy enough to trust them with ~20 years of data. I don't care how careful they'd claim to be with it. Might as well put everything on floppies and hand it to Bill Gates to hold for me. Next year I'm putting in a NAS at home, with backup to offsite storage (also mine, not a cloud). Drives are cheap & reliable, as NO corporation is.

I just hope my mum doesn't shut off her internet for the offsite bit...


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