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Want a Windows 8 Start Button? Open source to the rescue!

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I'm going to be controversial here in that I've actually used Windows 8 in the Release and Consumer preview versions and thanks to Action Pack I have the final release version too. Admittedly having worked in various IT roles for the last 20 years I'm not necessarily your average desktop user but after half an hour of my first experience with Windows 8 I was completely happy with it and the lack of the Start button. I can see why people would want to keep that comfort there but I would say that if you can work without the Start button (remember that the O/S is just the platform for your apps, services and games) then I'd encourage you to do so. I've found Win + R, Win + F, Win + X and Win + D give me everything I need to get right into the guts of the O/S and use it get my daily grind done. To that end I've replaced Win7 entirely on my laptop and desktop machines and by Christ does Win8 run fast! Just saying :)

UBS tells IT contractors: Take a 10% pay cut ... or 100%



Any contractor worth their salt will tell the agency or the end client to get stuffed. Those with fewer skills or less confidence will agree to the cut.

Worst case the end client saves 10pc but loses a lot of their most skilled resources who walk and end up in another contract quickly. I'd rather work somewhere else for 10pc less than sacrifice my integrity.

You'd think an investment bank could do the risk calculation here and see it's not worth it.

Hackers jailbreak iOS 5 in under 24 hours


I get it, but...

...I for one quite like the Apple "walled garden". Because of it everything on my iPad just works.

I'm not a fanboi, I'm vendor agnostic and always will be; but Apple's approach is a good 'un so I don't see the benefit to me of jail breaking my iPad.