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Anti-Scientology crusader vaporized from YouTube


Scientology has infiltrated YouTube

YouTube is Scientology!!

Mark Bunker needs to post that 3 hour interview on PirateBay ...

Hotmail dies on both sides of the Atlantic


Still down?

MSN® Hotmail® Appears® to® be® down® still® at® 20:06® GMT®. All® I® am® getting® is® page® not® found® after® I® attempt® login®.

Permission to use all Registered Trademarks of Microsoft pending®.

ISP data deal with former 'spyware' boss triggers privacy fears



Vote with your feet, it's really that simple.

Never hook up with an ISP that ties you in for longer than 3 months.

Leave them behind, go somewhere where this doesn't happen, my ISP rocks and is not signed up to this BS, can't tell you who it is though because my service might degrade with more subscribers :P

Sack them!


Ditch the bastards after pinning a great big 'FU' to their foreheads!

AT&T to crush copyrighted network packets


Another Comcast scenario ...

It'll never work ...

Why did they even bother announcing it?! lol

BitTorrenters seek sanctuary in Pirate Bay


I'm innocent of all charges guv'nor

My VHS collection is 200+, my TAPE collection is 100+, my CD collection is 300+, my DVD collection is 200+, my RECORD (singles and albums) collection is 10+ (binned most of them due to warping).

I don't feel any guilt or remorse from downloading a torrent, mainly because if it is worth the money, I buy it.

Test drive it first, then if you like it, buy it!

Canadian Taser death caught on camera

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Another thought

Can someone please rewatch that video towards the end, after the guy had been tazer'd at least once if not more, I'm sure one of the guards lifts and strikes down several times his truncheon in the general area of where the victims head is ..... not a smack with the full length, but with the end pointing downwards. If the tazer'ing hadn't of killed him first, I'm sure this would escpecially if it were his temple.

What happened to the negotiations ...

What happened to the time the guards would need to assess the victims condition (mental or otherwise).

From what I saw they just went in tazer's blazing.

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It's very sad to read your replies

To those that haven't bothered to research the reasons why this guy looked like he was going insane, you are pathetic.

The guy didn't deserve to die, the guy shouldn't have been taser'd, he should have been able to meet up with his mother and be at home, safe, with her right now.

Beavis and Butthead in London jihad


At last, I've found intelligent people!!

Myself and yourselves are clever enough to make car bombs and destroy buildings and lives in the process - we choose not to because we have no intention of destroying buildings and lives. So how on this earth did 2 FAILED car bombs be found in London ...

I mean WTF.

You can guarantee that defence funding will get an added boost of a few billion to PROTECT our shores and when they need a few bil' more, then again we will have a pathetic series of minor disruptions and failed bombings.

Video download site ordered to spy on users


Need 8mb broadband?

Once all this is finished and the MPAA and RIAA get their way with collecting info on us, will we still need 8mb broadband?

It's gonna save me a fortune downgrading from 8mb to 512k, which I think soon the ISPs will be giving that speed free.


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