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Icahn rallies the troops to pump Apple for cash at next shareholder meeting

The MaJiK Man

Gecko returns

I totally agree with this greedy old man. Let Apple buy back all his shares for the same price he paid for them. That seems evidently fair to Apple and not to this Gecko type investor.

Greed is good!!

Get a Mac, get a life.

iTunes fanbois outraged by Apple's sex-life quiz probe

The MaJiK Man
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Typical over blown non-issue by El-Reg

Slow news day for Apple bashing so lets try this one (El Reg motto).

If Apple had made it more difficult it would have been bashed for that.

Simple if you don't like Apple, use the many alternatives available. No one is forced to use Apple.

The questions are just a simple method to help you set up 3 new passwords. You can put any answer. If you can't remember 3 words then write them down some where and password protect that with any question you care to ask.

Get a Mac, Get a life.


Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56

The MaJiK Man

Steve Jobs

Thanks, goodbye and rest in peace.

Apple to open iCloud for 'free' before slapping $25 subs on service

The MaJiK Man


I can remember the time when Sony put DRM on CD's so you cound'nt play them on a computer.


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