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Inside Microsoft's 'New Xbox Experience'

Paul Howie

Mostly an improvement

The only problem I have with it so far is that the excellent "Inside Xbox" from the old version hasn't translated well to the NXE. The simplicity of a little orange icon that tells you there's new stuff to read seems like a better option than a massive coverflow of confusing images and truncated text.

Also the recent additions to the marketplaxce seem slower to navigate. As a result I'm finding it a lot slower to check up on the recent additions to live. Given that the whole aim of the NXE was to make the dashboard more of a place to explore what you can do with your console I find that surprising.

Maybe I just need to get used to it. Only time will tell.

Ford offers natter-interface car software in Europe

Paul Howie
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My new model Mondeo has this already

It comes along with the integrated Bluetooth handsfree kit.

It's pretty good too. Controls the radio, cd changer, climate control, phone and satnav with simple prompted voice commands. No training needed, either for the software or the user.

Paris Hilton walks to freedom

Paul Howie

Good behaviour

Andy, all you need to do is demonstrate that you're occupying space in an overcrowded prison. The good behaviour thing probably just means that she didn't drive under the influence while she was inside.

Security researchers poke holes in Safari

Paul Howie

Not much of a security researcher

I don't plan to use Safari and i don't intend to defend it, but this "security researcher" isn't a particularly trustworthy sort. He's refused to report details of the vulnerabilities he's found to Apple.

Either he's withholding them to use for blackmail or he hasn't actually found anything worth mentioning. Either way I think calling him a security researcher might be pushing it a bit since he's not helping to make Safari more secure in any way.

Beta testing some software and failing to report the bugs that you find is not the most professional of behaviour.