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Six things a text editor must do - or it's a one-way trip to the trash


Happy Belated Birthday

This Dave fella seems like a hoopy frood.

Watch out for the GIGANTIC ALIEN JELLYFISH, warns space boffin

IT Angle

I think it could be possible if it actually filtered out certain gases when it inhaled/absorbed gas from the atmosphere. This would allow it to change the density of the air around it directly.

Just a thought.

Court bans man called Peter from calling himself Peter


Well that's just harsh!

Now the poor guy won't be able to use Facebook at all!

Ex-Microsoft accountant jailed for $1.1m Redmond theft


Turn off the telly!

Oh yeah, I believe it. Tried to pull an Office Space, but in this version he got caught instead of the building being destroyed by fire, so he came up with some lame excuse about how he was really just a gray hat all along!

Kidding, but I hope we all enjoyed the similarity.



Proof of his superiority!

VIM Diesel, the superior editor.

iPhone users richer, brainier, more tasteful than Android-ers


I take issue with this post!

I think a fair amount of people with authoritarian right-wing parents end up going completely on the other end, rebelling by believing in such crazy liberal lies as freedom of the person over their own body, health care for even poor people, and governments needing to take in taxes in order to support their most disenfranchised citizens.

More importantly, supporters of Michelle Bachmann are still on Symbian.

Hackers claim to have cracked Norway mass-murderer's email


Murdoch is going to be upset!

He was about to hack in himself and plant some emails about how Breivik was actually a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and part of a Liberal conspiracy to make Conservatives in America look bad.

Google fights to hide incriminating emails


I expect Apple to be suing Google next...

Since they appear to be trying to use steve job's Patented Reality Altering Technique without a license.

Fanboys find way to NFC an iPhone


I couldn't resist...

Accusing them of being "subservient to Cupertino"?

Well now the icon makes some literal sense!

Developer fury as Google makes Android apps vanish


Just another reminder that

Google knows what's best, as Google likes to remind us in all their products.

"We know what the customers really want is for us to fix issues, so we'll do that without letting them know."

What are customers expecting? Feedback on their feedback? A quick response that Google is aware of the issues? Crazy!

I'm sure at this point the "customer service reps" don't even have a real "Reply" button. Receive the issue, determine if it is an issue, hit "Reply" and the same message gets sent out automatically every time.

"Thank you for spending the time and bothering to email us. Please don't expect any further responses or update from the company, if the issue gets fixed hopefully you will just notice."

George Lucas defeated by Stormtrooper helmet man


@Jim Booth

I'm pretty sure we just found out the helmet isn't actually his anymore.

Angry Birds, other iPhone games shotgunned by Lodsys

Thumb Up

Only in their Android game?

Well that'd be interesting to prove.

I wonder if this claim is based in a reality that Lodsys believes they are are only infringing on one system, or based more on "We don't want Apple to step up to defend Rovio as well, so we'll only go after the Android version".

Has the goog stepped up to the plate yet to defend developers, last I heard only Apple had.

Thumbs up because if we were in the Colosseum, I know what my verdict would be. Let the heads roll!

Rupert Murdoch was never Keyser Soze


@Marketing Hack

A foil to the more lefty mainstream press?

Strange, I see it a little differently. Murdoch isn't just countering the perceived bias in lefty mainstream press, he's countering the well-known lefty bias of reality.



Looks like Rupert Murdoch...

Was un-willfully blinded.

'Wilful blindness? We've heard of it,' says Murdoch


"Willful blindness?"

"Sorry, I'm willfully blind to the concept." -Murdoch

LulzSec say they'll release big Murdoch email archive


@AC 15:13

Sure, Sony has been pretty bad in terms of restricting access to their devices and controlling their IP. I am not a supporter of how they attempt to control access to their platforms.

However, Sony HASN'T, as far as I know, been hacking into the phone records of victims of horrible crimes and tragedies, in some cases causing police to back off from cases and giving false hope to families. Also, I haven't heard anything about the people who brought to light the rootkits on audio CDs showing up D-E-A-D within a few weeks.

So, Sony might be evil... but they certainly aren't THAT evil.

Tosh admits customer accounts pillaged


Thought for a moment

that you meant that horrible comedian who thinks he's funny by making "edgy" racist jokes and then exclaiming "It's okay because I'm *ONLY KIDDING*."

I'm not one to wish pain on others, but I wouldn't be upset in the slightest if his fans all had to go about resetting their passwords.

ANONYMOUS: Behind the mask, inside the Hivemind



Strong personalities don't have to be explicit leaders.

Individuals within the group all, I'd assume, provide input into many decisions. There are of course, however, some forces of personality who have a bit more sway over what is going on. Lack of defined, explicit leadership doesn't mean that everyone has equal weight in decisions, but some people having more power than others doesn't imply the group is going to tear itself apart.

Anonymous has an advantage in this, as, if somebody does attempt to exert too much power, other anons ruthlessly abandon and ostracize them. Most active anons agree on some core issues, as the article points out. I think you may be thinking of anonymous in the wrong terms. It isn't a movement like feminism or civil rights, it's more of a civilization or society not bound by location. To imagine that society itself would fall apart because there is no explicit goal in society is somewhat foolish.

Not agreeing with everything they do, just pointing out a different opinion on what anonymous is.


In before old bastids exclaiming "script kiddies"

As title, I hope.

Google: Go public on Profiles or we'll delete you


Impossible to share profiles if private?


Because it would be impossible for Google to create a service that allows you to send generated single-use URLs to an email of a friend, giving them an option to add you. That way you could have a profile that is COMPLETELY PRIVATE from the outside world, but still allows you to stay in touch with friends by giving them something as simple as a URL to click.

Private profiles don't allow this currently, apparently, but it could easily be allowed with such a system. They say it themselves, "The purpose of Google Profiles is to enable you to manage your online identity." Apparently they decided that you don't have the right to manage who can see it.

Perhaps I'm just a crazy guy coming up with conspiracy theories, but Google seems intent on changing the definition of privacy by forcibly mainstreaming the idea that you don't have a right to privacy if you are using their services. If they convince you that your information should be available to everyone, it seems so much more innocent that they are gathering truckloads of information about you.

Microsoft publishes Wi-Fi data collection code


Well you're part right...

Google may have admitted it effed up, but only after denying it effed up, then saying it may have effed up, than saying "it was just a simple mistake".

Kind of a scary mistake, to "accidentally include code" in a non-test environment that grabs personal data from unencrypted wi-fi communications and store them. Wonder how that got "overlooked".

Here's to watching it all go down, knowing it all sucks and we aren't getting a slice of the pie (though they're getting a slice of some emails, apparently!)

BOFH: Drunken Time Lord

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For some reason

I felt like I was done reading this one before I started!

Anonymous smites Orlando after charity arrests



Seriously, refusing to feed people because you are worried that they might stick around? It's better to risk the lives and health of the homeless than risk the neighborhood not looking so pretty? Let's sweep the undesirables under the rug by passing them off to the next county or state and pretending they don't exist. I wonder if this has ever happened before in history...

And are you really going to complain that it's a group of fundamentalists providing food to the homeless? I wouldn't care if it was Charles Manson released on bail passing out the food, as long as the only result is the most dejected people in society are able to get some food and they aren't withholding it unless they join their religion. I also don't care if every member of the Orlando bureaucrats are all hypocritical Christians, because in the end they're still being immoral assholes.

Liverpool cops compulsively snooped footballer's record


Illegal access

"They haven't illegally accessed a computer system. Their job gives them the right to access it."

Their job gives them the right to access it for appropriate usage.

Their job also have the right to access and use certain weapons, but if they started shooting them randomly at strangers they would be illegally using them (even if they are ABLE to use them legally, in this situation they are NOT USING THEM LEGALLY).

SpaceX goes to court as US rocket wars begin


But in this case it's a bit closer to

They insult you, you fight them, the the lawyers pick up a load of dosh.

30,000 Shreks besmirch BeautifulPeople

Paris Hilton

I remember this site!

It's a good thing it exists, because it's not as if people who are considered ugly already get the short end of the stick across their entire life.

"I'm so tired of having to see these ugly people. WHY WON'T THEY JUST LEAVE ME ALONE BY NOT EXISTING."

Perhaps it's time to capitalize on the lack of straight white only dating services too, BECAUSE NOWHERE IS SAFE FROM UNDESIRABLES.

Pictures related on multiple levels.

Jobs confirms iCloud's murder of iWeb


Four characters

As title.

European Council: Creating hacking tools should be criminal across EU


Does this mean

condoms are for hacking the human body?

Careless tweets cost lives, warns MoD


Perhaps a more appropriate message then...

We all remember the time Bin Ladin managed to escape his assassination because of the following tweet:

@osama b @ ur crib c u 2morrow nite --Navy Seal #geronimo #raid

Black Helicopters

Trust no one

Everyone everywhere is out to get you. Don't talk to strangers, don't meet new people, your neighbor is a terrorist, report everything to the police, stay inside and just pray you even wake up in the morning

What a load.

LulzSec hacks US Senate


"Bunch of teenagers"

Who have managed to either break into or in some other way acquire customer data from several companies and the gov. This bunch of PFYs are managing to make a serious buzz and get a lot of sensitive data, what have you done with "open source tools" today Mr. COWARD?

BOFH: Ready for the Judgment Day


I find that bit of information

positively shocking!