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Sony on the ropes after Moody's downgrade to junk


Re: Have to agree with many points

I didnt have the PS2, but by the time PS3 came out, they made lots of it standards compliant, so it was USB, you could attach any USB headset, some usb printers, and any USB cable for charging things, Wifi was built in, standard laptop battery could be used and replaced as needed. Whereas the xbox you had to buy all these separate and only the expensive MS ones.


I latched onto the Sony products since I chose a HI Fi from them, which is now about 8 years old and I really like it.

Ive had the headphones, PS3 and its various accessories which are all built really well, and a BRAVIA, which is now 7 years old, people comment how the built in speakers produce such good sound for a TV. The products I have chosen from Sony are good quality and value for money as they last such a long time, I have become attached to Sony and aspire to buy their products, never had the rootkit issue as I never bought that CD.

Snowden: 'I have data on EVERY NSA operation against China'


Re: America's most important creditor

The gov website states that UK has ceased aid to China, under the policies section

Intel ships high-powered C++ compiler for native Android apps


Does this mean...

That I'll start to see more optimized apps and more numbers of apps that work with my Motorola Razr i ?

Sony and Panasonic plan 300GB Blu-Ray replacement for 2015


What article is everyone else reading?

Im confused, but I was reading about the development of a disk primarily for storage uses, and everyone else is talking about why they dont need it for their consumer uses.

Just like right now where Sony develop reliable tape storage used by industry and professionals for years, they plan to offer optical storage.

The Sony consumer and professional worlds are very different.

T-Mobile UK ordered into humiliating Full Monty strip


Truly Unlimited

Im happy, as I got Truly unlimited mobile internet with Tmobile/EE, the guy in the shop kept emphasising the word TRULY unlimited.

Im just glad im not one of you suckers that only got unlimited, shoulda asked for TRULY UNLIMITED instead of unlimited.

Google goes big with Play store redesign


Re: OK, so how is this rolled out?

Yes, your phone will prompt you for an update to the store when you try to access the store following the rollout, I've had this happen a couple of times since having Android.

Not got 4G? There's a reason we aren't called 'Four', sniffs Three


Re: I'll echo the comments above...

I was on Vodafone for a few years, yes the 3g was slow and patchy, but I believed that was the best out there.

Last month I changed to T-mobile (combines EE and Orange signal too) wow I never knew how good 3g can be, I can stream videos and internet radio all the time, similar to my home wifi connection.

Crap security lands Sony £250k fine for PlayStation Network hack


I have just read the ICO notice, and think it would be interesting to see the blacked out sections.

What surprised me most, was that Sony has until 14th Feb 2013 to make the £250,000 payment by cheque, however there is an early payment discount which allows a 20% less (£200,000) payment if made by 13th Feb 2013.

How can you get a 20% discount for 1 day early, thats ridiculous! (and i'm a Sony fan)

Microsoft and Skype to axe world's most popular IM client early 2013


Whatsapp is my primary messaging service on mobile, used more than facebook messenger, texts or even calls.

Apple iOS 6 review


Aren't these pretty much a bunch of app updates all released on the same day?

Android users get things like this added as the apps are updated (except the DND settings). But things like the facebook integration or any other integration all come when you install a new app such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype.

Browser sync and stuff comes with Chrome or Dolphin browser install.

Sony snoozes over substandard PS Plus service


Been using PS3 almost daily and downloading all my freebies on PS plus, not had any issues, never even knew this was an issue until now.

Sony preps PS3 with old-school design


For me graphics are not something im after changed incredibly, I want interesting genres, good voice acting and depth to games, no devs spending years on detailed graphics.

So therefore I want the devs to keep working on the current spec, what's this fascination of them wanting to spend all their money ploughing into a new console/hardware all the time? they like throwing money away??

iPhone 5 poised to trounce Android, devastate BlackBerry?


I don't get how people who have done things like go to uni and study degrees and stuff, buy an iPhone. I mean less choice and options on the device, and more expensive, seems very much like an ill informed purchase to me.

Cut'n'paste UK launch for cut-price Motorola Android


Cut and paste Was in my Sony Ericsson's many versions before Apple added it to their phones.

Likewise could be said for Video calling

Likewise could be said for Bluetooth

Britain has 10 million twits, tweets Twitter


Trying reading the article again.

Pints under attack as Lord Howe demands metric-only UK


I agree that there should be one type, universally used, I can see howerver how roads and things would be very expensive to change.

But food and weight and volumes should all be easily converted to metric, to me its a more logical unit of measurement, I weight myself in KG and height in CM as again to me its is more logical.

As *most* food packaging is now in KG/g then it makes no sense for me to start adopting pounds and stones and it annoys me when volumes are in imperial or loose food like markets label in lbs.

Sony to add full HD display to 15in Ivy Bridge laptop


XBOX is better

Sony blames record $5.7bn loss on everything but Sony


From reading the PS3 hating comments it seems that Sony shouldnt have bothered with trying to make it a media console, and should have stayed only on games, that way these other people who bought it at £250 for just browsing the web would not be complaining now, and the people who bought it for the ace game experiences (LBP, Heavy Rain, Uncharted, Journey, etc) would be the ones who would remain happy.


Yes I do want them changing the console after I bought it, and YES they have.

They added 3d, iplayer, lovefilm, PS home, trophy support, dynamic themes, more media formats, move, loads of stuff in the past few years.

NO i don't want rootkits, NO I never had any, NO I didn't buy anything with a rootkit in.


Re: why the hate?

Not sure, I do like the build quality of their products, I had friends impressed with the stock TV speakers, another friend thinks my same priced camera as their Nikon takes better pics.

My Sony stereo is approaching 8 years old and I really do like the audio it kicks out.

Yes I am a Sony fan but I have been happy with 90% of the products I have bought off them. (Xperia mini pro is a bit dodgy to be honest).

PS3 is ace!



Am I missing something?

I just dont get the whole photo effects thing, Ive had software over the years on PC's that offer photo effects, but I only ever used them as a play about with 1 or 2 images, and would always keep the original, as it was better.

Honestly, I would rather see the full colour image not a sepia or other effect image.

PlayStation 4 'Orbis' pegged for 2013 release


Re: You mean.. 1080p at last

My PC is well old, no chance it will play games, get a grip with your comparisons

Lovefilm: video streaming outplays disc rentals


I quite like the disks arriving, choosing them a few weeks in advance then seeing what comes next, and I think "oh cool, ive been waiting to see this".

I also choose all the Blu rays to be sent and stream the lower quality ones, I wanna take advantage of my PS3 bluetooth

Sony to strike gold with PS Vita - if it cuts the price


Asda are doing it for £197.

Sony posts PlayStation firmware patch


PSN remains as it did before, they have said numerous times, that your account will be called SEN instead of PSN.

The PSN product is remaining, so this has little to do with the data hacking case. It has more to do with having all users on one SEN account, and accessing their range of products called, Music Unlimited, PlayMemories, PSN, and Video Unlimited.

Source - Sony US blog post.

So seeing all these news stories talking about PSN dead/replaced/retired/gone is slightly annoying. Especially when they say things like "as we reported before" so the original report was wrong and therefore your new report was wrong, why does that make good reporting??

Facebook VERY SLOWLY rolls out Timeline


Am I missing something? Its just a different (nicer) page layout?

Weak Sony PS Vita sales prompt price-cuts


Those companies will still be running it without problem, they dont need PSN access so they dont need to update the console.

I always "liked" that the PS3 could do the linux thing, but never bought it for that or hated them for removing it, never used it never will. I bought it for a games machine.

Sony HAS ADDED lots of things to PSN and PS3 since it was launched, text chat rooms, themes, vidzone, iplayer, ps plus option, 3d gaming, move compatibility, just a few of the things I can think of.

Console accessories



Dont know about you guys but I have a price of £20-£30 per person, not £100 that's ridiculous.

Chrome passes Firefox in global browser share


What actual google chrome is this?

My Google Chrome is a clean neat interface much simpler than the other browsers. Loads software very fast much faster than waiting for Firefox to load for 30 seconds.

Updates in the background so its less annoying.

Inline ads? again what version are you using as this does not happen on mine.

Security takes a backseat on Android in update shambles


Why dont they split out security updates and handle those from Google servers to all phones, and software upgrades can remain manufacturers responsibility. Maybe it will work for both parties then.

The Great Smartphone OS Shoot-out


On your Android screenshots they are very different to mine, my inbox is clear and concise, shows me my work and home email accounts either unified or separate, and refresh easily, I don't know why it is so different.

PlayStation 3 sales catch up with Xbox 360 total


Id say from the people I know, XBOX users had 25-30% of serious hardware fault (requiring replacement or repair) within 12 months of new.

I saw that continue with some of my friends on their 3rd XBOX now.

My PS3 died 18 months in and based on my friends I would say about 10% failed within 12 months.

Probably double that for 24 months.

I did buy a replacement PS3 instead of an XBOX as I was familiar with the PS3 and I still see it as a quality product, I particularly like the range of media options and the use of standards such as hard drives, USB ports, bluetooth, wireless built into one package.

Free net access was important for me (although now I have got PS plus which is £40 a year or using the deals £31.00 a year/£40 for 18 months whichever is active at the time) but that also gets me a load of content in the year, far too much for me to use it all.

Will I get the next Playstation? Probably, I am a PS man and I am familiar with the controls, way of playstation and PSN so the next one will build on that, but for now, PS3 is great for me and people in my family to use almost every day.

I know XBOX people who relegated that device to a bedroom as it is seen as just a gaming machine for that person/type of person. Sony aimed the media features at a different type of person, and that suits me.

+How can anyone miss out on LittleBigPlanet and Uncharted??

Sony names PlayStation Vita release day



iphone stuff are not good games, they are just annoyances. Cheap and repetitive

Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro Qwerty Android smartphone


In response to the above.

1. Battery is poor in my experience of old school phones (I had a w995, which had Wifi, Facebook, GPS, used it a lot for FM listening and some web browsing) Lasted 2 days. This one lasted less than a day and would be at 50% by 12pm from full charge at 7am, by 6pm as I got home it was turning off. However I ended up doing a full software re-install and started again, I now get a comfortable full day of good use, and get used to charging before bed, restart the phone in the morning for good measure. If I only used calls and stuff I would get 2 days now.

2. Keypad is very firm, well spaced, pretty good overall.

3. Rubber seal for battery will annoy the hell out of you if you have no nails.

4.SKYPE does support front vid calls, I have used it.

5. Nothing wrong with the camera not sure what this guy was talking about, I mean im not projecting to a 20 foot screen or anything but its very good quality.

6. really good solid phone, looks nice too.

New Sony hack exposes more consumer passwords


Personal!! pain!! shocker!!

Personal pain???? have you lost your marbles??? What personal pain do you have from choosing to keep Linux or remove it??? You either want a) online gaming or b) linux, how could you want both anyway.

1. Linux was being phased out of the new slim model anyway

2. Whats the point in having it

3. What purpose does it serve for gaming

4. Sony wouldnt earn any money on a linux only sale

5. What's the point in having it?

6. You can choose between keeping it or removing it.