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World Cup apps pose a data security and privacy nightmare


Just buy the cheapest smart phone you can get

Put a sim in it, install the apps and turn it off until you land, upon leaving bin the phone and snap the sim, annoying but based on the cost of going out there to watch any matches it would be negligable

Epson payments snafu leaves subscribers unable to print


Had to stop my HP laser from getting to the internet

I have a laserjet which was working fine unfil it downloaded a new firmware which made changes to the printer, including stopping 3rd party/re manufactured toner carts (this was despite turning updates off and not providing a default gateway in the gui)

found a utility which allowed me to downgrade to the previous firmware and have blocked the printer from accessing the internet completely.

When you buy hardware it should be yours to do what you wish, and disabling the choice of consumables shouldnt be allowed.

Cannot for the life in me understand why people sign up for these subscription schemes, unless they arent aware of how nasty the printer companies are

Norfolk's second-greatest cultural export set for return with 3-metre monument in honour of the Turkey Twizzler


iirc he spent a lot of time lambasting parents who provided lunches which he considered "unsuitable"

National Crime Agency says Brit teen accused of Twitter hack has not been arrested


Re: Nice to see the American Justice system has its priorities straight

In fairness it was a very very unlikely scenario and does seem a very unlikely prospect that someone might fall for it

Not call, dude: UK govt says guaranteed surcharge-free EU roaming will end after Brexit transition period. Brits left at the mercy of networks


Re: Has it started?

was just going to suggest that

Promise of £5bn for rural fibre prompts Openreach to reach for the trench-digging diamond cutter


Amazing how they want to do more....as soon as a massive amount of investment is announced

Match.com? More like Match dot-con, claims watchdog: Cyber-lonely-hearts 'lured into forking out to view bot spam'


Re: If it was as rare and as unintentional as they say...

There has been a lot of allegations that these companies have people who make these accounts to get people to pay for accounts to view messages.

Amazingly the victims have said once paid up, they no longer get the number of interest again

Let's recap reCAPTCHA gotcha: Our cunning AI can defeat Google's anti-bot tech, say uni boffins


Catcha is the most annoying piece of crap ever

That is all

Lightning speed – how fast is that again? Virgin plugs in another 102k to superfast broadband


Truly Terrible Service

I gave up 200Meg to drop to 63 from BT purely due to the shit service I recived due to massive contention delivering less than 1meg during the day.

3 AM was lovely

would never go back to

Sticking with one mobile provider gets you... Oh. Price rises, big exit fees, and lovely, lovely lock-in


Mine has been getting cheaper year by year

I had a hell of a time with Vodafone a couple of years ago, triple billed me 3 months in a row and had to get my bank to get the money back via DD guarantee.

Eventually went to 3 on a monthly sim only, 20 gig, u/l calls and texts for 25 quid

At renewal went to 20 quid

latest renewal 30 gig u/l callls and texts was 18 quid with full tethering

UK data watchdog swots automated marketing call pest with £260k fine


or make the registered directors directly responsible for the fines

If people are in danger of losing their own stuff, they might think twice, shouldn't be able to go bankrupt and walk away

Sweet, vulnerable IoT devices compromised 6 min after going online


Knowledge is needed and sadly lacking

Although Im sure its not a hard and fast rule.... Seems to me that the people who buy these items are often people who, unless they plug it in or put on WLAN and it just works they would give up

Problem is that these people dont have the knowledge or inclination to secure their devices, they also probably have no knowledge of the problems these devices can and will cause.

Hence the owness has to be on the vendors to remove the default user/password, but as long as people buy the cheaper end of the market with no concept of implications then nothing will change

'Faceless' Liberty Global has 'sucked the very soul' out of Virgin Media


Just binned them

Having the problems with painfully slow TiVo , have a v+ box in the bedroom and that is far better now due to the "upgrades" foisted on us.

Have moved to sky and although I'm a little worried about the BB I have to say they are a lot cheaper and seem to offer better CS

Oh dear, Vodafone: Sales dip in UK


Took me 5 months to get away from then, triple billed 4 months in a row requested a pac and was told that I had to pay for the arrears which was due to the triple billing, have since been told that refusing a pac isnt allowed.

Once I had removed myself from them and with a different carrier, still got calls threatening to cut me off!!

Finally managed to get them to credit all the overbilled amounts and got a closing balance of around £25 owed to them, asked for a bank paying slip as I wasnt going to allow them to have any access to bank accts or cards, wanted £15 for that, but eventually got that and paid it.

Last week got a letter telling they were sorry I had left and a cheque for £44 odd

Absolute joke


Re: Nothing to do with their terrible shops?

Better using chat anyway, can screenshot it (The send transcript often doesnt work) you then have a record of what was said and promised for ammunition when they completely disregard what they said they would do and you have to contact them again

Double-negative tweet could be Microsoft Surface Phone hint


Based on windows mobile

It will be shit

Vodafone puts hundreds of Brits on the 'at risk of layoffs' list


Appalling company

Amazingly bad customer service, called at least twice a week to get money they owed me due to a previous over billing. Each time promised the amount would be credited, each time was a lie. After 4 months they finally gave me the refund.

Unlikely that customer services are based in the uk but lying and fobbing customers off seems to be endemic within Vodafone

JD Wetherspoon: A 'hacker' nicks 650,000 pub-goers' data


Never give these people correct details, I think if I had used their wifi I would have been using the email address of hectorhorseporn@hotmaill.com which I have now binned.

Does anyone actually use their real information on these things

Oh em gee – Adobe kills Flash Professional (it's called Animate now)


Should have been

Adobe Apps should have been cut off and binned a long time ago

Jobs was right, the new naming is just an exercise is turd polishing

Voda boss claims 'turning point' as infra investment kicks in


Network doesnt matter if CS fails

CS from Vodafone is the worst I have experienced ever, even BT are a shining beacon of competence compared to VF.

45 mins on hold before you speak to someone who will then do precisely nothing to resolve the problem and make the noises the user wants to hear to get off the phone.

Would never ever use their service again

No, Siri – I said PAWN stars! New Apple TV gets voice, touch control


I like the design but....

When I can buy a raspberry pi and install kodi on it and play what I want from my nas boxes I won't move.

Get Netflix through my TiVo box and although only on 3rd day of trial I haven't seen anything in Amazon that I want to watch , that isn't already available on Netflix

UK.gov wants to stop teenagers looking at tits online. No, really


Headline Grabbing Tosh

When will politicians learn that they cant control the web and trying to do so just emphasises their idiocy and lack of knowledge and insight.

Surely there must be a government advisor who understands this shit (and isn't afraid of saying no to shiney dave)

BlackBerry vows to make even fewer phones


What do they offer anymore

they did something clever a long time ago, nothing since, now even using activesync

GET PATCHED: Adobe plugs Hacking Team Flash holes and more


Isn't it time

this travesty is binned completely

'I'm COMING for you, DIRTBAG!': Ex-Sony chief Smedley to Kid Lizard hacker


A medley is a

bellend..... Nuff said

Costa Coffee Club members wake up and smell the data breach


Give away all that info

For 5% of what's being spent, marketers wet dream

Got an Android mobe with a virus? Congrats, you're The One Per Cent


Make app store more stringent, ban devs who produce these apps, make the google app store trustworthy which at the moment its very far from

Sony tells hacked gamer to pay for crooks' abuse of PlayStation account


yet another reason to

Boycott Sony

Apple boots Windows 7 out of Boot Camp


Re: Boot Camp

Have to admit, I never understood this either, I don't use Macs at all, but always confused me why people would pay a premium for a Mac and then run windows on it,

The BBC wants to slap a TAX on EVERYONE in BLIGHTY


It always amuses me when people complain about the price of the license, but pay around a hundred quid a month for sky etc.

I dont have a problem with the license personally but dont agree with the levy on all households.

I think that the only thing that needs to change is catch up TV being free to watch a matter of minutes after its finished being transmitted, the content is the same but the time is different, there should be a charge for that

Vodafone: For Pete's sake! Apple’s 'soft' SIM's JUST AN EE SIM


So how does a user change networks

Lets say I buy an air2 (retail to make things simple no contracts) and decide to put it on VF, after x amount of time I want to change to Lets say EE.

How is this done?

Do I just contact the the networks or do I have to get apple to do it?

Is there a cost for swapping?

Average chump in 'bank' phone scam is STUNG for £10,000 - study


Always refuse calls from anyone who asks for any kind of information

If your bank want to speak to you then they need to get away from this calling and then asking you to prove your identity,

if they ask for this, they get a polite "No Im sorry, I cant give that info out"

World+dog: Network level filters block LEGIT sex ed sites. Ofcom: Meh


Parental involvement

Surely if parents got involved and knew a little more then these filters wouldn't be deemed necessary

REVEALED: How YOU PAY extra for iPHONES - even if you DON'T HAVE ONE


Seems a shame

That samsung, the main rival to apple are starting to adopt the same tactics.

How I hacked SIM cards with a single text - and the networks DON'T CARE


would be interesting

if this was the case, if someone chose terminate contract, legally where would that sit?

Blizzard blasts 'frivolous' security lawsuit


@james 51

You cant play any of the newer battlenet games offline, WOW is a full blown MMO and Starcraft/Diablo3 both need a live internet connection, if the connection drops it throws you out

'Stop-gap' way to get Linux on Windows 8 machines to be issued


How does this work when you buy your components individually?

Are all mobos gonna be subject to the same or is this just M$ forcing their wills on OEMs?

Voda: Femtocell phone-hacking vuln was fixed in 2010


Still find it strange

That someone would be willing to buy something that then utilises their own Broadband to route calls and still pay for the calls made...

The only reason I can imagine this would be valid is very rural users but that would raise potential problems with broadband coverage too.

Just move to a different network!

Or am I missing something? if so please correct me, thanks

Microsoft becoming Apple with Windows 8 control freakery?


At least there will a lot more choice than we get with apple

The restrictions are kind of understandable tho, less coding to accomodate various hardware configs