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Indictment bombshell: 'Kremlin intel agents' hacked, leaked Hillary's emails same day Trump asked Russia for help


Strange how some people that expose politicians can be good or bad guys depending how one cloth them

No, seriously, why are you holding your phone like that?


Re: ...why are you holding your phone like that?

used to think that too, until I came to use a phone with such a shitty mic it have to be in front of your mouth to function properly

PC shipments just rose, thanks to Windows 10


How much did Gartner received to say the bump up is because of Windows 10?

CIMON says: Say hello to your new AI pal-bot, space station 'nauts


AI all over again

It's AI hype all over again just like in the 90's

It's no news marketeers are on a 15-20 years schedule merry-go-round.

Welcome in space son of Clippy!

India tells its banks to get Windows XP off ATMs – in 2019!


I would argue that 7 was a better XP, but I get your point.

To say the truth I'm still searching for a decent desktop OS. Thought I had it with FreeBSD, but I got tired of waiting for drivers.


No reason..

.. at all for a specialzied robot like an ATM to run an OS directed at the masses with all the useless functionalities and vulnerabilities it implies.

Except drivers and taking the easier path.

Meet TLBleed: A crypto-key-leaking CPU attack that Intel reckons we shouldn't worry about


Re: Core issues

Well it's not only marketing, HT takes advantage of the "gaps" between instruction execution (modern cpu often "sleep" for micro seconds, waiting for data and new instructions).

TLB, caches, etc.. are trying to reduce the latency, but it absolutely doesn't nullify it.

So HT do not really double the number of cores, granted, but it often speed things up by a few percent.

Amazon tweaks its word processor for easier online Office edits


Re: Well I for one shall be ditching MS Office 2016

In y experience, Libre/Open Offices have been so much riddled with bugs that they are open ads for MS Office. And I don't particularly like MS Office either, but it's a lot more mature.



.. finally here. Let's see who offer the best service for the best price (instead of who is better at force feeding and locking customers).

"world most popular format"

Not quite sure the format itself is very popular, nor would be Office given decent alternatives.

Fujitsu kicks off field trials for post-K exascale computing processor


"The EU has said it wants to build an exascale system but hasn't contracted with any supplier, such as Atos, to build one."

What is the point in citing Atos here and no one else?

You've seen the hype. Now you're curious. Why not have a crack at AI using this online lab...


Re: Is it just me?


While I understand your arguments, I can't help but worry about the hype surrounding AI for decades with very little substance in the end.

The example cited in the article (and your Pong example) are all fine to learn programming, and some not trivial at all. But AI? I call BS.

Let's have a pint now.


Re: Is it just me?

Just my thought. If this is AI then we have AI since the 80's.


Re: Use our Labs

It's a funny comment because Microsoft (among others) is well known to steal ideas and to suck at implementing them.

Google-free Android kit tipped to sell buckets


Re: Google-free Android kit....

... It is completely free of spyware. There you go.


Nsa public relation bureau

Now Microsoft ports Windows 10, Linux to homegrown CPU design


It's been a long time..

... we haven't see a MS product and dropped jaws.

I bet we won't see another anytime soon. I call vaporware.

Citation needed: Europe claims Kaspersky wares 'confirmed as malicious'



... And let's have more and more US sponsored wares, because you know, they are the good guys out there. Obvious icon.

Linux Foundation whacks open JavaScript projects umbrella


Re: On JS

My point is.. there's already enough well designed languages available, that are well known, proven and in certain cases bug-free.

In comparison, all and every JS flavors are either new or relatively new, unstable (I think Angular / Angular 2), unproven, often buggy, and slower.

Plus they do not add anything new, except "new ways of doing old stuff" which is far less interesting than an actual engineering breakthrough allowing to "do new stuff the usual way".

Sure since the time of VB6 scripting improved, the syntax improved and the interpreters improved too. It produce better code. But scripting isn't native code, and for any serious job native language are the way to go.

There's no way to make any *technical* breakthrough with interpreted languages, because you can't access the machine directly. You can still do *commercial* breakthrough by innovating in the business-service field, a bit like Doodle or Uber.

But even then, what's the point using an interpreter after the PoK phase? Better go with a full blown solution that can actually scale on CPU cores, and manage memory correctly.

Unless, of course :

- Your project is very much time constrained, and you don't have time to actually engineer anything, so you use the "general case" of what how a software behave by using an interpreter.

- You want to sell long term maintenance (usually do it all over again with the new JS flavor every 4 years)

- You don't really care.

- You actually believe JS flavors are released by Google and Co for the greater good (in that case you might be a bit optimistic or a little gullible).


Re: On JS

Sure why bother to use one of the language that actually does its job like C, C++ or even Java, .Net when you can do server side scripting with Javascript?


At least use the troll icon so we know you're kidding, because written as it is it very much look like you can't tell apart gourmet dishes from diarrhea.

Most worrying comment ever seen.

Pass the 'Milk' to make code run four times faster, say MIT boffins


Re: Interesting

"Milk simply adds a few commands to OpenMP"

...And the later being written in C, Milk looks more like a new memory management algorithm/method/system rather than a new language.

Fanbois iVaporate: Smallest Apple iPhone queues ever

Paris Hilton

Re: Hardly Scientific

"This is as stupid as saying Coca Cola has a target market."

Well I have some bad news for you : you're most probably in Coca-Cola target market and it isn't exactly shiny


Re: Maybe some people already own nice headphones or earphones...

"photons were always trendy enough to be wireless"

Sound is wireless too, and that's why humans wanted to bound it to one ears only so the others around don't hear.

Just sayin'.

Google plots cop detection for auto autos


Re: Patent Algorithims

"Traffic signals... blue light.."

Why not embed that into actually sold cars, an emergency vehicle in the vicinity could signal itself through a radio signal, every cars in the vicinity get the signal and a warning light up in the car, just like when there's a car malfunction or any sort of warning.

The driver is more likely to see it than relying only on the sound & lights of the incoming emergency vehicle, and will check its mirrors or get out the way early.

A 10 - 15 seconds earlier reaction should have appreciable benefits.

Microsoft thought of the children and decided to ban some browsers


Re: Lawsuit Time Again

If the parental control is overwritten by add-ons, the culprits are (in order) :

- The add-on

- The parental control module

By taking a somewhat legitimate-like topic, MSFT arrogate itself the right to enforce... its own browser instead of fixing the issue - i.e. no third party software should be in position to temper with, or overwrite, user settings above all settings that regard any type of security, and above all by anything remotely web related.

craziness it is.


Microsoft, more aggressive than ever - slurping data, forcing upgrades, blocking browsers, resetting er... user settings.

For fuck sake we need a simple OS, if for anything else just for security!

Kindle Paperwhites turn Windows 10 PCs into paperweights: Plugging one in 'triggers a BSOD'


Re: is there a comprehensive list of cockups?

"you do not need to pay anything at all for your next OS......"

You don't need to, but a little financial contribution is welcome on OSS projects.

I gave two times 100$ to the FreeBSD foundation for 3 years of desktop bliss.

Excel hell messes up ~20 per cent of genetic science papers


you should be

There we go, MSFT trolls/fans out to explain the needs of projects /customers they never heard of..


Re: More appropriately...

Nobody wants auto-formatting EXCEPT user explicitly asking for it.

That mean an easy to turn on/off option, not the quagmire Excel is today.


Text rather than general

Been there, done that.

Sometimes Excel insists it knows better what the formatting should be, even for TEXT cells (for instance, and as far as I can remember, date in a text cell).

Only way to go is with the apostrophe..

(of course I expose the programmer point of view using Excel to import/export data, not when you write down your expenses of the week by hand)


Re: Why this happens

"Microsoft grabbed the market"

I might be pedantic but should be

"Microsoft obstructed, stole, twist, ingurgitate, and vomit all over the IT market"

Up-voted nonetheless.

Thanks, I feel better now.


More appropriately...

Or make Microsoft understand its user needs.


Re: An easy fix ...

Easy fix as long as you're not processing hundreds of columns, on a few tabs, mixed with data that don't have to be "apostrophed".


Re: Storing semi text data in a tool designed to process numbers automatically.

No it is supposed to process just about anything without getting on your feet.

And "just about anything" means string when it can't be parsed to some other formats, not force silly cast.


"Automatic conversion of gene symbols any user input to dates and floating-point numbers is a problematic feature of Excel software"

Oracle reveals Java Applet API deprecation plan


Re: We need browser based PHP with Pointer Arithmetic

"PHP's elegance"

Ho my god !

Ho my f*c*i*g god !!

Ho holly f*c*y mother Mary !!!

And all that sort of things..

Windows 10 Anniversary Update completely borks USB webcams. Yay.


Linux? Meh.

Where the FreeBSD icon when you need it?

Reactive? Serverless? Put to bed? What's next for Java. Speak up, Oracle


Re: If they put as much effort into their own Java as they do into suing over APIs...

We already have it, it's called "C"

Stealthy malware infects digitally-signed files without altering hashes


Re: "Nipravsky reverse-engineered Microsoft's undocumented portable executable loading process"

"There still has to be code that actually loads and runs it"

Yes, but the program could actually read itself once loaded in memory so it sort of auto-execute an inner program.

Just wanted to point this out.

Breaking 350 million: What's next for Windows 10?


Re: Windows 10 did especially well

People just didn't got it. It is not Windows "ten", it is Windows "one zero", binary like their new desktop theme.

Obvious icon.


Re: Can't even give it away

The reason Windows 10 was given for free is simple :

they couldn't have forced it down user's throat with automatic download otherwise, and Windows 10 would have been a worse failure than Vista.

Symantec appoints first cybersecurity czar to woo hacking talent


oth of her parents worked in...

So you know how she got the job.

Kaminsky: The internet is germ-ridden and it's time to sterilize it

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Re: Kaminsky used to be cool

Finally a comment on the ideas and not on the guy who made them.

Have an upvote from me.

... Plus :

- Vms can start in milliseconds, it will nonetheless trash CPU caches every time impairing any well written code (the kind that actually care about how a computer work).

- These "sandboxes" are nothing new or desirable, FreeBSD uses since the 70's jailed processes, the benefit being that it don't need a way out of the sandBox to fully execute and leave nonetheless the "real" system that contain the jail completely safe.

- "things are actually getting compromised" : yes and by-design. For some well known reasons, already available efficient security measures do not get the industry traction it (we) need.

Side note on IronFrame it looks like a good technology to push web control farther, not necessarily for the user benefit.

But who am I to know.

PC pioneer Gary Kildall's unpublished memoir revealed

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"possible homicide"

"After 20mn into the bar, witnesses turned to him and saw he was on the ground"

Police : "That version isn't going to hold for long"


Re: happy memories

"Things were so much simpler back then!"

Simpler and yet not simplistic. It was as simple (or complex) as it needed to be.

However things are so much uselessly complex these days!

Paris Hilton

Re: "to pen" is not a verb

I nonetheless penned her quite hard.


Like when in court with Bill Gates over DOS, Gary claiming it was outright theft of CP/M, he got a PC running DOS, typed in a hidden command and DOS displayed the CP/M copyright.

Windows 10 pain: Reg man has 75 per cent upgrade failure rate


Re: Blessing in disguise?

"Windows 10 Malware_As_A_Service Anniversary update"

colloquially know as Win10 Porn Star, for it gets constantly fucked up by shitloads of messy downloads.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update: This design needs a dictator


Re: "Windows 10 now has an all-black theme"

I ran "Windows 10-like" UI in the early 90's :


At that time it was convenient, simple and useful!