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Data encryption and the Cloud


Data loss, not Encryption, for tracking

It doesn't! I'd switched gears and was talking to Lucy about Data Loss Protection technologies doing things like Vector Machine Learning on content moving about organisations to determine where it was flowing to apply "appropriate" encryption "just in time". Have a read of this to learn more: http://bit.ly/ksxDwy


Talking at different layers

Totally agree that at a network layer unencrypted communication almost NEVER makes sense. However, I was more commenting on an information object level on top of that. Example: The only reason I would care about someone knowing I was emailing a mate about playing squash on Thursday night is if they then used that information to know I was out and therefore break into my house. However, if I'm communicating regarding my personal information to do with login details to my bank then sure I want then encrypted at all times, in transit or at rest.


Happens all the time in orgs today

The implication of my comment was related to the fact the making, storing, retiring, etc multiple keys for multiple users, for multiple applications is hard (especially in a medium-sized and upward company). I think I may have actually said "have access to" rather than "own" at the time of interview...

That help clarify?