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'I told him to cut it out' – Obama is convinced Putin's hackers swung the election for Trump

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Re: Can it just be over?

It cannot be just over until justice is done where it needs to apply and that is the corruption rampant at least with Clinton and her illegal email server, that is an IT angle, therefore it pertains to this site and the elections too, so here I am. I don't want double standards and don't like people telling me that's the way the world is. It needs real fixing then, why don't you start by making a change and enforcing the freaking rules the industry comes with? Like having security/stability in mind first, deploying/selling alphas later?

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Remember that it bites the hand that feeds IT, but it must be really hungry, goes beyond sarcasm/irony sometimes, can't justify some articles (or was it only one, now it feels like a bunch) about Clinton being safe from wrongdoing in email scandal.

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And why Russia? Not China not North Korea since they successfully hacked Sony, nobody believed it first, why not Iran? You say it's because Trump seems "sympathetic" towards Putin? Then it could have been Taiwan or the Philippines, remember the I love you worm?

Or is it because the CIA and the media tells you? Do you have another source that verifies it's Russia?

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Plus all the comments about there's no evidence of hacking made by Obama; and Clinton saying not accepting the results of the elections is a threat to democracy.

What do we see now? CIA saying Russia interfering with elections, with no evidence! Clinton supporting Jill Stein recount efforts. Results? MSM quiet, while other sources report increases for Trump, evidence of fraud mostly benefiting Clinton (my guess, since it was in Detroit and they're Dems and after being called out they said, first numbers/results apply)

FBI saying one thing first then the other (like with the emails, Comey mentioned all the reasons how Clinton should be prosecuted and sent to jail and at the end, nothing) And a week before, again, new evidence, and then nothing. FBI the same as the MSM lost credibility because of an election that was supposed to be easily won by Clinton.

Now about Pizzagate, there's this rumour circulating that the people involved are going to cry Russians planted child porn in their computers, how are they going to do that? Because now that the CIA without having to present evidence can determine Russians interfered with the elections, pedophiles are going to be able to say, since they don't have any evidence the Russians did it, it must have been them, they leave no trace. But it was them, for sure.

US voting machine certification agency probes potential hack

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Re: So they are self-re-certifying?

Like Detroit, blaming technology 10 years old, 87 OCR machines broke on election day.


Windows Update borks PowerShell – Microsoft won't fix it for a week

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Re: Embarrassing

There used to be a time (around 20 years ago) when people would gather to talk about the latest and greatest of both software and hardware and dream what could be done next without worrying about things being broken as much as we see nowadays with people worrying if the next update will make their pcs unusable...

In the old days, one would apply an update happily thinking it would improve security or make programs more stable... 20 years later and instead of having a rock-solid (remember when that was a cliche for windows 2000 or NT?) we endure low quality programming... This has become a trend not only in MS but in a lot of companies like Symantec, Oracle, etc, where they can't keep up with their own developers and rushing unfinished stuff out. I have read how games feel unfinished or needed polishing, but there is the saying, can you polish turds?

The need to release new things in order to stay afloat in the market is what drives companies to release unfinished products, but then, mistakes like forgetting to include a package into the build, really shows how tangled their processes have become, they can't or didn't develop a check program/list of what needs to be included in a patch. That is just amazingly disappointing.

Imagine what companies developing software for MS are building on top of (a terrible and unstable platform, where core functionality just breaks because of an update) and what their products are going to perform.

I read about people just giving up on information technology and losing faith in what can be done, even laughing at MS going down in flames, but it shows how we embraced blindingly the trends and didn't care enough to put a stop on fast development and focus on stuff that works and keeps working from the start.

What keeps former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani awake at night?

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No mention of north korea?

Brit chip biz ARM legs it to Softbank for $32bn

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Other companies also have to pay royalties for the use of ARM chips, IP, etc, so it is more than Softbank not having to pay for the license.

It is also good timing since Intel is not developing the Atom for mobiles any longer. So the other mobile manufacturers either find an alternative SoC or Softbank might get sued for monopoly.

Dell seeks $20bn to buy EMC

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30 year bet on an on premises company!?

I had a previous post about Dell buying EMC and it was something about why couldn't Dell come with 20Billion loan or something like that... now we are talking about 30 year bets... on AIR!, LOL! EMC is really overpriced to today's standards. Online storage is cheaper, though not as safe as on premises... will companies realize the advantages of having data reside on premise instead of online before management tells them to go the "wrong" route? Question really is as many have stated before, what is the price of your data worth when it goes publicly available?

CONFIRMED: Google bakes custom data centre chips

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Makes sense for a company to be designing its own purpose CPU's

Like Oracle designing its own CPU's for more efficient engines to process data from databases... future of IT is engineering, one would be thinking of software but really is in the hardware built where real efficacy/efficiency could take place.

VMware flushes Windows vSphere client and Adobe Flash

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VMWare flash future

Now that we have VMWare virtualizing OS's, what would you think about VMWare creating its own OS? That's mind blowing stuff! A bare metal hypervisor server virtualizing its own OS. Like a mirror mirroring an image in front of a mirror... That doesn't even make sense for VMWare... What would be the advantages of such OS? I guess that's what really VMWare is about, a small OS to virtualize other OS's, but how about a real OS, one that would be the most efficient OS in the world that would require other OS's to be virtualized...

GM crops are good for you and the planet, reckon boffins

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And what will the worms eat if the crops are pest resistant? Do we really need all those worms in our food (No)? Will the birds be able to eat worms? But then, do we need birds flying around in our airports?

Do we need all those dying bees to polinize flowers now that we can grow products in labs, there would be no more deaths due to allergic reactions to bee stings. Artificial honey, aspertame enriched, zero sugar for diabetics? Maybe we should modify our genes to be able to drink sea water and eat sand or concrete.

How to not get pwned on Windows: Don't run any virtual machines, open any web pages, Office docs, hyperlinks ...

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Sad pretty much not being able to use the PC

We are living in an era when you cannot even turn on your PC and make it "face" the Internet, it is so full of viruses that somebody will "cough" and spread them to your PC.

Linux Mint hacked: Malware-infected ISOs linked from official site

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Would you like an OS that recognizes appropriate behaviour, meaning it uses a baseline, keeping track of what is considered "normal" in everyday experiences and then start "nagging" you with notifications if there are unexpected traffic or services or processes running in the background? I wonder how smart an OS could become nowadays... Not just an antivirus or process scanning that depends on a database to catch malware or viruses, but like a natural heuristic approach... Which comes to mind, several antivirus make use of, but don't know if there is any baselining going on.

Used a cell phone in NYC? The cops probably tracked you

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Re: @ Mark 85 Two comments

What is the ideal response to these cases, do not track innocent peopke, only the bad guys, technology is not there yet, or is there... by employing better detectives? All comes down to money, cheaper to eavesdrop hundreds of thousands people than to pay 1000 teams of detectives...

What is the name of a political system or government that when empowered by their people doesn't have an option to abuse the power given by them... we should start drafting something to this effect. Any proposals?

Dell 'struggling to raise funds for EMC gobble'

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Making Dell look bad, does it mean that these banks do not have liquidity for making these transactions? Why does Dell need to raise funds? It is scary that JP Morgan looks like they are money empty...

VMware hikes vSphere prices, shrinks licence options

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Ithink we are going to see two choices:companies that value their data and don't trust the cloud and companies that do not care about availability, security, confidentiality, and all the other etc's, except price. VmWare is betting on the companies that make the first choice mentioned above to make money.

Sorry, Toshiba, speak up ... What was that? A $6bn loss amid an accounting scandal?

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Re: Culture

Japan's strength comes from its people, values that used to be there for generations got eroded with the modern "American way of life": freedom for the young, women working and the little kids growing in places like herds, both parents working till late at night, these kids grow without family values that used to be the ground for the Japanese society.

There used to be loyalty from employees to their company, not anymore, with all the lay offs of people getting close to their retirement age, leaving them disappointed, and showing the younger generations how the company is going to treat them as they get older. Knowledge would stay along with experience, now it's become hunting for the best opportunities and " screw it" mentality if something doesn't go the way it was expected. There was a time that they would commit suicide for their big mistakes and because of shame it would cause to their workplace. Now it's "I resign" and leave with huge bonuses or other "goodbye" packages.

The young used to be stressed about being the very best and smart and then in the 90's the Japanese government relaxed the education laws, making the young Japanese lazy and lacking good education. South Korea, on the other hand, stresses education and look how they are overly better in technology development than the Japanese. It's all from within, and starts with family valse

You can probably remember how good Japanese products were in the past and even now the Chinese pay extra for that Japanese quality that they don't get in their country, when they travel to Japan. So, in some sense there still is that "pride" of making good quality stuff but it is a sad to see how these changes in culture are.driving Japan into mediocrity.

State Department finds 22 classified emails in Hillary’s server, denies wrongdoing

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Then what you're saying is that she didn't have a clue of what she considered to be unclassified would become SAP, or Top Secret, and that it would take other agencies to re-classify that info? That falls under the category not of unclassied but "I don't care" attitude (worse than negligence) for convinience sake (having her own server and control of what would be left if stuff hit the fan)

You see, she had the server "wiped" but didn't count on the fact that data was recovered by a third party That is proof that so important material was not kept under a secured environment and ended in a private business with no secuirty clearance at all, therefore breaking the law. There is a motto in the military "practice good opsec". Kind of sad to see rules only applies to certain people.

Does lack of judgement excuse someone in her level to be sending "unkwon at the time, above top secret or top secret information via an insecure communication device?" Do you really think someone in her position would not know how to handle or consider that type of information as Top Secret? Seems like the answer is yes for her.

I hope she gets better advisors, or the IT guys in the government area make something really easy to use for her, but secure, if she gets elected.

Electrician cuts wrong wire and downs 25,000 square foot data centre

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Lack of planification, electricians should have nade sure that proper steps would be applied. Sounds like they were not prepared for the big task, like reading electrical blueprints or labeling everything before hand. Management should have asked the electricians for the risk of failure. Movies about cutting a wire to defuse a bomb and making that decision comes to mind.

Mozilla to boot all plugins from Firefox … except Flash

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Many DVRs used for "security" (kind of defeating itself, non secure software for security) use these plugins for browsers, I hope these companies get their act together and develop new ways of viewing CCTV via browsers without the need of special plugins for their existing DVRs.

More email misery and pillory for Hillary as FBI starts quizzery

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Or something similar is the easiest way to probe what was sent or received by HRC. Email is a two way communication tool, right? I would guess she would correspond with .gov email addresses that would have some sort of e-discovery or a la NSA type of searchable database for government employees. Another way, just make it compulsory for any government employee to forward or give the FBI any correspondence via email that contains the private email address from HRC, if it is found that they didn't (like the FBI recovered one that was not provided by such gov employee) then he or she should be charged at least with obstruction. These people would not know what was recovered and would know if they got something from HRC... Therefore they would provide (hopefully) more emails than what was actually recovered...

I bet NSA has some copies of what was sent or received by that private email address.

Aussie bloaters gorging on junk food 'each and every day'

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Instead of exercising, imagine every fat and obese person going for regular liposuctions and getting their fat donated or sold as bio fuel:


Hacktivists congratulate Daily Show's Jon Stewart via Donald Trump's website

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He is driving the crowd to later benefit his businesses. Not because he has money does it mean that he doesn't want more. Maybe he wants to be like the guy from Televisa, a Mexican being the richest man in the world? Maybe he is just envious.

And obviously, IT is not a priority for him.

Chinese hackers behind OPM megabreach also pwned United Airlines

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Re: No surprise here

Whatever happened to that "any cyberattack is an act of war?" Can't really prove the did it or don't want to, yet?

The little voice inside my head

Those scumbags are really clever

It might just be a Chinese mafia doing the dirty work for the Chinese government. Or if the government was not involved at all, they might later "buy" the information from a "secret" source. Does it mean the Chinese gov was involved? No.

“The Chinese government and the personnel in its institutions never engage in any form of cyberattack. We firmly oppose and combat any forms of cyberattacks,” They just buy the outcome or confiscate for future analysis.

MORE Windows 10 bugs! Too many Start menu apps BREAK it

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And there are working solutions by OTHER companies

Microsoft should be buying these companies or relay the work to them, kind of what car manufacturers do with their parts, certain ones make the airbags (I know, they failed miserably) but you get the point, I just read about classic shell and Start10... and might be a solution for such a big company with no specific grip to the main idea of an OS.

'Fix these Windows 10 Horrors': Readers turn their guns on Redmond

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Re: 3D buttons

Does it take lower resources? Yes, how much is saved by doing crappy icons? Didn't Apple go the same route? They might be thinking that Apple is so much cooler than us, we better imitate them... Lack of originality in their design, meaning functional originality, not the ugly rectangular plain flat tiles... Which translated to icons...

I would probably accept such interface if windows 10 was easy to navigate, would load instantly (like switching a TV on) and all patches wouldn't require a restart.

Microsoft releasing poor quality products that require constant patching, testing them on real users, demonstrates how inefficient big companies become, lack of focus, with their customers feeling left behind, believing that they will have to use it and too bad if they don't. After reading all the problems Microsoft has been having in the past 5 years or more, I think a real simple NetWare from the past would be enough for many companies. Basic permissions on shares. Well organized directories and humongous cheap storage. Maybe it's time to think what the true needs are for businesses and not just the this is cool stuff. Hmm, then again:"I wish I could do this or that..." And we end here, convoluted insecured environment, where leaks, hacks sabotage are part of our lives and we are told to blindly accept this, instead of taking the time to engineer good IT and the tech behind it.

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Re: Control panel gets me

It should be named Window 1, only one Window allowed at a time.

Hacked US Census Bureau staff to take anti-phishing classes

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Re: training and support portal? REALLY!?

Pressure for not letting anything escape, right, a form of social engineering, bad guys rely on the good spirit of people to try to scrutinize their work because they care, unless the email says "I love you". That is the other type of people and their mentality towards work, also an efficient way of hacking via social engineering. Just how much effort does it take for developers to create their programmes with security as priority? Are new developers being taught this? That's part of the mediocre mentality of rushing a product to the market just because people are now "used" to applying patches and all kinds of malfunctions are expected as long as they deliver a fix in a timely fashion.

Just ONE THOUSAND times BETTER than FLASH! Intel, Micron's amazing claim

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Re: No more loading of apps?

Like Atari cartridges, self contained within a chip, no need to insert media, as long as it would be cheap.

Windows 10 in head-on crash with Nvidia drivers as world watches launch

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It would be different if Nvidia was to submit their drivers to Microsoft for them to distribute via Windows Update.

Speed freak: Kingston HyperX Predator 480GB PCIe SSD

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Booting from PCIe, quality

Cool tech, storage speed was a huge bottleneck, I remember the days I had to wait close to a minute and a half for booting XP. now it takes like 10 seconds... from SSD. Now, what bugs me is the way we started accepting a certain degree of imperfections and failures... like HDDs used to have longer warranties, I think they were better build in the past, now they are like disposable cameras. Hopefully these devices are manufactured to a higher quality standard.

Hawking, Musk, Woz (and others): Robots will kill us all

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More than what AI might "think"

It is about who uses it, the Terminator movies are about machines taking over, and human population gets oppressed. With the AI advancing to new levels, governments that have this advantage might just decide "get rid of them" (the terrorists, the people that think differently) in simple terms, and off they go. These governments would be like the Machines themselves... not accepting any other way of thinking but the "oppressor's".

How about developing AI to find better ways of producing energy? What causes wars and the need of a militia? Resources.

Could AI teach us new ways of using resources?

Anyway that's not what the article is about, but I think the scientists are foreseeing misuses (I consider killing a misuse of technology, but so were the described "revolutions").

So what the BLINKING BONKERS has gone wrong in the eurozone?

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Re: Be careful what you wish for

East and West was different, there was a sense of one country finally reunited, Greeks, on the other hand are seen as just want to keep receiving money, for things that are considered "burning money", pensions, government workers and other wasteful expenses. Greek government was able to convince their people (we will keep you happy with others money).

Reminds me of what Peru went through during the 90's, when Alan Garcia's was president. He told the IMF Peru was not going to pay its debts. What did the IMF do? Shun the country while Peru got an anual inflation of more than 7000 %. Then Fujimori came along, he fixed the economy, with very unpopular measures, sincering prices with real market values. Re-organized the government and privatized some areas like Electrical Power company, all while defeating internal terrorism. Too bad he's now in jail, because of some alleged Human Rights violations and alleged corruption, which did happen under his government. Peru now enjoys a relatively healthy economy because of Fujimori's works. Greece could use that as an example of how to become a productive country instead of just saying it's not fair, we are not paying our debts, and keep giving us your money anyway.

Some countries need to be ruled with a harsher hand than others, people mentality varies so much...

Crazy Chrysler security hole: USB stick fix incoming for 1.4 million cars

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Re: Muppets

Dodge Charge(r), that would be a Challenge(r).

Firefox 39 bites four critical bugs

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Browsers became gateways to new experiences. They were once used only for sharing text, then one guy thought, why not be able to send email using it without an email client, then multimedia arrived, why not display pictures, music, video, then more convoluted stuff, sharing one's actions life with the everybody, all in one single program, a browser. Is it better to keep all these tools as separate entities? One for email, one for chat, another to watch videos from news websites, another for online banking (hm, this is one I'd prefer over a browser, but it also depends on many other factors, another thread perhaps) or is it more convenient to open inside the browser? Most people think yes. Most people also like online games, simple at start, but as with anything else, they evolve, people are demanding new nicer looking ways of entertainment. All connected via web, and since browsers are the main interface, it is just obvious new tech will be created for these increase of demands. The cloud is upon us, and most people don't care where the streams come from or if they are local, as long as it fulfills their needs. ChromeOS is betting on this, a browser being the OS.

Microsoft U-turns on 'free' Windows 10 upgrade promise for ALL previewers

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MS market

Linux offers basic functionality that most people would be perfect with unless they are gamers, or a business big enough to require some formal support, but then we have companies like Red Hat that provide support for their OS, ... then the question becomes what is it that MS has that people still want to stick with it? The answer I think is:

Applications for business ranging from Office to custom made software for companies...

Games... that is going to change with Steam OS...

Don't see any home users that can't use Linux as Windows replacement... email, videos music, web... all free...

Business sticking with software made for Windows... I guess that's it... Active Directory? Not very cost efficient to migrate to other solutions, plus end user training.

The problem now is that people working in those companies are using other devices or OS's at home, then over time, they find out that they like or don't need Windows but only for work... MS is losing ground because of other OSs being good enough (Linux) or better Marketing (Apple) (What is so good about Mac OS? Looks pretty and then?) Anyway, after all these users switching to other OS's and being satisfied with them, they start questioning MS predominance for everything (like myself).

Many choices out there, one can be really picky on how we want our desktops to look like, functionality wise, all are the same, web mail, videos, music, word processing.

What I found out about Linux is that even though new releases are very complete and stable, they are not fine tuned, so there's room for improvement and with that comes the tinkering and issues that are difficult to fix. It's discouraging to know, for example, that the my graphics card could run better but installing and fixing drivers can really be time consuming, at least for now, until better documentation becomes available or versions between the same distro start being more consistent.

MS wants to spread its OS's as much as they can so people can focus again on the easy way of running everything in a familiar way.... making it as fun and pretty as possible like Apple did with OS X, but not as complicated or costly,buggy, (Vista,8) that everybody starts looking at free, stable, familiar alternatives.

Windows 10 bombshell: Microsoft to KILL OFF Patch Tuesday

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Is it realle that hard to patach things up after you know what is wrong? if it is, stfu, if not then ms is really a bad enterprise not worth of any business, stfu,

Kia Soul EV: Nifty Korean 'leccy hatchback has heart and Seoul

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Re: As an aside

Blind people who get a sense of a vehicle coming by hearing them are also at risk, unless they adjust to listening to tyres pressing on the road when moving, but even then it could be too late.

The other extreme are those people changing exhausts/mufflers with bigger ones for a little more performance in their sport cars.

Ford: Our latest car gizmo will CHOKE OFF your FUEL if you're speeding

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Directional RFIDs

Instead of reading the speed limits via OCR, RFID technology could be used to set what the speed limit is in a certain area and have the cars read these signals.

Make this mandatory for all vehicles with exceptions for police cars, ambulances and fire trucks, for eliminating traffic fines, safety first, right? And then the authorities would see how silly some speed limits are, when all traffic becomes congested. Can't overtake because already at the speed limit? How chaotic would that be?

And for the plus side there would be no need to invest in speed traps or policemen with radars just hiding and waiting...

Bad guys just wouldn't be able to hijack cars to get away...

Life on Mars found – in 1976

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Alien life

Have you ever thought about us being descendants of aliens that dropped "something" (like a soup can) into the earth when it was still forming? Then some microbes got into the environment, then evolution took place and here we are? Maybe in a billion years some form of intelligent life will be creating a religion that has beliefs like ours, when all it was, was an alien making a quick restroom stop in our planet leaving some souvenirs in the way to other location.

Spear phishers target gov, military officials' Gmail accounts

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A cyberattack is now a reason for military action, hm, hope this does not go any further. I believe you're not being paranoid.