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Windows 8.1 Update: Throws desktop drones a bone but still as TOUCHY as ever


Re: 'and if you need sideloading keys, you can purchase an unlimited number for around $100.'

Oh, and if it happens to fuck the machine entirely can I still claim under warranty??



Re: 'and if you need sideloading keys, you can purchase an unlimited number for around $100.'

Ah, if only that were true my friend. What you, I and the rest of the commentards here seem to forget is that you are NOT the general trend. Yes, all YOUR friends might root their phone but if you know what TCP/IP stands for and can read HTTP code then I've got news for you, you're the 1%.

The VAST, and I do mean VAST majority of users neither know nor care - they want something that works. I've rooted phones, in fact I've rooted many and when things go wrong you need to know what you're doing to do fix it - most people don't. But I wouldn't root my Lumia or my HTC 8X and I happen to prefer Windows RT over Android but that's not to say Android doesn't have its uses.

The benefit of Windows RT over a rooted Android device is that it's secure. That apps can't be sideloaded means my Uncle can use his Surface without worrying about viruses and I can help him remotely when he does have problems. Can't say the same for Android.


Re: Windows 8 was built for one reason only

@mmeier Shhhhhh! What are you doing man!? Don't you know that positive stories about Windows 8 aren't allowed in the comments section? Are you mad? Suggesting that actual users like the thing where people who've worked in IT for 30 years don't? Heresy!



Re: Windows 8 was built for one reason only

Again, more lies and FUD. I have a Surface my friend and you're talking pish. I have run my entire week on the Surface including support emails, VPN in to client's systems and remote desktop to any server I need to fix. All snappy, all smooth and all gravy. I do have the flappy keyboard but I could just as easily have any full size keyboard plugged in to the USB port or attach a hub and have a keyboard/mouse. Stick in the £35 adapter and it can attach to a monitor through HDMI or VGA giving you a dual screen PC. I just gave my uncle this very set up to replace his hulking great PC.

So utterly sick of people bashing Windows 8 or RT when they've not bothered to use it.

What's wrong with the on-screen keyboard and the 4 configurations it has or the fact you can move it anywhere on the screen?


Re: Windows 8 was built for one reason only

hold on; you're "looking forward" to using it but you're complaining that it's stuck between two OS's? How about you use it first before making that judgment?

Until you've used it with a mouse and keyboard I don't see how you can comment on that aspect of it. I assure you that using a mouse and keyboard with Windows8 is by no means a chore and if you set it to boot to desktop you rarely even need to see the Start Screen (though I would encourage you to do so)


Re: Touchscreen is fine and dandy...

Utter bollocks. I wish I could come to see you buy your next machine with Linux on it and see just how long before you chuck the thing out the window. (no pun intended)

I've used Windows 8 in a non-touch screen laptop, non-touch desktop, Surface and touchscreen laptop. The fact that it's versatile is its greatest asset and depending on which version I'm using and which input method I have available I can work in different ways. When I have a physical keyboard I can do things with keyboard shortcuts that would normally take several clicks of a mouse.

What you did was buy a new machine with a new OS and instead of taking the time to get to know it you whined, moaned, poo'd your pants and went out to make it look like the old one. That's like trading in your wife for a younger model then making her wear the old ones clothes.

If you or the countless others like you out there, (and I don't mean any of this as a personal attack, you're by no means alone, tech journalists, especially the Register have been the worst at it) had taken the time to watch a 5 minute YouTube video or actually learned anything about your new OS you would have found it a more rewarding experience.

Why do you need a frikken start menu? You've got a personalised Start screen, a taskbar, a desktop, charms and a start key on your keyboard. How many more ways do you need to get to a program? Going through a hierarchical tree structure vs hitting start and clicking on the thing or typing the first three letters then click. Hmmm.

Learn Windows 8 before you moan about it and I assure you, if you can't figure out Windows 8 you've got feck all chance with Linux


Re: Except

Wow, you gave it a whole 1 minutes? Really evaluated all the pros and cons there didn't you?

What do you think the desktop in Windows 8 is? There for a laugh? No, it's the desktop, just like you've always known it and doing the same things as Windows 7 except better and more efficiently. On top of that you get a sandboxed environment that employees can use at lunch time to play about with or, heaven forfend they actually use its multi-tasking capabilities and have more than one app running.

I've been running Windows 8 since it came out and I have to say that the most recent update is my least favourite since it drags us back to Windows 7 by making the desktop prominent rather than a legacy interface. But I recognise that not everyone is up to speed with the modern world and some people know either Desktop or IPad and that's about it. Windows 8 is a best of both worlds OS and if spent longer than 15 minutes getting to know it you might have made a better decision.

Nobody says you NEED a touchscreen. And the testing department are lying to you because that's how they make their money. If it works on Windows 7, it will work on Windows 8.

Microsoft Surface slabs borked by heat-induced DIM SCREEN OF DEATH


Re: analysts...

See, that's exactly the problem. The Surface doesn't suck at all, not one bit and the only people who say it does are supposed tech writers who should know better. Other than Candy Crush and some other apps name me one thing the iPad can do that the Surface can't. I'll name you several that the Surface can that the iPad can't.

Full size USB 3.0

16:9 1080p screen so movies take up 50% more screen than on iPad

DVI out

Running 3 apps at the same time seamlessly

Proper remote desktop to server resources using ts gateway

Charge and use a peripheral at the same time

Live tiles

The article is right that stock was extremely low but it's getting better and my Surface 2 (not Pro) is the best tablet I've ever used.

Hello! Still here! Surface 2! Way better than iPad! says slightly desperate Microsoft


Re: reason d'etre ...

Actually Trevor I think that very fair comment was directed at The Register. you didn't write the article did you? You have s fair mind and intelligence so you would be barred from writing for this site.


The article is about the Surface 2, not a laptop. And even at that, most Windows laptops boot inside 8 seconds these days. Surface 2 is about 8 seconds from cold boot and 2 from standby. And if you have automatic updates switched on you don't need to do anything but reboot it over a 3 day period whenever suits you.

Might want to check facts before posting but from an Apple fan I suppose you can't expect anything other than blinkered devotion.

Windows 8.1: A bit square, sure, but WAIT! It has a Start button


Re: Right click admin options

Yes it was. Which is why it was already in Windows8 and WindowsRT. Yet another biased a badly written so called review from TheRegister. I'm stunned. Honest.

I mean, it's not even a review! Where is the mention of app snap, the multiple Store apps windows, opening links in a snap window rather than a full switch, better store and music apps, looks better with the more tiles options, ie11 and the pin to Start feature.

Seriously, just for once, try to write a review of Windows 8 without revealing your ineptitude. If you find Windows 8 bewildering then you're a retard. My Dad is mid 60's and loves his Surface. Write a review of the product, not your own biased views


What, like a Taskbar or a Desktop with say, a shortcut you can click on to take you straight to the app? Or maybe a handy feature where you could hit one key, type the first 3 letters of what you want and the system would find it? Oh, what an OS that would be.


enterprise edition by any chance?

if you're running Enterprise or pro from a KMS you'll need the ISO.


Re: Right click admin options

Yes, it was. Which is why they were already in Windows 8 and WindowsRT. Win+x takes you to the same menu.


Re: Bewildering is right

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but 'unintuitive' and 'illogical' are not two accusations I would throw at Windows 8 or 8.1. Any app, you swipe in from the right and select Settings. What's so bloody confusing about that?

For me, it's only retarded fools that can't understand Windows 8 and invariably those who have spent no more than 5 minutes with it. You want a toy, use an iPad but the things I can do on my Dell XPS10 , yeah, that's right, I'm rocking WindowsRT 8.1 muthafukkas, that put the iPad to shame are countless. Check your Twitter account whilst working on a Word doc in an iPad, go on, I dare ya.

Wait for it, waaiiit for it: We update an Atom tablet to Windows 8.1 Pro


Love it

Can't think of anything else to whine about so they write an article saying 'but it took ages to install on a realy low powered system and left me with more free space than I started' and. so . fucking. what. Took ages on my Dell XPS10 too but I just left it plugged in and left it to it. Once it was ready, I logged in and everything was where I left it. Brilliant.

DEAD STEVE JOBS kills Apple bounce patent from BEYOND THE GRAVE


Who cares, did you watch the video??

Did he really say that iPhone ran on OSX and that it runs Desktop quality applications? :-) joking aside though, you should watch that video and give Apple just a little round of applause and a bit of credit. When you see the things in the video that seemed magic only 5 years ago and are now commonplace.

Patents are misused though and the idea of patenting a bounce effect is just nonsense. Apple should have patented a lot more of the technology rather than the minor things like a bouncing screen.

Microsoft: We're nearly OUT OF STOCK of Surface 2 and Pro 2


Re: Lawsuit

You assume the information to erroneous.


Re: Surface RT - I have one

Completely agree. I was sceptical about Windows RT and I thought the Surface looked good but was too expensive. I bought an XPS10 when the price came down and I was totally sold. I've preordered my Surface2 and I'm looking forward to getting it.

Microsoft warns of post-April zero day hack bonanza on Windows XP


except it's your choice to stay with XP and Microsoft have made it clear that it's ending support. The OS is over 12 years old ffs. I had to fix my uncle's XP machine recently adn I have to say that coming from Win8 it really was a terrible experience to go back. XP is such old technology and has such a slow feel about it that getting back to Windows 8 was a huge relief.


Yes, because no company would ever do that ever. Buy new biological biz, it keeps your clothes clesner and fesher for longer. Just like our last product claimed to, and the product before that. When people bought XP all those years ago there was no suggestion that they would still be using it 13 hears later. Microsoft was sipposed to end aupport for it much earlier but decided to extend it to give companies (banks) the chance to move. Bottom line is that whether you salivating bunch of MS hating retards agree or not, Windows 8 is the fastest and most secure Windows OS to date. Just like XP was when it came out.

Microsoft parades Windows 8.1, the version you may actually want


Re: Start Icon != Start Menu. This the problem.

Try the Windows key on the keyboard you morons

Would be my response

Microsoft waves white flag: We'll put Outlook on Windows RT slabs


I just want to scream and shake the lot of you

WINDOWSRT IS FOR PLAYING ABOUT ON LIKE AN IPAD, NOT FOR DOING ALL YOUR WORK ON. How many different ways would you like this put?? The mail client on the WindowsRT OS is perfectly fine, and a damn site better than the one on the iPad or Android. I got an RT tablet just the other week when Dell reduced the XPS to £249 and I expected to hate it after all the crap it gets but you know what? I've given the iPad 3 to my wife because this does everything the iPad does (for me anyway, I don't play games much) but more and better. Almost full browser, (only omission is Silverlight) plays videos, joins the homegroup of my home PC, multitasking, app snapping, MS Music Pass etc etc.

The trolls who whine on about RT, how many of you clowns have actually USED it? Come on, hands up....OK, now put your hand down if you used it for 2 seconds then dismissed it.......OK, the rest of you with your hands still up, you can comment, everyone else is just an opinion with no basis in fact.


Re: people want the power of Outlook on all their Windows PCs and tablets

You're right, like how Apple released the iPhone 3G after they realised that people wanted to send MMS and a few other silly things like cut and paste. So they shouldn't have released the original iPhone, no such thing as progress, wait until everything is ready before you release it.

Jesus H Christ.

Facebook's Sean Parker fined $2.5m for tasteless eco-trashing wedding


I vote retard

He probably has a carer doing the typing for him. Unfortunately idiots like this do exist, and frequently run tech companies.

Tiddy boom.

Steve JOBS finally DEFEATS the PC - from BEYOND THE GRAVE


Colour me shocked

So the vast majority of people prefer to have a mobile internet enabled device that they can use on their couch rather than have a desktop PC that does far more than they need? Well, who would have thunk it.

Of course it's all Microsoft's fault for releasing Windows 8. *sarcasm*

Google tells Microsoft to yank its new WinPhone YouTube app


Re: Apps schnapps.

You might want to travel back in time a couple of year and buy an HP Touchpad then. Sounds like webOS is the OS for you :)


Re: Hmmm

You're a tube. And a troll. You just don't like Windows Phone 8 and I'll bet money you have an Android phone. If you spent all day, every day looking through the Google Play store and reporting every app that broke copyright or was a fake YouTube/Twitter/Facebook app you would be there for months if not years.

To say "Windows Phone is not really worth all this hassle tbh, better just going for an HTC One or similar" just shows your bias since Windows Phone is an OS and a platform whereas HTC One is a device. What if the HTC One was running Windows Phone?

And your comment about apps disappearing is bollocks as this has only happened once before. Basically, you're not a very nice person


Re: Ballmer desperate to copy Google

What in the name of all that's holy are you talking about Troll? What does that comment have to do with Microsoft doing something for their customers, something original by the way (if you had opposable thumbs you might be able to try it for yourself) Google don't want a good YouTube app on Windows Phone because the Windows Phone version is nicer than the one they have on Android and iOS. And yes, I have used all 3 so I'm not just saying that.

Android is a mess and needs sprucing up, admits chief


Re: Can I have some of what the author is having?

WTF is spot on my friend. Direct quotes from YOUR comment:

Slick experience on Windows Phone? - Suggesting sarcasm, as though it's not slick

It's easy to be slick when you run such a basic interface - suggesting it IS slick but you don't like the UI.

The article was about the separation on UI and UX so I don't see why someone who must work in the industry had difficulty grasping that. You may not like the UI in WP8, I do, but surely you can agree it's buttery smooth and doesn't judder the way iOS does or forked Android kernels are wont to do. I too have had Android phones a plenty and several iPhones yet I prefer WP8. Matter of opinion my good man, not a troll fest.


Re: To the author

What restrictiveness, specifically, are you referring to? Do you regularly write your own apps and want to install them? Because if that's the case you can get keys from MS that allow you to do that. I think you have a fruity based phone in your pocket and you're just trolling. There is the vague possibility that you just don't have a clue what you're talking about but I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt.

How very clever of you to replace 'slick' with 'sick'. Genius.

Bear in mind that the article is based on the words of the guy who runs Android and the reviewer writes for The Register so they are hardly likely to love anything Microsoft :)


Re: You what?

Couldn't agree more but that's the point of the article. Stock Android is nice, slick and well thought out. I had the HTC Sensation and the HTC One S, both beautiful phones but both piss poor with Sense on top. Rooted, booted and running Cyanogenmod though they were excellent. It's the forks, overlays and fannying about that OEMs and providers do that sully the experience. I just couldn't be arsed with the constant wiping, updating, reflashing and changing all the bloody time. Went to Windows Phone 8 and after the initial pain and figuring out how to work it I'm very happy. My next phone will be another Windows Phone at this rate.


Re: Most people will just install or use the apps they like or are most comfortable using.

I have one and I'm 35, worked in IT for 10+ years and am married with no kids. If that means anything. Which it doesn't :)

But I would point out that half a million apps doesn't a small app store make.


Re: Yep, I agree

I know that this is going to invoke a large number of down-votes from the MS hating fraternity on here but I'm going to suggest giving Windows Phone 8 a try. iOS hasn't changed since the last iPhone you owned so I think you'll get sick of it pretty quickly, I know I did. I only tried Windows Phone for the first time with the HTC 8X (also have a Lumia 920 for work) and once I got over the "why doesn't this work" and found out HOW to use it, I have to say that it's been a revelation. I like it far more that Android and it's a very good competitor to iOS. Don't listen to anyone who whines about the applications available, I have everything I want on it. Try the timetoswitch stuff and see if your favourite apps are there or if there's an alternative.

Worth a try, trust me.

The Metro experiment is dead: Time to unleash Windows Phone+


An idea wo good Microsoft already had it

Windows Blue is, I believe, Microsoft's attempt to do what they didn't have time to do before which is to integrate the 3 code bases so that you can write an app for one that will work on the others. I do agree that RT is a bit dead in the public consciousness but I see no reason why Windows Phone 8 wouldn't work very well on smaller tablets (8" form factor and below). BUT. I want a Windows 8 tablet. I have an iPad and I can't do everything I want to do with it. Equally, I don't want an Atom powered 1366x768 screen, I want a 1080p screen (for videos, not for working on before you say anything) and just for giggles I'd rather have an attachable keyboard. So, basically, I want the Surface Pro, Asus Transformer Book, Samsung Ativ PC Pro or one of the other devices that will be coming out soon. I want to be able to work and play on the same device, not have to take both.

Just out of interest, since so many people slag off Windows 8 for being unintuitive (it kind of is but once you get it, you get it) hands up who knew about the 4 finger swipe to change apps, four finger swipe up to see current apps and the 5 finger grab back to home on the iPad? Was that intuitive? No, you had to be told and then once you were told and got used to it you thought it made sense. Same with Windows 8.


Re: ha ha

He probably did that because TheReg USED to be a good tech site but slowly it has descended into madness and they do seem to have a bias against Windows 8. NO idea why. The article was actually one of the better ones believe it or not but it did categorically fail to point out the Microsoft had to publicly rebuff the FT for printing an article that has little or no relevance to the information Microsoft gave to the press. It was sensationalist claptrap that talked of U-turns and New Coke despite Microsoft simply telling people that they are listening to feedback and making appropriate changes. Unlike the great fruity one who piss on people and then people thank them for it because it's warm. Idiots.


Re: Windows Update

Sorry dude but what the fuck has that got to do with jack shit of what the article is about? If you read, you'll see that Windows Blue (8.1) is coming around soon and that prior to that Windows Phone 8 will have GDR2 and GDR3 as incremental updates which only download over wifi.

Hope that helps.


Re: @The Original Steve

I have to say my friend that I think you just haven't given the phone or the OS the time it deserves. You're going to have this thing for about 2 years and you've come from a completely different OS and way of doing things. It's like an experienced ZX Spectrum user trying to boot up on an Amiga and wondering why things aren't working.

I saw your list and I'm afraid most of it is either nonsense or stuff that you can't do on any other platform hence not really valid in this discussion (though perfectly valid to you as a reason you are unhappy). I too went through some pain initially and I completely agree with you about the volume rocker, it's a complete pain in the tits having a phone on vibrate but still pumping out full volume when you try to load a game in the toilet! :)

Yes, there are files you can't download. I found that too with a relatively simple mp3 file that I had to download on my pc and then transfer over. Not a huge problem but one that should be looked at.

The OS needs work but then it's still better than iOS. Windows Blue should solve a lot of your problems but in the meantime may I respectfully suggest that you avail yourself of some of the tutorials online or even the Hints and Tips app that's built into the handset.

p.s. why in the name of the wee man would you want to uninstall Games or Calendar? Games is a portal link and nothing more (a glorified folder) and calendar is kind of integral. Just wondering.


Re: The problem...

Couldn't agree more; although I personally had fuck all to do with designing the thing :)

Keyboard shortcuts and all the stuff that you, and in this case I do mean YOU added in to Windows 8 have been a revelation. I have railed and railed about how great W8 is and I just don't get how so many people don't get it. EVERYTHING I do with my computer is faster on Windows 8 and while I'm working I don't think I even see the Metro interface. All the programs I use most often are pinned to the taskbar or the desktop and if I do want to open something else I usually just hit win then the first three letters of the app and it's there. Less mouse clicks, less faffing about.

I can, begrudgingly, understand why some people don't like to have the Metro interface foisted on them and if MS do, as is planned, unify the code bases and allow boot to desktop then I think that will be a huge boost. Please don't get rid of Metro altogether though because it's the most fun my PC has ever been.


Re: Windows 8 is good for something

They give you an internet browser.

And why so many people are hung up on a 13 year old OS that's literally past its sell by date is beyond me.


Re: They don't JUST need a roadmap...

See, now THAT ladies and gentlemen is what we call an INFORMED OPINION. Well done that man. (or woman, I'm not judging)


Re: Metro always looked useless to me as a desktop UI.

So, as with so many other commentards on here you're willing to denigrate something you haven't actually used? I have Windows Phone 8 on an HTC 8X and a Nokia Lumia 920 and having had several iPhones and Android phones I FAR prefer WP8. It's slick, smooth, fast, fun and it has all the apps I need.

Oh, and just as a :p to the writer, there IS an Instagram app just not an official one, it's called Itsdagram and it was developed by the peeps at wpcentral.com

What phone do you use just now? A Nokia 3210? I'll bet real money it's a touch screen device.

Movie review: Star Trek Into Darkness


Re: What does god want with a starship?

Ok, who are you and why are you in my head? That could have been written, word for word, by me.


Re: The first movie of the reboot did it for me....

I can't believe that got 2 thumbs up. Go read a book! A singularity has, by definition, close to infinite mass and a gravitational force that even light can't escape. That's why they are traveling at light speed and going nowhere. By your logic when any star collapses under its own weight and becomes a black hole there would be no change? Help me out here, if I'm wrong and being a dumbass then someone please explain it to me.


Re: The first movie of the reboot did it for me....

Feel better now that you got all that out? Nitpicking?? Nah, you just picked apart the whole fucking film you tube! :) Allow me to throw my tuppence worth (might not even be worth that much) and see if we can't calm you down a little.

Timelines - If you don't understand temporal physics and the paradox theories then who am I to fill you in but think of it the way Doc Brown explained it in Back to Future - in the future a star exploded (and for some fuck brained reason somehow threatens the whole galaxy even though it's only one star - you should have moaned about that one and I would have agreed!) Spock is it the middle of trying to save the star when it all goes tits up and Romulus goes Kaboom. Nero and Spock fall into the black whole and thanks to time dilation (this part is in line with current theory and actually quite clever) Nero arrives 27 years before Spock even though it was only seconds between them entering it. This one act irrevocably alters the timeline. The reviewer said that Cumberbatch's character shouldn't have been affected by this change but how do we know that? Spock being different as you say is clearly a factor of his not having met Kirk until much later; the two of them had been friends since early in their Academy days. So you have a completely different timeline for most of the crew but the rest of the universe should just keep going the way it would have, save for a few other changes. If you really want to get your head around it you need to watch Star Trek Voyager's two parter called the Year of Hell. It helps explain how a small change in the timeline can lead to entire civilisations never existing. And, final point on this one, you talk about setting precedent, Star Trek TOS and Voyage Home both contained time travel and the perils of changing things. So the time travel element is not tacked on as you said.

Red Matter - Totally with you; BUT it's a made up substance that creates black holes, maybe he needs such a big lump because in smaller amounts it's unstable. Maybe when you take it in smaller pellets that's when it becomes dangerous, unstable and explodes?

As for the Ice Planet - Yep, utter balls. Were it in the same solar system as Vulcan it would, at that moment, be being drawn inexorably towards the newly created black hole (singularity). There's no reason for the planet itself to be a problem geologically, if Mars had significant water content and a thin atmosphere it may well have similar conditions but the fact that the same little Ice Planet not only provided an excellent viewing platform for old Spock to watch the destruction of his planet, it also housed Scotty and a pointless alien that couldn't speak, both of whom (Spock and Scotty) meet the new Kirk within 5 minutes of film and then are somehow able to beam aboard the enterprise from said Ice Planet from which the Enterprise had no doubt left, let's say an hour previously. Do you know how far light travels in an hour? Voyager 1 left here 40 years ago and it's still only 17 minutes of light travel time away.

That cover most of it?


Re: I might have thought this was a good review until I got to this bit:

Right, you lot are just out to piss me off aren't you?? Not only do we have the "reviewer" (not actually a film review in the slightest) denigrating the wonderful and hugely successful Star Trek IV The Voyage Home (aka A bit of Light Relief) but then this clown tries to tell me that Undiscovered Country is anything less than the best film of the lot??

I worry about this new Star Trek film. This whole "the ship nearly gets destroyed" pish is part of what killed off the TNG movies. Another couple of films and they would have run out of letters for the 1701! And even as a fan I would prefer they went off in a new direction instead of introducing a character that those who have watched the series will know. But, they wanted to do a reboot which means they are very constrained for baddies. You can't have the Borg because that would be fucking stupid; you can't have the Romulans because nobody is supposed to have seen a Romulan warbird for decades (if ever) and even the Klingons, in the original series, were in a sort of Cold War state with the Federation. If you're going to constrain yourself within a particular story telling paradigm and it has its own internal logic and timeline then you just have to stick to it.

But yes TMP was balls. Final Frontier, interestingly, may be a bad film from a plot point of view but it's a really nice, light character piece.

Why next iPhone screen could be made of SAPPHIRE - and a steal...


Re: So

Dammit! Beat me to it. But to be pedantic it's transparent aluminum :)

Pity Americans can't spell though, should be aluminium.

Microsoft: Brits, grab our Surface Pro ten-incher for satisfaction in May



I can only assume that Microsoft don't really care that much about the Surface but insist on talking a good game over it. I really like the Surface, a few people at work have them, but it is too heavy and I have no idea why it's not a 1080p screen at least. The Surface Pro is heavier again but more powerful though battery life is supposed to be utterly pish. The concept is great, it looks and works brilliantly but the marketing of Surface and the international release and information has been ridiculous and almost arrogantly derogatory.

Maybe it's deliberate, maybe it's to assuage the concerns of the other OEMs and give them a chance to step up but so far none of them have. The Acer W700 is weird, the Samsung Ativan PC Pro is lame and plasticky and the Asus Transformer Book seems to only exist in their website and some YouTube videos. The current crop of laptops and tablets for Windows just aren't good enough and in my opinion they are the reason that PC sales have dropped, not Windows 8 itself. We are already in a post PC era since the vast majority of people, present company definitely excluded, have realised thanks to Apple that they don't NEED a PC, they need something to watch videos, play games, check their emails and browse the Internet on. Surface and Surface Pro do that with the Pro being able to do all the other things like video processing etc too.

I warned the Surface Pro when I first heard of it but now I'm just going to wait for Surface 2 which will be Haswell, lighter, running Windows Blue and last for 15 hours on a single charge. Why waste the £900 now when 4 months from now you'll regret it majorly.

Lightspeed variable say intellectuels français


Re: Hmmm....

Can anyone smell that?? I'm sure I can smell bullshit.

If you don't think that particles and antiparticles appearing and annihilating each other out of a quantum soup of pure energy is spooky as well as being scientifically intuiging then you either don't understand it or you think you understand it. Which is not the same as understanding it.

I call bullshit.

iPads in education: Not actually evil, but pretty close


I think I might cry

An article on the register that is about iPads and Apple products that doesn't fall over itself to fawn on the big fruity one. Kudos to the author for pointing out the fallacy of using iPads for IT education - it's an absolute nonsense.

Windows tablets would be of some use but they too are prohibitvely expensive so I would have thought that if you were going to use tablets for IT education then Android would be the way to go. Cheaper, open source, can be rooted and booted as many times as you like, you could even install Ubuntu on some of them. Coding should be fine and you can even get kids to write their own apps, sideload them and possibly submit them to the Play Store, maybe do a class project to fork a ROM. Even showing kids the coding behind some of the stuff they take for granted is bound to open their minds to new possibilities. Unlike the aforementioned iPads which only serve to open your wallet!

First El Reg article I've read in ages that didn't make me want to shout at the computer.