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Cryptography vs. bigotry: The debate Australia needs to have


A story about something that hasn't happened! How original. And don't forget that it was actually labour (under the stewardship of the troglodyte Stephen Conroy) that got the closest to censoring the internet here...

Vendors responsible for ‘Aussie Tax’: Choice


red tape

100% agreed on the vendors being bloodsucking roaches. I recently asked a friend at The Economist why the price of the digital edition was higher in Australia than any other country on Earth, and his response was "because we can".

I wonder if the survey took into account the ridiculous duties and tariffs imposed by the Australian government on imports. I imagine that is also a significant factor in the cost of things here. I have never heard a satisfactory response to the question "Why do we have to pay import duties?"

There is only one way to fight this, and that is to get a my us account and buy overseas

How expensive are Australian NBN services?


one sided view

Totally agree with the first 3 posters. You have taken a very naive view of the govt stimulus package that is the NBN. If people really want 100Mbps+ speeds then let them pay for it and let the market decide the cost, not the nanny state government. Throw in the internet filter, and we are onto a real winner - Oz continues to be the laughing stock of the digital world.

Danes ban busty babes, Oz okays for teens


i dont get it

So the idiot conroy wants to filter the internet in Australia to supposedly stop child porn, but doesn't have a problem with this. Either he is more incompetent that suspected (which is a hard ask) or he has another reason for wanting to filter the internet. Maybe a bit of both


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