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ROBOT crypto attack on RSA is back as Marvin arrives


See the original CVE description for the OpenSSL bug, it affects all padding modes as the leak is happening before any padding operations.

Salesforce flipflops from 'you're fired' to 'you're hired' in six short months


Executive staff?

What?! You mean just the excellence exuding from the executive staff doesn't cause the work to be done? Preposterous!

Red Hat redeploys one of its main desktop developers


Re: X.org

X.org doesn't support HDR and given the almost-abandoned state of it, likely never will.

Now, you may not place high value to it, but there are people that do.



To be fair, the days of X are numbered, so them focusing work on Wayland is entirely rational.

OpenAI's ChatGPT has a left wing bias – at times


"normal family values" by the fascists is "killing LGBTQ+ people on sight": that is a far right view


Re: Conflict

ah, you're one of those people that think Nazis were left wing because it was the National Socialist German Workers' Party?

big business was always right-wing aligned in actions, they are only left wing aligned in PR

RAM-ramming Rowhammer is back – to uniquely fingerprint devices


Re: Fingerprinting....NO.....Destruction.....Maybe.....

those obvious things is not something you can do from the web browser, machine fingerprinting that doesn't use serial numbers is used for malvertising, not asset control

China to Meta: Flattery needed to get you into our VR market


Re: Threaten

They're talking about consumer stuff, not enterprise gear

HSBC banks on quantum to lock down comms network


Penny wise pund foolish?

> Uses QKD that had implementations broken multiple times

> Doesn't use Kerberos that is just as secure against quantum computers and has survived the test of time (literally decades)

I guess yet another proof that just because you have the money doesn't mean you have the brains.

What it takes to keep an enterprise 'Frankenkernel' alive


"Stable KABI" is not the whole "KABI". See https://access.redhat.com/solutions/444773

Gen Z and Millennials don't know what their colleagues are talking about half the time


Re: Thanks El Reg...

That's because most of the manglement is older generation, and the only way they can make themselves relevant is by using new buzzwords and corporate lingo.

Putting in actual work? Ha!

Identity thieves can hunt us for 'rest of our lives,' claims suit after university data leak


Re: With just an SSN,

You're supposed to read the article before commenting...


Re: With just an SSN,

That's how personal ID numbers work in civilised countries. But the Anglophone countries can't have ID cards, so you get the worst of both worlds. Bravo!

Ampere heads off Intel, AMD's cloud-optimized CPUs with a 192-core Arm chip


Re: Always hopeful

If the size of the 128 core variant is any indication, the 192 core variant wont' be much smaller than the base board of a Pi 5...

Are accelerators the cure to video's power problem or just an excuse to peddle GPUs?


Re: This makes no sense

oh no! people want progress and do more things! it's the end of the world! We should have kept it at mechanical calculators level, not this whole computational fluid dynamics models. /s

Microsoft suggests businesses buy fewer PCs. No, really


Except a typical thin client uses about as much are your typical laptop anyway, so it's not like there's much difference in power draw...

ChatGPT creates mostly insecure code, but won't tell you unless you ask


Re: Given that ChatGPT's code

The nice thing about stackoverflow, is that usually there's a comment pointing out if the code is insecure or plain bad, looks like GPT wasn't able to use it well...

Ex-politico turned Meta hype man brands Metaverse 'new heart of computing'


After Facebook metastasized it should have been excised, as any cancerous growth.

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 as a Linux laptop


Re: installed on every machine

Just one technicality: You have to have system installed and working in UEFI mode, not BIOS. But then I don't think X1 Gen 10 even support legacy boot (IIRC P1 gen3 didn't, and it's few years old at this point).

openSUSE finds an elegant solution to x86-64 version support


Re: It sure sounds...

Not everybody runs gentoo and likes compiling executables locally.

FBI boss says COVID-19 'most likely' escaped from lab


Re: The FBI is way out on a limb here

> To which I also ask, "why is that?"

Talk to the impotent schmuck that heads the Titanic that is the Northern Occupied Tibet and Southern Mongolia.

Chinese defence boffins ponder microwaving Starlink satellites to stop surveillance


Re: @khjohansen - actually....

1. It's illegal to post incorrect information about your spacecraft

2. For a country like China is trivial do random checks of published information

would have been much bigger egg on face for both SpaceX and the US to be caught publishing false info than anything else, it's just not a way of thinking that the CCP is even capable at this point

Tech job vacancies hamper England's digital health plans


Pay peanuts, get monkeys.

What you need to know about the real-time capable edition of Ubuntu 22.04


Re: No thanks

that sounds like a PEBKAC issue, if you planned running real OS on the system you shouldn't have picked an nVidia GPU...

Learn the art of malicious compliance: doing exactly what you were asked, even when it's wrong


Re: not american

Same way Ohio made a lot of astronauts.

Microsoft boffins contemplate equipping Excel with AI


Re: Hello, I'm Clippy.

Postgres implements file locking correctly.

And doesn't explode if you put one too many rows or columns into it.

FOSS could be an unintended victim of EU crusade to make software more secure


Re: If...

Because people that benefit from it (users) don't want to pay more for software to get it.

Just like you need regulation to force people to buy cars with catalytic converters so the same people have better air to breathe, you need to force people to buy software developed with good practices so that we don't have a new headline every month about yet another data breach.


Re: Hurrah for Brexit

> Legislation would be unnecessary if this *really* worked, because this is the holy grail.

How many projects (both open source and not) actually measure the quality of the test coverage they have?

And let me repeat: measure not even strive to improve, just measure. Stuff like path coverage, mutation score? Few and far in between.

Stuff that's already well known and proven to reduce defects in software. Stuff that's already legally mandated for safety critical software (in avionics or systems like ABS in cars).

But, as the Fine Article states, eliminating bugs reduces the cost of the use of the software (which is external to the developer), not the development cost (which is internal).

So, what will happen, is that EU users will be forced to pay more upfront for higher quality software, while UK users will continue to use subpar software (because it is cheaper) and suffer the consequences (because the PII data leaks get a slap on the wrist for the corporations that actually are responsible for them, so the cost is external to them too).

Chinese researchers' claimed quantum encryption crack looks unlikely


Re: Colour me shocked

Final standards haven't been published though.

India sets USB-C charging deadline for smartphones


Re: So much for "Brexit freedoms" eh ?

Except that the EU standard would have to be supremely bad for manufacturers to even consider making devices in two such different formats.UK would still end up with a shit standard, and would have no way of stopping it from happening in the first place.


Re: So much for "Brexit freedoms" eh ?

You choose to become a racist. You don't choose to be a Pole. Polish plumber, yes; a Pole, no.

Google datacenters use 'a quarter of all water' in one US city


Re: potable water

You've got a typo there, it's "The Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave"

IBM to create 24-core Power chip so customers can exploit Oracle database license


Re: what about EPYC?

But current PPCs actually have 8 threads per core... With a limit of 16 threads per instance, that would make them terrible for running SE2 instances.

I'm seriously confused how this new chip will make it better for user.


what about EPYC?

Is SE2 PPC specific? There are 96 core EPYCs now available, so if indeed the core count is all that's needed, then a). x86_64 sounds like a better option and b). the vastly increased core counts shouldn't bring the ire of Larry

AMD’s latest, greatest Radeon graphics card $600 cheaper than Nvidia’s top RTX 4090


Well, the £ did go a lot farther when Voodo Rush was a modern GPU...


Re: Tempered enthusiam

I thought that it will be the compute dies that will be in chiplets, turns out that it's not the case.

It's the cache that is in chiplets, I don't expect much issues from this, or requiring vastly different behaviour from drivers.

Still, will wait for independent benchmarks before pulling the trigger.

Enterprises are rolling out more AI – to 'middling results'


What? Putting square pegs into round holes doesn't bring business value?! Inconceivable!

Russia says Starlink satellites could become military targets


sure, sure, and the trading vessels in II WW under US flags were not US government property...

Shareholders slam Zuckerberg's 'terrifying' $100b+ Metaverse experiment


It takes a lot of people to Make Mark Happy...

Shame he's still missing his emotion chip... those darn IC shortages!

CEO told to die in a car crash after firing engineers who had two full-time jobs


Re: Judge on results, not appearances

Well, if everybody does unethical things, everybody loses.

But good luck stopping corpos from doing unethical things...

Appeals court already under fire for upholding Texas no-content-moderation law


Re: So if I wanted to troll Texas...

gravy is food too...

The next deep magic Linux program to change the world? Io_uring


Re: CDC 6600 had this 50 years ago

And IBM has pioneered the process isolation, system isolation, image isolation and application specific accelerators in the mainframe space that we got only recently or are getting just now in the x86_64 space.

Yes, we should remember the history of the inventions, but an idea without an implementation isn't really useful.

FCC Commissioner demands review of Starlink rural broadband subsidies


Re: Good! Give the money to Starlink!

Sure, the government could also migrate to Celsius and metric system. Right after passing policing reforms to get rid of the institutionalized racism.

Subsidies do work and at least are something that the obstructionist fascists can't block so do cut them some slack.


Re: Quite Impressive

No murikkkan ISP will run a fibre connection for $600.

Intel shows how chiplets will form Meteor Lake CPUs


Re: "processors will be made from multiple chiplets"

IBM z series mainframes CPUs also used chiplets on a ceramic substrate

Big Tech is building the metaverse of its own dreams. You don't want to go there


Re: The Northwest Passage

My outside doesn't have a spaceship parked on the driveway able to jump multiple light-years between stars in a matter of seconds, hell, it doesn't even have a WRC car!

Meta proposes doing away with leap seconds


Re: Meta are free to switch from using UTC to TAI or GPS, if they so choose.

They're not, TAI specifically _doesn't_ specify the length of a day.

I've been fired, says engineer who claimed Google chatbot was sentient


Bad judgement

Honestly, good for google, they have solid supply of people with bad judgment already, firing one of them may actually improve the situation.

Though, let's be real, usually they just get promoted to manglement.

Another tech giant changes course on hiring – this time it’s Google



"In some cases, that means consolidating where investments overlap "

Well, I won't be holding my breath in them having just one chat application.

'Unbreakable' Oracle Linux 9 is a RHEL rebuild with built-in Btrfs support


If ZFS didn't have a unique, one-of-a-kind licence this would be possible.