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Ten... Core i5 laptops

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Harsh on MacBook

In the review you slam the Apple for costing a grand, what about the other ones that cost a grand and up: Lenovo, Fujitsu, and Dell.

None of these have the build quality of the Mac, they are not milled out of a solid Aluminium plate. None have a trackpad that is even worth mentioning in the same breath. None have an IPS panel with a glass front (they have inferior panels covered with plastic). None have a Thunderbolt port. None come with the software that the Apple does, e.g. iLife. Only one comes with the latest WiFi (Fujitsu and is a 300 Mb/s version not 450 Mb/s like the Apple).

Yet is only the Apple that is over priced? I think that none of these are overpriced, they all have features that are worth a grand.

Is this more a case of just really wanting to put the Apple down rather than providing a fair review.


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