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Android at 10: How Google won the smartphone wars


Is it not Microsoft that won?

This is fact. Google have lost billions on Android si far. They lost 12+ billion on Motorola. The bought Android. They paid for development.

Microsoft in other hand gets 5-15 dollar per Android device in licensing fees. Only Samsung Nokia and Ericsson have strong enough patents. For Microsoft it did not matter that they lost since they now get 2-4 billion free each year.

Still google makes more on iOS advertising then android and Google have to pay 50% to apple.

Should not the shareholders be angry at google blowing billions in a prestige project?

Why didn't google use Unix instead of Linux saving android oems the license fee to Microsoft.

Loosing 10+ billion and corner the market is not impressive. I guess just most experts don't know facts.

Tor fingers Firefox flaw for FAIL but FBI's also in the frame


Articles should point out that the exploit in Firefox is Windows only. Not real computers.

Secure Windows is an oxymoron.

WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo


Swapping hard drives

One thing I hate about WD My Book is that you can't switch hard drives to non WD hard drives. Its my hardware, why does WD put a vendor check inside their hard drive enclosure?

Apple worth more than Microsoft and Intel combined


Apple has a 90%+ share on PCs over 1000 dollars.

Apple has a 90%+ share on PCs over 1000 dollars.

All PCs between 7-16% if you don't or count Ipad as a PC.

So, you are both right and wrong :)


Intel has higher margins than Apple.

If you check gross profit on products: Intel has higher gross profit than Apple. Many other tech companies have higher gross profit than Apple.

Apple has an average gross profit on 22% on their products. Apple have over 50 billion in cash in the bank. These does also generate profits. Together with their cash profits is about 32% per sold item.

Different segments in a company have different margins. A guess is that Microsoft Office unit has a gross profit of 90% and have a loss on other segments.


Microsoft force people to use their stuff

Gamers have to use Windows. People forget that the reason for this is that Microsoft abandoned GL and OpenGL and used a closed system DirectX. This has always been MS tactic. Apple is a lot more open since they use industrial standers like HTML5, OpenGL, H264, Darwin open source kernel and so on.

MS makes their most profits from Office. The problem here is that large companies have to pay for stuff from Microsoft that they don't want. Large companies can't count every single licence for Windows/Office and so on, so they use a Select agreement with Microsoft. Lets say your company want 10K Windows licenses. 5K Office licenses.

No. You cant do that. Select force you to buy licenses to Windows/Office/exchange/server and all other crap.

The point being: Companies that have windows license are often forced to get Office license. Ericsson used Star Office (later morphed into Open Office), when Ericsson signed a Select agreement in late 1990 so where they forced to dump StarOffice/Netscape and so on. That is how MS compete.

Today you can get an Ipad + Iworks for the same price as Office. Let's hope this open some companies eyes.


All systems are closed.

But why do you hate them? Have you used their products?

The "closed" system: the only difference between Apple and MS/Google is that Apple make their own hardware. There are huge advantages for making own hardware.

1) Android has to be recompiled for every single Android phone. Over 200 versions of Android. This is why you have to wait 3-6 month before an upgrade to an OS.

2) With in-house hardware you can make you products almost bug free. It is fun to see that Microsoft is using the same approach with Winmobile 7+. Microsoft license WinMo7, but you have to use a set hardware.

3) If you look at speed test Android Vs Iphone4. Apple A5 chip, 30% of the die area is for graphic accelerations. Apple can do this because they control the graphic layer on the phone. That is why a single core A4 800mhz is just 3-8% slower then the latest Androids with dual core 1.2ghz.

So. "openness"

I can put different PCI cards in my PC and use different App stores on Google? Open: As long you use Windows and Google ads on Android.

The openness is therefore a myth since if you use PC: you have to use Windows. If you use Android: you have to use Google Ads.

Android app sales skimpy, sluggish, slack, scanty...



Every Android owner I know pirate their Android apps. There are pirate appstores with every app for free. It is so easy to pirate on Android. This is a strategy by google. Somehow Google gets away with stuff that no one else does.

Youtube: 90%+ pirated stuff. Ok. Its google.

Android: 90%+ pirated stiff. Ok. Its google.

Googles cloud music. Licence? Why aquire a licence? Its google.

Microsoft uses the same tactic on their platform. The masses use pirated software, and then get companies to overpay for their licenses.


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