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Want a well-paid job in tech? You just need to become a cloud-native god


Brits - What do you think of the salaries mentioned here?

The iPhone 15 has a Goldilocks issue: Too big or too small. Maybe a case will make it just right


I’ve used only Apple devices for the past 11 years and converted my entire family to them. However, this review is a pile of steaming dogshit that looks like it’s pandering to Apple. It doesn’t mention how minuscule the improvements are - the lack of real USB C data transfer speeds, old processor from a year ago for $1000, and general complacency with no new features

Out of nowhere, India requires PC and server makers to get an import license


My Dad’s driver in India earns about the minimum wage for a rural area in Kerala - ie 20,000 rupees /£200 ish a month - yet he has a £300 smartphone - he’s young and prioritizes it.

I guess it’s not that different from a call center worker in in north England who gets £1000 a month after tax spending £1800 on an iPhone pro max (they all have them).

Personally, my 2.5 year old iphone is faster than my 2 year old laptop for most things despite laptop on paper being 3x as powerful. - not sure if it’s apples optimization but could be. Even editing 4k video my old phone is 3x faster than my PC.

Larry Ellison mea culpa as traffic cop stops Big Red boss on own island


300 mil buys you 10 london houses or an island

Linus Torvalds releases Linux 5.19 – using Asahi on an Arm-powered Mac


Fuck apple.

I used to like linux but he has just given apple a free plug. So fuck linus

NHTSA upgrades Tesla Autopilot probe, could lead to recall


Musk for president.

US Space Force unit to monitor region beyond Earth's geosynchronous orbit



Cislunar? Is that when a person identifies as a satellite?

Bain Capital plots to buy Toshiba with help from largest shareholder


I remember those lovely tiny palm size Toshiba full windows OS laptops, they were 20 years ahead of thier time. They even took discs and CDs, so the actual board footprint was not much larger than today’s phones. microphones WebCam speakers and modem all built in including a touch clitoris thing and vga out. Leyte models had Bluetooth as well

You geeks have inherited the Earth, but what are you going to do with it?


After 15 years reading the reg this is one of the truly great pieces, perhaps the best.

I’m reading this from my smartphone in rural Kerala. When we came on summer holidays in the 90s, we had the only television for miles, so most of the 50 people in the village and nearby villages would come to our house to watch a TV show twice a week. It would get so crowded there was never enough space on the floor for everyone, so many had to watch from outside, craning necks between iron barred windows.

The nearest tarred road was a couple of miles away, only we had a car, even our house only got electricity in 1981. As a child I never understood why people told stories about when they were “so hungry they tied ropes around their waists”… it was only until med school decades later, the now obvious realization that compression of the stomach causes easier satiety and suppressed hunger hormones, the same principle as gastric banding/sleeving/balloons.

Today, the blink of an eye later, everyone has smart phones. One of my dad‘s helpers, a 52 year old gentleman who is barely literate was scrolling through Facebook on his smart phone watching clips videos in the local language. One kid got a job in Saudi Arabia entirely online from posting stuff on Instagram, thereby changing his life. Pretty much everyone has a smartphone. The younger generation communicate with Instagram and TikTok thier music is entirely digital. I just saw a 20-year-old rediscover Macarena.

(Quick detour: I was a bit of a pioneer I remember compressing an entire CD track down onto a floppy disk back in 94 and people were amazed. By 98 I had converted my entire CD collection to run off my laptop hard drive output via 3.5mm to a proper stereo and even audiophiles who’s scoffed at the thought could not tell the difference in a blind test.)

UK gov blocks the acquisition of Welsh graphene fiddler Perpetuus Group over national security concerns


It’s very simple. Just a Chinese government trying to steal secrets as usual.

Focus on the camera, mobile devs: 48MP shooters about to become the sweet spot


Re: the more pixels you have the more potential you have for

Return of the grammER Nazi.

Tesla shows off the AI supercomputer training what it hopes will one day be an actual self-driving car


Re: Who makes money

In the US Yes sadly none of that here in the UK

With incoming iOS 15, update refuseniks will be given choice to stay where they are while still receiving security patches


I love apple. Nothing they do can ever be bad.

There are a lot of people out there who'd like to fire Jeff Bezos into space – but he's doing the honours himself


Re: High risk?

A waist of resources means a flabby pot belly. A waste of resources on the other hand...


Re: Over to you, Jeff

This comment is better than 99% off the articles on the register

If you're the 1% and have 10 mins to spare this July, bid for a place on first Blue Origin space tourism launch


Was planning this for my wife’s birthday.

I know what else the Mrs. can do in 10 to 12 minutes.... Doin the NASAty.. visiting the heavenly bodies.. doing the old Kneel Armstrong... ruining uranus...

Apple begins rejecting apps that use advertising SDKs for fingerprinting users


Re: Good Apple

In October 2020 I sold my 2 year old iPhone XR for £350, depreciation on $750 was about 30%. On my flagship galaxy depreciation was 80%

Uber’s Asian outpost wins Singaporean banking licence


Upon my recent visit to Thailand, I was perhaps under the mistaken apprehension that the “Grab” app there, invariably advertised by a Thai lady accoutered in such sparing vestments that only a few scraps of garment protected her virtue, leaving little to the imagination, was used to order more than just a taxi or a meal. Perhaps there exists a market for such an app in Thailand, and this would be appropriately titled “Just Eat Bitch”.


Upon my recent visit to Thailand, I was perhaps under the mistaken apprehension that the “Grab” app there, invariably advertised by a Thai lady accoutered in such sparing vestments that only a few scraps of garment protected her virtue, leaving little to the imagination, was used to order more than just a taxi or a meal. Perhaps there exists a market for such an app in Thailand, and this would be appropriately named “Just Eat Bitch”.

Amazon makes big bet on New Zealand to crack Indian market


Was free. Now only on prime.

Free to paid = not good for the consumer

But even in india $13.50 a year is about Rs 1000 ie 1% of wages even for a driver or domestic servant that’s almost affordable. A lot of people pay £30 a month for TV here and earn less than £3k/month Ie over 1% here. Yes when you earn $2000 a year you have way less disposable, but a lot of domestic servants kid free food anyway. A friend of mine just moved to India from London to work for the Clinton foundation and earns a UK salary in India

Apple opens pre-orders of iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max models, the cheapest and most expensive in the lineup


These are really good value, when you consider you’re getting a genuine Apple product almost for free it’s actually a steal. I just bought 3 of the blue maxes. Samsung that blow up cost £1400 and they will be worth £5 in a car boot sale next year.

Vivo pushes out X51 5G: Chipper whippersnapper, quite a battery-sapper, but at least the wrapper's dapper


That’s what she said.


Honestly I would expect better from the reg. What’s the point of an unqualified statement like “camera is good at videos and low-light images” on a review of an £800 phone? Seriously WTF is the point of that statement without actually testing DXO/lux rating (or at least referring to it), sample low light images, or comparing competitors pics eg Samsung/Huawei/iPhone. Doesn’t even mention the sensor or pixel size. I think a smart 14-year-old could do a better review, and there are many that do. Just go onto YouTube and look at low light camera comparisons between Samsung and iPhone. There are 14-year-olds who scientifically compare Low light images, video, resolution, and discuss sensor and pixel sizes, video stabilization etc. this literally reads like a PR stunt. Matthew Hughes? Come on dude you have a computer science degree! Use it! You code in python for fun! You’re the kind of guy I would have a beer with invite invite to my house. I know you can do better than this. On the plus side “ would be well-suited to producing the kind of career ending Instagram snaps made during a debauched night on the town.” was actually quite funny.

If the Solar System's 'Planet Nine' is actually a small black hole, here's how we could detect it... wait, what?


Great just what I need in 2020

First, COVID-19, then a one night stand getting pregnant. And now a black hole. Great.

Going Dutch: The Bakker Elkhuizen UltraBoard 950 Wireless... because looks aren't everything


Re: "as your mum once told me"

I haven’t used a keyboard since 2012 when I discovered Siri

Auf wiedersehen, pet: UK Deutsche Bank contractors plan to leave rather than take 25% pay cut for IR35 – report


Re: Alternatively

As a doctor myself I don’t think you understand doctors pay in the UK. Even after 20 years working as a specialist registrar in the UK, a great Ormond Street hospital my cousin who’s in his 40s still earns about £45k. He’s still considered a junior doctor. He lives in London sharing a flat with four nurses and barely survives. He’ll be a consultant next year so he’ll be on 75k. But his son took his first year post law school job and earns more than 75K, and my nephew made 200k inc bonuses at blackrock in his first year after university. You may say it’s not a fair comparison but it is, doctors are 1 in 400. Unless you go into GP a typical junior doctor takes at LEAST 10 years AFTER medical school to become a consultant. On average it’s about 15, and you also need a promotion (called ACRP) every year - One missing piece of paper and you can lose a year. If one person says anything slightly negative about you you can loose a year, or worse get kicked off the training program and then you lose 10 years. That’s a of on calls nights and weekends. There’s a carrot at the end of the stick, but the average consultant makes about 100 K You start on 75. It goes up quite gradually, so by the end of your career you might be on 120. There are some that make more doing private services but that’s very rare and you have to be famous. Compare our salaries to the states or Oz and actually lifetime earnings there are about four or five times as much. Personally I now have five years experience after finishing medicine (2nd career after IT), and I earn in 30s, less than I did 10 years ago in IT. To do my chosen route dermatology, I would have to apply for IMT1, next year, do three years of core medical training, then apply again for dermatology and do three or four years more of that. So it’s eight years of nights and weekends Earning 30-40k ie Close to minimum-wage when you count tax to get 75k at the end of this. We don’t do this for the money.

Another week, another bunch of Windows 10 machines punched by a patch


Hahaaa idiots. I use Linux and Mac none of this.

Sleeping Tesla driver wonders why his car ploughed into 11 traffic cones on a motorway



FSD stands for full self Drive an extra £15k package. There’s nothing to suggest it needs driver input.

Azure consultant to sue Google for linking his cached pics to cloned site, breach of copyright


7 billion uk revenue in 2016 probably a lot more now. Of course they should be able to be sued in uk courts

Double trouble for Lyft after share price drop sparks class action lawsuits claiming hype


Re: Ridesharing?

What utter tripe. About 50% of my journeys Are shared

Aussies, Yanks may think they're big drinkers – but Brits easily booze them under the table


As a Brit who’s never actually touched a real gun I was wondering how this worked - and then I remembered that in Australia & USA your local pissheads have access to an arsenal that could outgun the average British police station.

There was a case in 2006 about a white Kenyan aristocrat who shot and killed A poacher on his land. At first I took his side, because I believe in the right to self-defense - but the more I researched it The weirder it got. His parents were Lord and Lady Delamere. He was educated at Eton. I found out about his land holdings And he has 600,000 acres of fertile land. It’s enough that you can actually see it from space - even on Google earth it’s a sizable chunk. The Africans on the edge of the land live in abject poverty 10 people to a room and The ones lucky enough to be employed by him to toil the land are barely given enough to survive. But looking back the land was drawn up with arbitrary borders, straight lines Just a few generations ago. People that drew those borders had guns, but basically that’s what pissed people with guns can do.

Lord and Lady Delamere

Biker sues Google Fiber: I broke my leg, borked my ankle in trench dug to lay ad giant's pipe


Pussy. Breaking a leg on a motorbike is expected. Google do no evil. This guy is a pussy just for breaking pretty leg. We have to tag Google for searching our every thought ... if Google was truly implemented, we would have no broken bones, would rather he would perceive the fault in the road ahead. It’s his fault for not using enough Google AI to see the fault in the road ahead.

Forget your $145m Apple patent payout, WiLAN told – it's $10m or gamble on a new trial


Just look them up - owned by quarterhill entirely patent trolls run by a lawyer with no other business or income. In the glorious words of pounds and Kumar, 2004 - “ we gotta burn the motherfucker down” https://youtu.be/_ZLAt3zwEpQ

Excuse me, sir. You can't store your things there. Those 7 gigabytes are reserved for Windows 10


Pah losers. This is why I only use iPhone. Haven’t opened a PC for years. Someday every PC will be an iPhone. I, sir, can only pray for that day to come.

FYI: Faking court orders to take down Google reviews is super illegal


It’s turned out well for him. Has a 5* google rating sure that’s brought in tens of thousands a month.

Apple cops to iPhone 8 production oops, offers to fix borked phones


There really is no Apple tax

I bought my iphone 7 secondhand for $400 ( about 250 pounds) with AppleCare but I can sell it for that much now, one year later. That’s why some Mercs/BMWs/Audi’s are a cheaper lease than other cars that cost half as much - they depreciate. Even on a brand new phone you lose less than any other similarly priced droid. I sold a 5 year old iPad for £150 on eBay - my droid tab from the same year that cost a little less new sold for £20. I went snorkeling with my iPhone it in Thailand - The underwater photography is great by the way. I got a free same day apple care replacement 2 months ago as speakerphone Mic was not working.

Cracked my screen today and again same day free replacement today - if it was a UK phone I would have to pay £ 25 excess but as it’s foreign it’s free. The specs are lower but actually look at side-by-side comparisons and benchmarks of usage, The iPhone comes out better than higher Specced droids. Faster smoother etc. i’ve been coding for 25 years and thought I knew computers. 8 years ago Had an HTC desire that was specced better than an iPhone that cost 3 times as much butwas shocked when I saw someone use an iPhone - it was twice as fast though the specs were lower. Android has caught up and the latest Samsung / pixel flagship cameras are better - but the iPhone still smoother less crashes. And with AppleCare the screens and damage are basically free And you get an international same day replacement warranty

Now boffins are teaching AI to dial up chemo doses for brain cancer



I almost preferred the author's name to the article. If Katayana Quach is a real name then I've got an average sized wonga. Read my other comments for drunken rants that even I dont recall. Is Quach pronounced "quack, quash kwosh kw-aysh, Quake, or queef?" Regardless this was one of those google images days. She buff though admittedly Ive been suffering from the yellow fever for over two decades, from the very first days of BBS alt-images etc.

Linux kernel 4.18 delayed: Bug ate my rc7, says Linus Torvalds


Blah blah

It's a question worth asking: Why is the FCC boss being such a jerk?


Re: Why is the FCC boss being such a jerk?

As an Asian (brown) guy I agree.

Artificial intelligence... or advanced imitation? How DeepMind used YouTube vids to train game-beating Atari bot


My first degree was computer Sci & math and I focused on machine learning. All the comments above say this is overhyped, but missing one critical thing. The algorithm can play multiple games, and train itself from YouTube, or by playing with trial and error, like a human. My third degree was medicine and I work as a doctor at a London hospital now (for those complaining about IT salaries, after years of Med school, I now earn less per hour than both the cleaner or Ward admin who both don't have a degree - in fact my salary after taxes Ni Pensions etc doesn't cover my rent and I would be much better off on benefits but I like the job).

Ahem regardless if you look at what deep mind are doing in my hospital with the Moorfields eye clinic they are beating the consultants with 30 years of experience At interpreting retinal scans. These are perhaps some of the most complicated images to interpret - and yes the training started with imitation but now goes far beyond that. It actually has an understanding of how The images are interpreted, just like a human, but faster and better.

Department of Work and Pensions internal docs reveal troubled history of Universal Credit


This story should be a lot bigger than the press it's getting

Look up the guy. I spent about an hour researching him. He has a bunch of foi I requests One article And some more stuff online. The fact that he went to court spent two years in his own money for this is more than a lot of our politicians would do. I really think we need to change the way we vote for our leaders

Crunch time: Maplin in talks to sell the business


The last thing i bought was about 15 years ago. A charger they assured me would work but refused to take back as I had bought "the wrong item" and it "was not defective".

Talk down to Siri like it's a mere servant – your safety demands it


This is not exciting - The technology has been around for years and I've used for as a joke to play pranks on friends. The scary bit is that you can get the voice data from people that upload videos to YouTube. I've used Siri and voice recognition for the last 10 years to dictate everything, from my PhD dissertation to this very text. The accuracy is probably 100% and faster than I can type but effortless. It's pretty secure, no one can access my voice data. However I do have a few old videos on YouTube/Facebook which scares the shit out of me. After reading this article I've made them private.

29 MEEELLION iPhone Xs flogged... only to be end-of-life'd by summer?


I had a k800

In 2005. It's now 13 years later. My Nokia e61 back then "did internet" - I used it for gps navigation across Europe with a £10 Bluetooth gps unit - it had 3G and dual cameras for video calls with skype for symbian. That was 2005 - you're nuts to protest for 13 years!

I thought there'd be more Instagram: ICT apprenticeships down 20% in five years


Wow brilliant sir


Such a brilliant comment.

I left IT 15 years ago but so true . Check out the taxpayers alliance - when the 40% rate was brought in, 1in 20 paid it, now its 1 in 4

How's this for a stocking filler next year? El Reg catches up with Gemini


Sorry but I will not buy this as

1.it doesn't have FaceTime and isn't made by Apple. How do you get AppleCare on this if it's not made by Apple.

2. I can't see an apple logo, so I can't use iMessage

3. How do you connect to the App Store without Apple?

4. I won't be able to use all the amazing Apple technology like airplay, CarPlay, airdrop etc. Honestly I'd rather spend the $400 on Apple AirPods so I don't need a cable. Yes you can get better rated Bluetooth headphones for a fiver but what's the point if it's not Apple

BlackBerry's new Motion will move you neither to tears of joy nor sadness


It's faster to type on a virtual keyboard. Does anyone still use BBM Lol? I just searched for bbm and apparently it means something else on spankwire/xvideos etc

iPhone 8: Apple has CPU cycles to burn


Re: itunes

I was converted after seeing my top spec android left dead by an iPhone in 2011 - The iPhone had half the ram, half the processor speed - but loaded a website while my android was still showing a white screen. Btw I haven't used iTunes since 2012 - but have only used iPhones since. There is a reason that 2013 iPhone 5s costs more than last years Samsung galaxy.

Watch this nanochip reprogram cells to fix damaged body tissue


Okay so theoretically I should be able to comment. I'm a medical doctor with an undergraduate in computer science ( graduated 16 years ago) , A Masters in biomedical engineering, an Oxford engineering graduate - with published research in biomedical engineering. Look at my previous drunken posts for some rants. Yes I really have no idea how the frig this works. I almost want to call a fake, but I can't until I look into it to see if it's something I'm missing... we can't really change cells, if we could we could cure cancer. Our best hopes of regeneration of a limb et cetera are vascular surgery - which might give a few months more to ischaemic limb - or we chop it off -we can't heal shit - I work at one of the top London hospitals, and we literally don't know our arse from our head... you think doctors are smart, the truth is we know a lot, basics about mechanics in the human body, but thick as pig shit. Randomly our nervous system, from brain to extremities, looks a lot like the internet and electrical wiring, when it goes wrong, we actually use electrical impulses to check neurological deficit. We follow the path and find the break, it seems complex but it's not - we have abt 5 words for each thing from Latin Greek et cetera And hundreds of thousands permutations and you eventually work shit out - example polycythaemia rubra Vera - sounds messed but it's lots of true red cells in Latin. Literally everything is named after something like a Cresant a river a loop in Latin and you can put the shit together but it's not rocket science.