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UK 'meltdown' bank TSB's owner: Our IT migration was a 'success'



Donkey Wrong: Arcade legend Billy Mitchell booted from record books amid MAME row


Re: Hard

Kaliber............ oh god no i would rather drink diarrhoea

DDR5 to jump off the drawing board in 2018


Re: June 2018 is not far off

2020? That's if it makes it that far with how MS are trying to force everyone to Win 10 if they want to upgrade their computers to anything modern after dropping support on new cpus

Happy Motherboards day: Here's some (Optane) memory



LTT has benchmarks


Amazon's AWS S3 cloud storage evaporates: Top websites, Docker stung


The internet is borked...........

Even down detector is down so you can't tell anyone your site is down.......

Three times as bad as malware: Google shines light on pay-per-install


Learn to read the install instructions

Why can't people just do what you should do, when you install something NEVER select the standard install options, always select the custom option to see what crapware they are trying to install as well.

Long gone are the days where you were given the option to install the Google toolbar as an added option, if you don't do the install properly then you get all the crap for free.

And that isn't just for free/shareware, some paid for software has been known to side install 3rd party junk as well.


Shows that you have no idea on computer software with that kind of comment.

UK competition watchdog gripes to Brussels about Three-O2 merger

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Re: There is little competition anyway

Exactly there is no competition out there on the market anyway, there are no incentives to get us to swap networks. If there is an incentive, by the time we are out of our billion year contracts the other networks stop them.

Years ago networks would offer is more data and minutes than we could use to get our custom, now they are charging the earth for stupidly small amounts of data.

Caption this: WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg


So i hear they want a back to the future day... let me just pres this butto....

Ofcom awards fastest 3G mobe-data crown to O2


O2... you goto to be kiddin

I used to have an o2 dongle and was getting 1 - 1.3mbps

now i am with 3 im gettijng over 6

her is the speedtest info



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