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NASA admin: What if we switched one delayed SLS for two commercial launchers?


Re: What was good enough for Challenger...

"There's nothing in there where he says they should deliberately risk lives with an unproven launch platform just to meet an arbitrary timeline."

That's because the article left a sentence out. He's committing to making EM-2 launch on SLS. EM-2 is still slated to be a crewed flight. So the very first launch of SLS is now scheduled to carry humans. They're requiring the SpaceX have 7 flights on the block 5. Even if EM-1 was on SLS, EM-2 falls on the second mission. 2 and 1 are both less than 7.

It's been a week since engineers approved a new DNS encryption standard and everyone is still yelling


Re: The argument to simple to me

Yeah, it seems that if you are relying on attackers doing stupid stuff over DNS, you aren't covered. Granted many attackers are going to do the easy thing, and do it over normal DNS. But even without this standard, there was nothing preventing them from doing DNS type things over any protocol or port.

Fed up with cloud giants ripping off its database, MongoDB forks new 'open-source license'


Re: Open Source FUD

Yourself is a mighty small userbase.

Oracle? On my server? I must have been hacked! *Penny drops* Oh sh-


Derbycon talk

There is this talk from yesterday. Nothing quite like breaking into the wrong building or other tales. https://youtu.be/auzjOr7B8qU

Look at me! Phone industry contracts nasty case of 5g-itis


And what is 5G?

I seem to remember there actually being a 4G spec, and they don't deliver those speeds yet. Plus, just how impressive is a 5G phone call supposed to be?

The Sun will blow up into a huge, glowing bubble of gas during its death


Something is off

Their 90% number seems off. Most of the stars out there are red dwarfs. So are they saying that red dwarfs will transition to red giants?

What did we say about Tesla's self-driving tech? SpaceX Roadster skips Mars, steers to asteroids


Not going to asteroid belt

His orbit picture in the tweet was off. With a C3=12, it's only getting to basically Mars, ending up far short of the asteroid belt. https://twitter.com/planet4589/status/961476629976535040

Trump White House mulls nationalizing 5G... an idea going down like 'a balloon made out of a Ford Pinto'


We have 4G?

I thought 4G was supposed to hit 1Gbps to a stationary target, and a couple hundred megabit to a moving target going slower than an airliner. I don't get anywhere close to that.

WordPress has adverse reaction to Facebook's React.js licence


React.js isn't AL2.0

React.js isn't Apache License 2.0. It's a modified BSD with an extra patent clause. Normally BSD is just fine, until you screw with it using a patent clause. Kind of like the JSON license being a MIT license that has a "don't be evil" clause to screw with it.

Guess who's here to tell us we're all totally wrong about net neutrality? Of course, it's Comcast


Aren't they the ones that throttled Netflix?

Didn't Comcast throttle Netflix until Netflix coughed up more money a few years back?

Trump lieutenants 'use private email' for govt work... but who'd make a big deal out of that?



Saw an article this morning indicating that the official POTUS and similar Twitter accounts were being backed by gmail accounts.

CIA: Russia hacked election. Trump: I don't believe it! FAKE NEWS!


Re: This *was* brought up before the election

Yes it was. The coverage I was watching election night basically ended with "if only he had used two factor". Pre-election coverage included security researchers digging through things and coming to the conclusion that a Russian group phished members of the DNC out of their gmail credentials. DNC IT told the user that the message looked legit, but that they shouldn't follow the link in the message and they screwed it up. That's also how they got into Powell's account.

Whether or not Fancy Bear is part of the government or not is more of the question.


Bay Area man forced out of his $400 box home


They have fireproofing in the form of sheet rock or plaster. They also are going to have multiple egresses (windows and doors).

The big issue here is that he was paying someone else. He might be able to get away with that in his own house, but not when you're paying someone else.

Amazon WorkSpaces two years on: Are we ready for cloud-hosted Windows desktops?


How does it not have Linux?

If it works on ChromeOS (which is Linux running Chrome), why wouldn't it work from a normal Chrome install on a normal Linux distro?

HUD's up! Ubuntu creates menu-free GUI


sudo apt-get install wmaker

For everyone saying they're going to leave Ubuntu over this, you do realize it is very simple to install a different window manager. They have almost everything.

I too think this menu is somewhat crazy, but I don't have to worry about it as I don't use Unity.

'Devastating' Apache bug leaves servers exposed


No patches for 1.3

1.3 was EOL'd over a year ago. You should have been moving to something newer at least two years ago.

Netflix splits DVD, streaming offers in 60% price hike


No data centers

Netflix is on Amazon's infrastructure.

Archos 70 Android 7in tablet


But it won't trickle necessarily

The thing has a 5.5 hour life on it according to the article. It takes longer than an hour to charge up via the wall, and I know it has a 2 amp output from the wall. On a .5 amp standard USB connection it will be discharging while playing video. This would confuse most consumers. Yes, we would like to have it to trickle normally, and slow down drain, but the average person would be upset their unit isn't charging.


Not open source

Android 3 isn't open source and is going to require items this unit doesn't have. No doubt Archos is working on the next generation of players that can support some of these items and will run the next version of Android. Just expect to see it north of $400 unsubsidized. I picked this up for $230 off of a Newegg sale.


It's power hungry

The wall charger provides 2amps to the battery to charge. Most USB connections are going to top out at 500 milliamp. Gomadic offers adapters for their system for the Archos devices. They at least provide 1 amp output, which would help. Going over USB would just be a trickle charge, if that.

TiVo calls time on ageing set-tops


Lifetime service?

In the US you can buy lifetime service for a particular device. This should at least get you program guide updates for as long as the device is running. Anyone with that service has the right to be upset.

Amazon's EC2 brings new might to password cracking


Why use the slow EC2?

I mean really. The high end nVidia cards using CUDA can do 2 billion md5's per second. That comes out to over 7 trillion per hour. For a grand in graphics cards (SLI) you can do 14 trillion md5s in an hour. SHA's and better will slow it down some, but it is far quicker than the measly 9.3 billion per hour that his software is calculated to use. In under 16 hours you can brute force an 8 character alpha-numeric md5 with SLI.

Intel axes five plants, 5,000 workers


Wow people

Why should they slash sales? You do realize that efficiency is part of life? Every company is doing more with less. This, however, frees up workers to do other tasks. It's required for growth. Things are rough right now, so finding a different job may be a very tough task for these individuals. However, if Intel did not lay off people, they may end up like Circuit City and laying EVERYONE off.

Apple's latest patent brilliance: the iGlove

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This already exists

This sort of thing already exists. Those apple people certainly aren't hunters. Some gloves are too big to fit through smaller trigger gloves. So these gloves allow the shooter to take out the trigger finger to shoot.

French courts tighten iPod tax loophole

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What's this?

Nice to see France try to control how businesses outside of their jurisdiction do business.

NASA to sniff Martian atmosphere


Re: Wasn't it settled?

I thought it was due to the fact that Mars does not have a magnetic field. The solar wind is stripping away its atmosphere as a result.

Reding would OK charges to receive mobile calls


Outlaw the junk calls

In the US, I think it is illegal to make unsolicited calls to a cell phone, as we do pay for incoming calls as well.

Pluto awarded celestial consolation prize


Ceres is not a plutoid

To be a Plutoid you have to be outside of Neptunes orbit, or mostly outside I guess (in the case of Pluto). Therefore Ceres does not qualify as it is between Mars and Jupiter. It's all about the location in the solar system.

Baylis Eco EP-MX71 hand-cranked media player


What about your CO2?

You'll be expelling more CO2 due to the required exertion to charge it up. How does that compare to a power plant? What if your power comes from hydro or wind? Then you would spewing more CO2 doing it yourself.

Sony slashes US 80GB PS3 price by $100



Yes, us lucky Americans. I can pick up a PS3 for £245.00. Never mind I only get paid £20,000/year. Kind of makes your £349 look to be a pretty good deal, as I'm sure my $40,000/year job would be £40,000 in a similar environment over there. The cost of living is higher in Europe than in the US. These companies employ people in the local countries, and they expect to get paid according to the local economies.

NASA's drunken astronaut report released


FAA rules state 8 hours

FAA rules for flying is no alcohol consumption 8 hours before flight. And even then the BAC needs to be 0.04 or less. This would probably apply to the mission commander and pilot.

Video download site ordered to spy on users


In the US

TorrentSpy.com is owned by entities in the US. That puts them under US law.

owner-contact: P-NZA36

owner-organization: Sharestream, Ltd

owner-fname: Network

owner-lname: Admin

owner-street: PO Box 556 Hunkins Plaza

owner-city: Charlestown

owner-zip: N/A

owner-country: SH

owner-phone: 8694690211

owner-email: admin@torrentspy.com


Prosecutors? What prosecutors?

"So they don't want information that is actually useful for the prosecutors ... YET"

Prosecutors implies criminal charges. While copyright theft is illegal, it's always pursued in civil courts. How else would they make money?