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A sex show of truly Olympian proportions?


I was a dude with the lube

Coming to the story a bit late - took me this long to recover after being fingered for three days straight...

You can see a pic of the now-infamous Fleshlight wall here:


Worn out your vibrator? Relief is at hand


Refurbed sex toys?

Now there's an idea... I thought they were already available on eBay. Or is that just used knickers?

Lester - once again, we salute you... I don't think we've had your double-ender back yet, though.



LoveHoney in toothbrush vibrator trademark rumpus


Curse that pesky spilling

Thanks to the perma-URL I can't even change the spelling and pretend it was Procter all along. Er, er, er... Worth changing and 301-ing the old? [Red face]