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O2 says 128Kb/s is all its 3G customers need

Ben Daniel

Only 1 speed...

I've just spoken to Customer Services at O2 and they stated to me that they only support one 3G speed, which is 128Kbps. If I want anything faster I would have to use HSPDA, which we all know is wrong...

So, misleading message from their Customer Service monkeys (which isn't unusual in itself) but he also didn't seem to be aware that if I was on a higher tariff then I would benefit from a faster 3G service (according to the O2 spokesman quoted in the article).

Answers on the back of an HSPDA enabled handset please!

Pipex invites customer to get 'c**ted'

Ben Daniel

what was their initial suggestion??

Did anyone else notice that the second suggestion was HeShe??? WTF?

Tesco takes fight to Sainsbury over Medion PCs

Ben Daniel

Regarding E-Machines

So Andy, if I filled a Dell box up with a pile of random components, would you be happier then?

Hasselhoff, paedophiles, and a digital Animal Farm

Ben Daniel

Never going to happen...

Politicians actually listening to what the people want???? Not a whelks chance in a supernova...