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UK puts £200m on table for dynamic purchasing system to supply public sector with AI


Gcloud anyone?

This already exists, it’s called gcloud, they just need to add an ai category. Am I missing something?

You've come a long way, Inkscape: Open-source Illustrator sneaks up


Re: inkscape featues

Oh? Go on then give it a go, and export me a nice pdf of the result when you're done just to be sure.


Re: inkscape featues

This is true, it can be added in the xml and Inkscape will then display it, unfortunately, very few programs that support svg will follow through with that and it does not correspond to underlined output when saved out to PDF or similar to send off to my print department.

As another professional who works with Inkscape, I'm pretty sure telling my clients that I've decided that they cannot have underlined text because it's "discouraged" would not go down well. I really do like using Inkscape however lacking something so basic is the painful reason we have to pay for corel draw "spit spit". Open source stuff often has the issue of people working on exciting features and code, no-one is made to do the dull stuff and so it sometimes gets left behind. I'm the same, I often help out with open source projects, I never take on the boring code!


inkscape featues

Can I underline text yet, or do I still have to create a separate line and position it somewhere near?

Printable mini-display tech draws power from NFC devices



you mean like like etch a sketch 2.0

Google Instant Pages: Search sites rendered before you click


Prerender? That's the catchy term they use

Now try reading about what it actually does, it pre downloads the resources in the background.


It's not going to virusicate you.

Come on, it's not going to open and run the page automatically, chill with the end of the world dramatics, you will not be virus infested by this it's going to do just step one in that it will download the page data, images etc, it will only render that data and run any script on the page if you actually click the link.



Isn't it pretty much what the fasterfox plugin has been doing for years, but for any site you go to. So maybe it doesn't predict what you're going to click but it's pretty much the same thing. I can see it being harsh on bandwidth costs for high ranking websites unless google pump over the google cached stuff in the background, then when clicking you pull the latest page data but much of your images etc will be there instantly. As much as these people above shout about it, they do want pages instantly and with a little effort to ensure no-one is getting stung for it it should be a good feature.

Service Birmingham offshores IT jobs


my systems!

I wrote all the systems used in the print units created specifically for the service birmingham contract. I wonder if all my comedy code will now be manhandled thousands of miles away... perhaps I can get some contract work out of this to do training, what's the weather like in india at the moment?


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