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Much better wireless power transmission possible - boffins

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Didn't Telsa plan to build a global power transmission system from Long Island? I think that he probably completed it and that it was used as part of the Philadephia Experiment. The US military are probably a bit strapped and trying to release it commercially now.

Archos 70 Android 7in tablet

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I've got an Archos 101...

And I think it's pretty good for the money. I bought it instead of a kindle because safari bookshelf doesn't play nicely with them. But actually, it's a whole lot more useful than that, and since the IPlayer app came out, I've even been watching a fair bit of telly on it.

Ok, so you have to mess about a little to get android market on it, but I'm a techie, so I'm not adverse to a noodle. Unlike all those iOS lusers...