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Nokia tries its luck with a sub-£150 Win Phone 8: The Lumia 620


Re: How much RAM?

Yes, but before people post stuff on forums such as this don't they do any research first or just bang away a post in two secs...?

Microsoft may be readying Outlook for ARM – or not

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Re: Surface RT Plus / Surface RT Home & Business Edition

Yep, totally agree. MS has shot them selves in the foot with this one. They are trying to preach to everyone as the only totally (going forward) vertical cross product OS, Tablet to PC, and then totally cripple the RT. They should have left it open and then allowed anyone to cross migrate any application the market wanted instead of trying to copy Apple into wall gardening it.

Now they have the worst of both worlds. A cheapish crippled RT and expensive full blown Surface Tablet. When they announced Windows ARM a few rears ago I thought at last they are attempting to change direction and move forward with the OS however it seems the old MS just can't let Intel go..

Review: Vodafone Smart Tab II 7 budget 3G tablet


Re: Tether

Seen this statement so many times. (shakes head), Sure you don't see the need, everybody is different though and thats why they offer 3G Tablets (and there is a market)

I only want to carry one item around with me and also have a better viewing experience at the same time for watching films, videos, and browsing etc so went for a 7' tablet. More than happy and it does voice calls as well if I need to..

Samsung grabs 'World's biggest handset-maker' title off Nokia

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Re: Nokia

Sorry I see these arguments all time and don't agree. A the moment Microsoft is the only OS provider that is a least trying to produce a vertical one all the way from Phone, Tablet, to PC. They WILL gain traction because they have bottomless pockets to try , try again. Secondly HAVE to stop the the PC market potentially being taken from under them which could affect their core business (at the moment the desktop market).

Buying phones is in a way a sentiment decision and based on recommendations/word of mouth, At the moment it is against windows so people perceive it as a duff choice however once the 'fatal flaws' (your words) are ironed out and the tide changes the genuine difference advantage (Tiles, whether you like them or not) will be appreciated as a plus in the market place.

MS has been around to long and to much to lose..

Google Nexus 7 blighted by brightness blunder


Re: Typical lazy Google...

if thats the case you are not using a 7' tab for its intended market. i.e a 'Portable' tablet.. 10' is just to big to carry around all the time

Everybody is different and has different uses for similar products...thank goodness

Google Nexus 7 Android tablet



Yup 3G on a 7' portable Tablet is high on the must list. Not so much on a 10' which is more (on average) a home based device..

I carry my 7' tab everywhere as portable office instead of a smart phone. Use a very old Nokia 6210 for basic voice duties due fantastic battery life and size. Slightly unusual set up maybe but works for me

Google Nexus 7 price, details confirmed in pre-I/O leak


Re: no... nothin

Err...7' Tabs MUST have GPS and 3G to be genuinely useful

Mine goes everywhere with me. Used as a phone (although mainly texting), On the move mail, Calendar, Organizer, Map reader, Car Navigation etc..Same size as a Filofax and infinitely more useful. nobody complained about carrying them around..

The whole point of 7' size tabs is their portability otherwise get a 10' one. Heck it will even slip into my other-halfs handbag if ask nicely...

No SD card is also a bit of a bummer as well..7' Tabs also make very nice portable music/movie players..

Kia Rio 1.1 CRDi EcoDynamics


@ Bodhi

Sounds better if you put it at 3 pounds a day..

Thats 100 pounds a month (nearly), a not small sum for most people. Then there is the free road tax..thats probably another 20 (?) quid a month saving at least... All adds up

Raspberry Pi Linux micro machine enters mass production

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Re: Dumb Question

Guessing its really an OEM product. You will probably be able to buy this at for example Maplins with a case..

Dell flees netbook market, dumps Minis


@Anonymous 1V @Sir Wiggum

So the demise of Netbooks is All Microsoft's Fault?

No problems with the useless screen size/resolution, the minuscule keyboard, the lack of an optical drive? Oh, OK, then.


Err yes, between Intel and MS at the start they disallowed any screen resolution beyond 1024 x 600, mandated a crippled OS, MS Starter etc.. Anything basically that would like likely cannibalize more expensive laptops sales.

Keyboards are fine and why do you need a Optical drive ? if your desperate use a portable USB plugin one.

Some tablets have better screen resolutions than Netbooks, a ridiculous state of affairs...


No one with a clue buys a Netbook → #

Most Stupid comment of the day award goes to....

Shouldn't let the under 10s at a keyboard.

Google opens Android music store in iTunes' face


Re:@ Petur @stephen 1

No your comment was fail..did the OP state to only to a phone..?

This will stream to your computer, laptop, through to your AV 5.1 surround system etc.

Android 'stands on Microsoft's shoulders', says MS lawyer


Re: please tell → #

For the same reason USB drives use FAT based file system. Its supported by virtually all existing operating systems so making data transfer between any machine/computer trivial. This could be from a full PC to an MP3 Player

FATs not going away anytime soon even though MS has deprecated it as you say

Applied Micro leaps ahead in ARM server race


Re: Intel

But why would they...The Server is a huge market for Intel (x86). If they try and license ARM by producing their own version they would also be shooting their own legs from under themselves in the desktop market.

The restriction on X86 and Legacy apps are the only thing keeping Intel ahead of the competition, They are not going to create a bridgehead with a self produced ARM server CPU

Earth escapes obliteration by comet

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Its broken up due to the gravitational forces of entering the solar system. (The sun mostly). Its more common than you think. A lot of our meteor showers are the legacy of disintegrated comets.

Deep inside ARM's new Intel killer

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Re: That's all very well, but... #

As with all company PR announcements they are obviously pre-planned so the market tends to adjust prices to them before they go live. This restricts the amount of price fluctuations that happen.

In ARMs case would seem it went slightly down which would indicate that the market anticipated it pretty well.


Re : This will make some very hairy scheduling algorithms

The CPU changeover will be transparent to the OS so no extra coding required. The cores themselves have been designed to be identical from an external point of view so its just like any other quad/dual processor

Microsoft milks Casio for using Linux


Re: Greed is good? Yes, I think so.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but are you saying that "RBS, Bear Stearns, JP Morgan, Barclays, HSBC, and the thousands of other companies" are shedding staff because they're making money?


Well the last couple of years seem to have gone right over your head.

They did indeed try and make money, unfortunately too much and it blew up in their face. We have unfortunately got the crap end and paying for it. (and ironically paying them off as well).That why they they are shedding jobs as you say. Entirely self created scenario.

As for MS, Apple etc. this sue you/me and the dog is a relatively new phenomenon in software patents and just a self perpetuating merry-go-round...they should be heavily restricted or at least have reduced validity period

Hands on with the Windows 8 fondleslab


Another year or so?

Not disagreeing with the sentiment of your post but the time scale is a lot off. The PR statement on Haswell is a typical piece of Intel smoke and mirrors.

The 20x power reduction is a simply an impossible reduction in less than two years. If you read through the article it doesn't include when CPU is actually running (ie its a Idle figure), requires optimized full SSDs, Screens etc from third party vendors etc. Your looking here at phone design/territory where in a full idle shutdown it will do quite a few days running. For a tablet and not phone that is a highly misleading comparison without any requirement to be 'always on' for incoming calls etc.

Operating in normal use however its still going to be only around 12 hours or so. Maybe some more maybe less...The current Intel designs are still lagging ARM still by a significant margin in power consumption and so they are still playing catchup

Winter for webOS, winter for Droid, but springtime for iPad!


RE: By that, they mean.@Lusty

The other posts beat me to the 3 minute Google search on per-existing tablet designs

The main point however is that as a typical Apple Sheep you believe everything they feed you. Do some of your own research first instead of taking a pro Apple site as evidence/fact..

Apollo 17 Moon landing: Shock revelations


Re: I have no doubt at all that astronauts walked on the moon

Well gaging by the replies to your post it looks like back to photography school for you as seem to know a lot less on how your camera functions than you claim.

Which about sums up all conspiracy theorists..a little knowledge is a dangerous thing...

The fact we went to the moon is Indisputable, for on reason only. It was tracked all the way there and back by the Americans, British, Aussies, Russians and in fact anybody with a decent knowledge and access to relevant radio equipment.

Unless you are suggesting we were all in on it as well...

'Apple is not going to change,' new boss says


Re: Also, → #

As general business comment entirely agree.

However,,..This statement wasn't meant for general consumption. It was purely issued for investors/ the Stock market straight after Jobs announced his retirement

Re-assurance is the word...Business as normal

ARM vet: The CPU's future is threatened


Re: Apples and oranges, chalk and cheese, ARM and x86 #

You make some good points however I wouldn't say the X86 was SOC in a conventional sense. Its just that everybody expects the CPU to to provide more features through the years as part of the basic 'brain'. For example early on hardware co-processor was developed/offered for floating point maths. Now its standard part of x86 and most CPUs.

The ARM is well advanced on this due its small size and and variety of developers all wanting different features. An ARM SOC is likely to have a GPU, custom DSPs, and most of the associated buswork etc. Basically a full chipset which the x86/Intel is only just started fabbing.

On a related note and and in response to some other comments. As Intel has noted to their great cost (in dollars) it is far far easier building up from a very efficient chip adding stuff as required and keeping power consumption down in the process by optimizing than the reverse process. This is constantly keeping ARM ahead with faster cleaner development etc and suspect will do for some time. Secondly variety is the spice of life as they say, With Nvidia, Qualcomm, Samsung etc. all competing now better than ever (Dual core/Quad core etc..) its pushing speeds along even faster.

Has Google wasted $12bn on a dud patent poker-chip?


Lack of long term analysis alert...

This article is completely from the hip and lacking any long term thought

Nortel is sold for 6 billion too MS et al for approx 6,000 patents and then Google pays 12 Billion for far more and suddenly its a bad decision ?

The hardware division is no problem either, would guess that will be sold off and a generous some of money will come back to Google and reduce the overall sum making it an even better deal.

Finally you do not need corresponding patents in patent war, its more a case of you you settle out of court and play (pay) the patents of each other until you come to a middle of the road settlement. The actual patents don't have to be directly connected and can between totally separate products/divisions..

Samsung NS310 netbook


Same again Sam

Yet another (despite the article refute) samey Atom/1024 x 600 Netbook at a ridiculous price

Its a few years now since they were introduced and you'd be hard pushed to see any technological progress since the first Aspire One/ASUS Eee PC

Where is the innovation ? MS and Intel are partly to blame here with their crippled restrictions on Widows and screen size

Its not the tablets thats killing the Netbook, its the lack of advance from the original concept. By now we should be having 1280×720 and at least comfortable HD decode/output...

BT cheerfully admits snooping on customer LANs


Re: I disagree with almost everyone!

But do you seriously expect it to stop at that ? This is BT remember who saw nothing illegal in Phorm until advised otherwise

Its situations such as these that constantly erode privacy etc. The actual initial 'feature' is usually some innocent sounding benefit, then the next feature is added, then the next etc

Mission Creep (in military terms) is the problem

HP exec: WebOS tablet will trounce iPad


Re: Branding? Should have kept "Palm"

'HP is not a sexy brand name. It never will be. While Palm wasn't exactly sexy it at least has a great reputation among business, and had a chance to invent an image for itself with the non-business consumer.'

Thats a shame 'cause HP or at least Hewlet Packard used to be a very high quality name, probably as good as Apple however they decide to go after the large PC market while trying to maintain the 'Brand' when they took over Compaq.....

The rest is history


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