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As anti-brutality protests fill streets of American cities, netizens cram police app with K-Pop, airwaves with NWA


To scare .....

Antifa has become a term to scare the weak minded, petty, fearful and hateful in America.

A target for those people

Usually the old and the ignorant.

And mostly Republican/Conservative and the Cult of Truimp1.

It's just "red meat" to feed the animals.

And then to distract from the ineptness and incompetence that is the President of the U.S..

One man is standing up to Donald Trump's ban on US chip tech going to Huawei. That man... is Donald Trump


Re: The US is important, but not important enough to be able to destroy China's tech industry.

You may not be able to hear it yet anywhere else in the world, but here in the U.S. the sucking sound is getting deafening.

B-but it doesn't get viruses! Not so, Apple fanbois: Mac malware is growing faster than nasties going for Windows


Re: Technically...

Until you get some know it all young person, who knows better then everyone else, comes along and decides that decades long meanings of words are wrong.

Bada Bing, bada bork: Windows 10 is not happy, and Microsoft's search engine has something to do with it


Re: This is Mircosoft after all

After what, 30 years of development .....


Yes I fucking do.

Or at least that it not break all the damn time.


Re: Of all the timings

" ... "dog ate my homework" explanation ... "

When it is actually the truth, and they don't believe you ...

... show them the damn dog and let them try to get it back themselves.


I don't think ...

I don't think that I have ever looked for a program ( app ) any other way then thru the "start menu".

And I haven't had any desktop icons of them either in years.

But then I don't have a lot of useless crap on my computers either.

Not using the "start menu" ...

Huh, imagine that.


Re: Yep

" ... because the Start menus make little sense ... "

Well then just customize ........

Oh wait .....

Sorry ......

I forgot we're talking about Windows.

Never mind.

China tells America, with a straight face, it will absolutely crack down on hacking and copyright, tech blueprint theft


Re: China will honor patents, copyrights, etc.....

See the problem here is .......

That your effing crazy Uncle Larry actually does.

Because Hair Fooler said so.

A sprinkling of Star Wars and a dash of Jedi equals a slightly underbaked Rise Of Skywalker


What did you expect .......

" ... hoping for a satisfying conclusion to 42 years of cinema trips. ... "

But that's the problem. You go see a movie with expectations. YOUR expectations.

And when they are not met .....

" ... stamp our feet like petulant toddlers ... "

I saw it today. My reaction? .......................

I will be renting the DVD to see it again. Yes I will be.

Hell I may even buy a copy.

Did I have expectations?

Why yes. Yes I did.

I expected to see a movie. Expectation met.

I expected to see a Star Wars movie. Expectation met.

I expected to be entertained. Expectation met.

It cost me $30 plus effing US. Expectation met. ( Goodies from the concession stand included ).

If you expected more, then I'm sorry ( actually no I'm effing not ). But it was you that was disappointed, and not the movies fault.

Your expectations.

Your disappointment.

Own it.

Vivaldi opens up an exciting new front in the browser wars, seeks to get around blocking with cunning code


Re: A Ubiquitous Weapon for Mass Distraction and Destruction and Disruptive Creation?

" ... Ubiquitous Weapon for Mass Distraction and Destruction and Disruptive Creation ... "


Wouldn't that be a close descriptive approximation of the current President of the United States of America?

Crossing the platforms: The Register checks in with Canonical's WSL alternative – Multipass


Which, of course ...

.... raises the question of what exactly the point is of Multipass?



And now Multipass?

Because it's not ours!

And we know how well the first two worked out ( discontinued ).

I guess when you don't remember history ( that you have repeated several times ) ......

Oh well.

Microsoft enables phone calls from your Windows PC (as long as it's paired with an Android)


Re: Why?

Because that would require way to much psychical effort.

Americans should have strong privacy-protecting encryption ...that the Feds and cops can break, say senators


What is it ....

that these people don't understand?

1) If the Cops and Feds can " break" it, then so can just about anybody else.

2) that if anyone can break it, then it's not "strong".

Oh wait ....

I forgot it says .....


Well that enplanes it.

They don't know jack shit about jack shit.

Two can play that game: China orders ban on US computers and software


Re: Bah!

" ... now they are paying all those tariffs ... "

Who is paying for those tariffs?

I think that you are confused.


Re: Ah the great orange one...

Offered work?


He doesn't know what the word means. So actually doing it is out of the question


Re: Typical Chinese

" ... Thank the lord the US has a level headed POTUS ... "

I'm sorry. I'm an American. And just who is this person of which you speak? Because I don't know anyone like that holding the office.

Oh wait.

That was sarcasm.



Re: The year of the Linux desktop

" ... You're thinking of Red Star ... "



Yes, yes I know it's Wikipedia. But it was at the top of a simple Google search that returned ....

" ... About 47,800,000 results (0.45 seconds) ... "


Re: We're all doomed

" ... inspite of Trump ... "

That is the key phrase. And at least he hasn't broken it. Yet.

" ... those migrant caravans ... "

Caravans. Now that's a tricky word.

Yes there are a number of people in them. But the vast majority are not actually trying to "come" ( and the majority of them are trying to come legally ). But are being aided by a large number of people trying to help them with food, water and safety. A number that ebbs and flows. And simply disappears when it gets here. And the horde ( thousands ) becomes a mere few hundred.

So words caravan and horde are mostly used to keep the Cult of Trump, the frightened and the racist pumped up. So that the xenophobia can be kept high. And the distractions can hide, cover the rest of the shit that's going on.


Re: China already has one...

" ... so they will undoubtedly have non-Chinese components. ... "

Components that the U.S. has absolutely no control over. None, Zero. Zip. Nota.

And they can't keep code that was, is developed by American citizens, companies out of it.

Because it is not "put" into Linux by them. The code that is written by U.S. sources is simply written and released into the wild. And is then either put in by someone else or not. Which again the U.S. has no control over.

So China will continue to be free to use any "non-Chinese components".

Amazon: Trump photon-torpedoed our $10bn JEDI dream because he hates CEO Jeff Bezos


Re: How To Win Friends And Influence

" ... and obviously the impeachment will fail ... "

Actually no it won't.

And you assertion that it will fail is flawed for one of the fallowing reasons .......

1) You haven't been paying attention.

2) That you belong to the Cult of Trump.

3) That you don't understand how the process works.

Impeachment is the House of Representatives finding facts ( and at this point, legally they are facts ) and indicting ( impeaching ) him.

Which to anyone paying attention is clearly going to happen.

So yes he will be Impeached ( at least that's my impression ).

Then we move to the Senate. Where he will be tried in front of the Chief Just of the Supreme Court of the United States.To be judged by the members of the Senate. And the Senate will vote to remove him or not. Which in my opinion they will not.

And they will not remove him simply because of party. And not in any way based on facts, evidence, testamony or the laws of the United States.

So yes he WILL be impeached. Just like Clinton was impeached.


Because Trump .....

... because he hates CEO Jeff Bezos ... "

Well no shit!

Bezos is actually rich. Where as Trump is ..............

well who knows what Trump actually is.

Oracle and Google will fight in court over Java AGAIN and this time it's going to the Supremes


Re: From the principles it is the exactly same setting.

But SCO didn't, doesn't own Unix.

I spent way, way to many hours at Groklaw.

And anything that they did own that might be in Linux, they put their themselves. All under the GPL. And then gave away, sold their version of Linux ( as United Linux and SCO Linux. Both of which I used to own copies of. ).

And Google did ask Sun if it was okay to use Java. And Sun ( the CEO ) said yes. So in theory, Goolge had permission to use it.

Larry is just a greedy, arrogant, egomaniac who thinks that his money makes him special.

Is this paragraph from Trump or an AI bot? You decide, plus buy your own AI for $399


My guess was .............

that it was done by an AI.

It was way,way to coherent to have actually been Trump.

Cyber-security super-brain Rudy Giuliani forgets password, bricks iPhone, begs Apple Store staff for help


Re: ?!??!?


No one that I know anyway.

AMD sees Ryzen PCs sold with its CPUs in Europe as Intel shortages persist


Re: Intel contraints

So a folding desktop.

One with a larger footprint on the desk.

A way, way smaller screen ( until you plug it into a "desktop" monitor. ).

Then you need to add a keyboard and mouse ( unless you keep it open. Yes, yes, a second monitor and all that. )

So it's a desktop?

Just in a different form factor?

It's portable?

And is much, much easier for someone to steal.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Nothing's certain except death and patches – so that 'final' Windows 10 19H2 build isn't really


Windows 10 will be .....

... the last Windows version.

Because they will never get it right.

Linux 5.3 kernel bundles new, cuddlier, swear-free Torvalds with AMD Radeon Navi graphics support



Because he's new and shiny?

And we have to have our new and shiny.

Biz forked out $115k to tout 'Time AI' crypto at Black Hat. Now it sues organizers because hackers heckled it


Re: If only...

" ... what kind of inane blathering is that? ... "

This kind ....

" ... Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. ...

The keyword .............. CONGRESS.

You know, the part of the U.S. Government that actually is charged with making laws?

US regulators push back against White House plan to police social media censorship


Re: Looney Tunes

Pssssstttttttttttttt .................

The Earth is round.

There is no "edge".

And tinfoil hats only allow the Sun to bake your brain.


Re: At least Boris is intelligent.

I have.

And mine wins.


Re: nothing can eclipse the constitution. Nothing.

So he needs a gun to protect himself?

From who or what?

Or is his penis size enhanced by the number of guns he has?


Re: nothing can eclipse the constitution. Nothing.

Unlike the morons that place a higher value on their gun then they do on human life.

So that they can protect themselves from ..........

Who, or what exactly?


Re: Except ...

" ... Important note: Trump beat Hillary. ... "

Donald J. Trump Republican 62,980,160

Hillary R. Clinton Democratic 65,845,063

So let's do some math here .............

Ummmmm .............

Okay .....

That's a difference of 2,864,903 votes for ...........

OH GOD NO!! Hillary Clinton!!! WTF? Clinton actually won?

Isn't the person that who gets the most votes SUPPOSED to win?

So no, actually he didn't.

EFF the E.C..

Oh, and by the way 8.810.884 more Americans voted AGAINST Trump, then voted for Trump.

So .................................. ?


Re: Except ...


That says a lot about you.

That you are willing to vote for a known lying, adulterous, narcissistic, egomaniac, xenophobic "scum bag".

I bet your mother is proud of you.


Re: Except ...

You mean "leftist" ideas like ...

Not locking up children in cages, indifferently?

Sane gun laws ( NO! We NO NOT WANT TO TAKE YOU GUNS AWAY! )? ( The VAST majority of Americans back universal background checks and a ban on military type weapons )

Not going bankrupt because of catastrophic illness.

Help for those with mental health issues?

And you know, other "social" ( socialists? ) issues?

" ... there's nobody in the democrats line up who stands a chance against him ... "

Do you know that of the top 4 Democrats, the polls show that all of them lead him by at least 7%? At least two of them by double digits ( 20% )? You mean THOSE Democrats?

Let's see what the sweet, kind, new Microsoft that everyone loves is up to. Ah yes, forcing more Office home users into annual subscriptions



" ... Apart from achieving senescence, ... "

What makes you think that this statement applies to Microsoft and Office?

Please provide proof that this is in fact true.


Re: What a shock!

" ... Who would have thought it? ... "

Ummmmm ..........



And people still believe that Microsoft aren't the Evil Empire?

< scratching head and asking..... >




Ohm my God: If you let anyone other than Apple replace your recent iPhone's battery, expect to be nagged by iOS


Re: Apple Shmapple

" ... an still don't pass up that poison apple ... "

The problem is that they won't accept that the apple IS actually poisoned.

And there is no way to convince them it is.

Even after they have eaten it and died.


Re: seriously...

Somewhere at the end of the second millennium after hell freezes over?


Re: Quality Control

" ... They normally have a better idea about how to fix these things. ... "

And they can and will fix it. Even when Apple says that they can't or won't.


Re: Consumer Choice

" ... Nobody is forced to buy an iPhone. ... "

No we're not.

But we are forced to sit here and listen to those that have drank the Kool-Aid spew their fanboy bullshit.

Low Barr: Don't give me that crap about security, just put the backdoors in the encryption, roars US Attorney General



No, actually I don't believe that at all.

On any given day, at any given minute, all I have to do is to listen to whoever it is from the Trump Administration that is speaking,

And all doubt vanishes.

It's Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Tech industry speaks its brains on Brexit-monger's victory


Isn't that something like those of us that live near Seattle, Washington USA telling everyone that it rains everyday. And then inviting them here during the "wet season" ( pick one, any one, they are all wet. wink, wink, nudge, nudge ) to prove that it does. And then they stay away.


Re: *

I have been told that Ivanka is a childs version of Ivana.

And that she is, in fact named after her mother.


Re: *

" ... Who is this "Ivanka Trump" anyway? ... "

An American version of a Princess, who if I recall correctly is also known by the nickname of ....

"Feckless C*nt".


Re: Disaster

Apparently that " watery tart " was a better judge of character then the current inhabitants of the country.

Too hot to handle? Raspberry Pi 4 fans left wondering if kit should come with a heatsink


So .....

So a CPU gets hot when used?

No shit.

Who knew.

The pro-privacy Browser Act has re-appeared in US Congress. But why does everyone except right-wing trolls hate it?


Re: "it would make the process for gathering and using user data opt-in"

Pop-ups are not there so you CAN opt-in.

They are there to annoy you so much that you just click on the "x" in the corner to make it just go the eff away.

At which time they take that action as "opting-in", instead of the .....


... action that it actually is.


Re: Thank you!

" .. left's identitarian politics ... "

See here's where people show who it actually it is that uses "identity" in their politics

As an example, being "left" ....

I see two ADULTS, in a loving, caring, committed relationship that want to get married. And I say, sure why not?

And on the "right", the question asked is are they "gay" or "lesbian"? Fallowed by all kinds of BS as to why they shouldn't be afforded the same opportunity.

The same question that was asked about "race". One was a person of color ( other then white ) and the other was a person of color ( white ).

Who was/is it that is actually writing laws based on "identity"? To keep someone from marrying? To keep someones vote from counting? The northern border of the U.S. is just as, if not more so, porous as the southern one, but the problem is with the southern one because of "identity".

So just who is it practicing "identitarian politics"? Not me, the "leftie" I really don't give a shit "what/who" they are. But you do. I'm not "identifying" them. you are.

" ... unable to understand any point of view ... "

Sorry. I actually do understand your point of view. And I defend your right to have and express it. I just think that it's a effed up point of view. And I have the right to call it and you out on it.



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