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Microsoft quietly delivers Windows 11 Enterprise VMs for devs


Huh? What?

" ... Microsoft suggests the VMs might be just the thing if you want to "start building Windows applications quickly by using a virtual machine with the latest versions of Windows, the developer tools, SDKs, and samples ready to go". ... "

Microsoft is suggesting that Windows devs might want to run Windows in a VM on Windows?


So are they saying that Windows is such a bad OS to develop Windows on, that you should run it in a VM, so that it doesn't fuck up your Windows install?

< raises eyebrow >

< shakes head >


Intel audio drivers give Windows 11 the blues and Microsoft Installer borked following security update


Re: Audio

The problem is, that it is still as bad as it was.

Just in different ways.

And that difference doesn't change their history.

Nor change what it is today.

It's still Microsoft.

It's still Windows.

And it's still the same old shit.


Re: Audio

" ... (if you are lucky and Windows just doesn't go to bluescreen)."

Oh please. ... "

So you have a problem with history and reality?


Ubuntu desktop team teases 'proof of concept' systemd on Windows Subsystem for Linux


Re: Sad

" ... (oh, I almost forgot -- fuck systemd! ) ... "


What you said.


Re: OK


Go ahead and say it.

They need to be reminded that you did.

A Windows 11 tsunami? No, more of a ripple as Microsoft's latest OS hits 5% PC market


Re: Ha, ha, the bias is showing

" ... but those are hard-core factual numbers. ... "

But then, they are irrelevant "factual numbers".

And I'm guessing that it's just an excuse to bash Linux.

Windows 11 Paint: Oh look – rounded corners. And it is prettier... but slightly worse


For me the fact that it's Windows is enough.

I don't need any other excuse.


I find myself randomly right clicking on occasions.

Drives me nuts.

Ubuntu 21.10 brings GNOME 40 debut and a focus on devs


People actually .................

People actually use Ubuntu?


Last time I used it was 6.something.

And had a silly ass animal name?

And NO, I don't use Arch.

Oh, and doesn't WSL stand for "Windows Sucks ( use ) Linux!" ?

Windows 11 in detail: Incremental upgrade spoilt by onerous system requirements and usability mis-steps


Re: One convenience wanted....

" ... is there an "easy"--and *complete*--way to disable all telemetry? ... "


Stop using Windows.


Re: New version of Windows? Yay!

But Windows 10 will be the last version ever.

Ummm .......


Not so much.


Not quite business as usual for Microsoft

Ummmmm ..................


Sounds like the usual Microsoft to me.

30+ years of Microsoft history says otherwise.

Anonymous: We've leaked disk images stolen from far-right-friendly web host Epik



The Constitution.

And the only entity that it expressly prohibits from doing it is ...................


From me doing it?


Not so much.

Freedom FROM speech, is my right to freedom OF speech.

Just like my right to freedom FROM religion is my right to freedom OF religion.

It's not really a hard concept to understand.

Well for some it appears to be.


Re: Indeed


Then I can exercise my right to free speech without fear of you reporting me for it.

Ignorant asshole!

And yes, exercising the same rights as you do IS OKAY.



Re: Indeed


But the 1st Amendment doesn't apply to me "censoring" or "canceling" speech that I disagree with.

And that's where people get free speech wrong.

I am actually exercising my right to do it.

Constitution is very clear who your speech is protected from.

It's the first word of the 1st Amendment .................


My name is not, nor am I CONGRESS.

So I am not prohibited from kicking your ass because you said something that I disagree with.

Assault laws do.

But not the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.


The problem is that most people that whine about free speech is that they don't actually know what it is.

Or who it protects them from.

And the answer is the very first word of the 1st Amendment .................


Your right to free speech doesn't cover me kicking your ass for saying something stupid.

No it doesn't.

There are laws against assault that keep me from doing it.

But your right to free speech isn't one of them.


Re: anon who?


It was a mess from the start.

And that's what makes it genius .


Re: anon who?

Woke is just a meaningless word invented, and used by ignorant people, who don't actually have an actual argument against whatever it is that they claim is "woke".

I'm woke.


But what's your actual argument against it ( whatever it is that makes me woke )?

Come on.

I'm waiting.

Crickets ...................................

Texas law banning platforms from social media moderation challenged in lawsuit





Re: In the meantime they will have to get ready to implement the law

Put them in stocks, in public.

And let people throw shit ( literal and figurative ) at them for a week or two?


Take away their toys.


Re: Texas is amazing...

So in Australia, if I fart in your house, and one of you guests runs out to avoid the smell, YOU are responsible for my fart?



Re: Fog of War

Oh, any right-wing propaganda outlet that you choose to visit.

Ones where ignorant people go to validate and have their ignorance enabled.


Re: Fog of War

The system has it's faults.

But it is NOT a mess.

And it is the very same system that Trump used to get elected.

The ONLY reason anyone is saying that it is a mess, are delusional, conspiracy theory believers that that have trouble believing that there is no way that Trump could have actually lost.

Thus denying reality because it doesn't fit their agenda.


Re: Someone


That's just YOUR opinion of what they are trying to be.

No shoes.

No shirt.


Those are terms that you agree to when you enter.

In this case it's TOS.

And they are terms that YOU agreed to when you started using their service.

Didn't read them?

Not their fault.

You are still bound to and by them.

Active or passive.

Just NOT relevant.


Re: persecution

" ... "wackos" to be of any relevance ... "

And that is EXACTLY what my opinion of them is.

So it is relevant.


Re: Virtue signaling

Yep he does.

Because as far as I can tell, he's just as big a myth as the other two.

Sorry, just exercising MY right to freedom of religion.

Or more specifically, my lack of religion.

Which is also covered by the Constitution.


Re: Monopolies

But they don't.

And that's the point.

So if they don't, they aren't.


Re: Conflicted

But I'm not a Texan nor a Conservative, and FB has censored me.


An agreement that I knowingly accepted when I joined.

How is that a violation of my freedom of speech?


Re: Forced speech

So how are they not an "active" host?

Why must they be either ...............

"passive host" and be covered.

OR ........

"active publishers " and not be?

I'm an "active" guest.

Am I not covered?

I'm what's known by many Republicans/Conservatives as a .........

Communists, Socialist, Marxist, Fascist. Better known as a Liberal, Progressive, Democrat.

And have been censored, BANNED by/from more the one "social media" outlet.

And my "freedom of speech" was NOT violated.

I broke the TOS that I agreed to.

And accepted the KNOWN results of doing so.

But then I'm an actual adult.

Responsible for my actions, words.

And many, many of those doing the whining are neither.


Re: Forced speech

" ... "Internet company", or are they press ... "

So if I as a person make a post online ...................

Am I still a "person" or am I the "press"?

Facebook is a telephone pole.

It's their pole, and they can take down anything they don't want on it.

Or leave anything that they want to on it.

Or the side of a building.


Re: Forced speech

" ... why is it simply ASSUMED to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL ... "

Oh I don't know.

How about, because Texas is trying to deny Facebook's freedom of speech?

While Facebook is clearly NOT denying anyone's.

Facebook is NOT the Government.

It's my house.

If I don't want you spewing bullshit in it, I will ask nicely to leave.

If you don't, and you continue, I will tell you, NOT nicely to leave.

If you don't, your sorry ass is going to jail.

Freedom of speech, like freedom of religion also includes freedom from they.

I have the right to be free FROM your bullshit religion AND speech.

And you have the right, the freedom,to take it somewhere else.

It's not really a hard concept to understand.

Well, I guess it is if only YOU right to freedom of speech is protected, and fuck mine.

Magna Carta mayhem: Protesters lay siege to Edinburgh Castle, citing obscure Latin text that has never applied in Scotland


Re: Sumption is wrong

Well please list these times that he did.

And the specific article that he did.

Oh wait.

You can't.

Because you have neve reat the Constitution.

Then let's compare that list to the list of times and things that Trump violated.

Oh and ...........


Nothing's certain except death and patches – so that 'final' Windows 10 19H2 build isn't really


Re: Windows 10 will be .....

Yet here we are, almost 2 years later.

And we now have ( almost ) Windows 11.

Why because they will never get Windows 10 right.


And Microsoft's own Linux distro too?

Well, well.

Microsoft to require proof of vaccination from on-site staff, pushes back full reopening


Re: What a busy day you have had !!! :)

Because you are.

And it's not that I'm convinced.

Because reality.


I'm sure that the families of the dead in your age group will me happy to hear that number.


" ... What's up, scared of the needle? ... "

Why yes actually I am.

To the point of having an anxiety attack that scares people around me.

And having to have TWO of them makes it fucking worse.

But it's not relevant.

Because becoming infected and possibly DYING frightens me even more.

Oh and thank you for asking!


" ... except I've already got kids, so point is kinda moot ... '

Except that if you give it to your kids and they die from it.

Thus removing your genes from the pool.

Making that part of your argument moot.


Re: hold up

The problem is that you look at numbers that are not relevant, the 10% being an example.

And ignore the 613,000+ number of dead in just the U.S..

Try telling the fiends and families of those people that those numbers are aren't relevant.


" ... those concerned about the erosion of one personal liberty ... "

Because it's not.

And IF it is, it erodes MY "personal liberty" to not be infected by them.

So as an excuse, the "personal liberty" excuse is bullshit.


When people stop being stupid, ignorant or both.


Re: hold up

It's not "forcing" anyone.

Want to work here, get vaccinated.

Don't want to get vaccinated, then you can't work here.


It's you right.

And I respect it.

It's my right to insist that you be vaccinated to work at my company.


And then respect the rights of my employees to not be infected by someone that isn't vaccinated.

That's why the "respect my rights" bullshit is just that ...........


No shoes.

No shirt.

No vaccine.

No service.

Florida Man sues Facebook, Twitter, YouTube for account ban


Re: Surprised it took this long

He's had his license revoked. And can't "practice" law. But as faer As I know, the Bar hasn't thrown him out yet.

I could be wrong.

I'd love to be wrong.

But I don't think sp.


Partial beer print horror as Microsoft's printer bug fix, er, doesn't


Re: @Adrian 4 - Don't worry!

And that's why I stopped using Windows many, many years ago.

Because it wasn't "fine".

And it still isn't.

Drone smashes through helicopter's windscreen and injures passenger


Smacked by ....

" ... seeing the drone get “smacked” by the hovering helicopter. ... "

So just how does a drone get "smacked" BY a "hovering" helicopter?

As anti-brutality protests fill streets of American cities, netizens cram police app with K-Pop, airwaves with NWA


To scare .....

Antifa has become a term to scare the weak minded, petty, fearful and hateful in America.

A target for those people

Usually the old and the ignorant.

And mostly Republican/Conservative and the Cult of Truimp1.

It's just "red meat" to feed the animals.

And then to distract from the ineptness and incompetence that is the President of the U.S..

One man is standing up to Donald Trump's ban on US chip tech going to Huawei. That man... is Donald Trump


Re: The US is important, but not important enough to be able to destroy China's tech industry.

You may not be able to hear it yet anywhere else in the world, but here in the U.S. the sucking sound is getting deafening.

B-but it doesn't get viruses! Not so, Apple fanbois: Mac malware is growing faster than nasties going for Windows


Re: Technically...

Until you get some know it all young person, who knows better then everyone else, comes along and decides that decades long meanings of words are wrong.

Bada Bing, bada bork: Windows 10 is not happy, and Microsoft's search engine has something to do with it


Re: This is Mircosoft after all

After what, 30 years of development .....


Yes I fucking do.

Or at least that it not break all the damn time.


Re: Of all the timings

" ... "dog ate my homework" explanation ... "

When it is actually the truth, and they don't believe you ...

... show them the damn dog and let them try to get it back themselves.



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