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Windows Subsystem for Linux now packaged as a Microsoft Store app

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Re: The other way about?

Run Windows in a VM om Linux. That way when Microsoft fucks up Windows AGAIN and kills shit, you can still use your computer.

And they WILL fuck it up again.

Three things that you can't avoid in life ................



And Windows breaking shit.

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" ... so as to not pollute my PC ... "

Yet you still choose (?) to "pollute" it with Windows.

Oh the irony.

Elon Musk issues ultimatum to Twitter staff: Go hardcore or go home

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Re: Tonight's Headline

< shakes head >

< heavy sigh >

You don't actually have to shoot AT Russia to hit Russians. Russia has in fact attacked, and is occupying the Ukraine.


GitHub's Copilot flies into its first open source copyright lawsuit

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So tell me ....................

....... just how is it that Microsoft isn't evil again/any more.

OpenPrinting keeps old printers working – even on Windows

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Re: Slight nitpicking

" ... Readers can tell Author meaning of what was written. ... "

That assumes that "readers" actually CAN read and comprehend what they read.

Some times I have my doubts that they can do neither.

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Re: The problem is usually with printers Linux never had drivers for...

" ... ("Linux or die!!!") that irritates many users. ... "

Now there you go. Trying to spoil all our fun.


Unofficial fix emerges for Windows bug abused to infect home PCs with ransomware

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< heavy sigh >


< shakes head >

Microsoft's Lennart Poettering proposes tightening up Linux boot process

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Re: Glad I'm a hoarder...

" ... You're cutting off your nose to spite your face! ... "

But I don't actually "need" my nose. And as to not having one and me looking "odd"? Have you ever seen my face?

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" ... if you have ever met Richard Stallman in the wild you would not exactly be endeared to Linux either ... "

Wellllllll ..................

I have actually met Mr. Stallman. And as to "endeared" to Linux? 2 plus decades of daily driving Linux says otherwise. I'm not forced to use anything of his. But this is an effort to force me to use Potterings, and Microsoft's shit.

And it appears that you don't understand that Mr. Stallman actually has nothing to do with Linux. GNU really has nothing to do with "Linux". GNU is just used by OS's that use the Linux "kernel". That's why "some" people insist that if you use a Linux OS that you call it GNU/Linux.

Linux, GNU are two different things.

So yes, I have met him. And usually he can fuck off just like Pottering can. And I will keep using Linux in spite of them.

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Re: "Someone points out"

" ... There are villains in this story but LP is not one of them. ... "

When you knowingly and willingly work for known "villains" that actually makes you one too.

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Fool me once- shame on me.

TRY to fool me twice ...............

Fuck off. Just fuck off!

And neither Microsoft, nor Pottering have ever fooled me.

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" ... with their rude and condescending attitudes. ... "

Well we actually wouldn't need to be, if it weren't the only way to deal with some people.

" ... Would seem to me ... "

Which is actually "rude" and "condescending". Ironic, isn't it.

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Re: TPM? No thanks

" ... a US centric ... "

As an American i resent that.

< showing my "pinkie" in your general direction >

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Re: TPM? No thanks

" ... Why not use 3? Tell him to read between the lines. ... "

Because in my opinion, I doubt that he's capable of understanding what it is that you mean. He can't see the metaphorical "lines".

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Poettering ..............

" ... Poettering ... " ?

Two words ............

Fuck Poettering!

Oh ......

And the horse that he rode in on.

Linus Torvalds to kernel devs: Grow up and stop pulling all-nighters just before deadline

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Re: Err

And you need to either suck it up, or .............................. go the fuck away.

It's NOT about YOU! And you need to learn and except it.

It's called reality. And you're just not that damn special.

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Re: Err

" ... then I would say he still doesn't understand how to manage a project. ... "

Huh, let's see.

It's his project. He's been doing it for what? THIRTY YEARS?

Sorry. It's you that doesn't know how to "manage" a project. If the boss tells you that the project is due by close of business Friday, that means that if you wait until then, YOU ARE LATE. And the rest of the team isn't going to be happy with you.

So maybe YOU should find a different job.

Laugh all you want. There will be a year of the Linux desktop

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" ... WSL standing for Windows Supersystem for Linux ... "


And here I was thinking it stood for ............... Windows SUCKS, use Linux.

Thanks a lot.

OK, Google: Why are you still pointing women at fake abortion clinics?

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Re: I agree with the Supreme Court

No. Technically it was by Executive Order of the sitting President the United States. The Emancipation Proclamation. And a war was fought over it ( And yes it was fought over that. If IRC both the President and the VP of the Confederacy both wrote that in fact was. ) You know, actual history and fact.

And then the majority of The Congress of the United States decided that it should be in the Constitution. And was ratified by the States. And is bullshit. It should have had to be.

And abortion should not have to be an Amendment to the Constitution. Choice already is. Choice is a human right. The right to control ones own body is a human right. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. And an amendment to protect those rights is insanity. Same for marriage.

Why do simple human rights need to be Amendments to the Constitution. Why should respect and dignity?

Your opinion is bullshit.

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Re: I agree with the Supreme Court


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Re: I agree with the Supreme Court

" ... Returning authority to the states is a good thing. ... "

But it's not actually returning rights to them. If it was then states that are banning abortion would actually put it on the ballot and letting the people decide. But they wont. Because they know what that vote would be.

Example: Kansas. The people just voted against a Constitutional amendment that would ban abortion.

While 13 other States aren't allowing their citizens to decide.

Oh and my Stated voted FOR term limits for those elected to represent us. Guess what, that's not the right of the citizens of my State to do.

Another example. Gun rights. Several States have voted for restrictions on gun ownership. You know sane laws. Like not letting children to buy assault style weapons. Or allow people with mental health issues ( I have such issues. And you do really not want to have a gun.).

Or how about marriage? Or adoption. You know, rights of "the gays".

And just so you know, CHOICE is a human right that is a Constitutionally protected right of women. And should NOT be decided by States. Fuck the religious radical right members of the SCotUS.

"States rights" is nothing but bullshit. It's not about rights, and States deciding them. It's about power. And a few not letting the people decide.

Put shit on the ballot, and let the people decide!

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Re: For the same reasons it deals with countries that throw gays off roofs and subjugate their women

No, actually we don't. But then you don't live in reality, so you don't see it.

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Re: For the same reasons it deals with countries that throw gays off roofs and subjugate their women

Woke is just a term used by the ignorant because they have no real argument against the subject that they accuse people of being woke of.

I've been accused of "woke" for things such as ........... same sex marriage. Because they can't actually argue against two consenting adults in a loving, caring, committed, long term relationship marrying.

Or equal pay.

Or the right to choose.

Or anything else that they are to damn stupid to understand.

As a "woke" person, I'm not afraid of being call names by the stupid, the hateful or the xenophobic.

As an example, I'm not afraid of your name calling. And yes "wake" is name calling, you're just not smart enough to know that it in fact is. Because you have zero rational, logical or fact based argument to backup your claims about "the woke".

And integrity? Lol. Now that's just to funny coming from you.

" ... throw gays off roofs and subjugate their women ... "

Lol. I am in fact "dealing" with both of those very things happening in the US right now.

Now go away and let the adults talk.

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The choice of the terminally ill.

Because they can make an informed decision.

And if they can't, is there a DNR or and other advanced medical directive?

I have both. If I'm dead, go the fuck away. And if I'm that bad off, help me fucking end it. And I have someone that can and will enforce those decisions.

It's not a hard concept to understand. Nor was it a hard decision for me to make.

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Still not for me to decide.

Next question.

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We can both be wrong. And I can accept that fact. Can you?

Then there's who. how, what determines which of us is or isn't wrong?

There is no God. So no.

And it's not actually up to either of us to decide.

To quote you ................... Now what?

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When it can actually survive on it's own without extreme human/medical intervention. And a tube that allows a machine to do it's breathing for it is extreme.

Now a premature birth? You do what you can do to help it. Because of ........... you know ................. birth.

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Yes, I am in fact saying that.

Can a 6 to 9 week fetus survive outside the womb?

Can a 20 week old fetus survive outside the womb without extreme human/medical intervention?

And a tube that allows a machine to breath for them IS extreme intervention. Because it is the ONLY thing keeping it alive.

So again, yes. Yes I am saying that.

Does that make me cold and inhuman? Nope. It's reality. And reality doesn't have any fucks to give what you or I think.

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" ... So I'll ask you, too. At what point during the birth process ... "


I don't need to answer that question. Because YOU DID!

Hint: Key word ......................... BIRTH.

Now if you are actually asking at what point do I believe that a fetus shouldn't be terminated, then I have two answers.

1) If in fact it were up to me. When the fetus can survive outside the womb, without extreme human/medical intervention ( and a tube that allows a machine to breathe for them because they can't on their own, nor can they take sustenance on their own, IS extreme intervention ).

2) It's not up to me to decide. I'm just not qualified to.

And my opinion is irrelevant. As is yours

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Re: re: sufficient reason to kill someone

That is a stupid question.

And I can't even begin to explain why it is.

Because you actually asked it, it makes me believe that you wouldn't, couldn't, understand, and in fact don't understand, why it is.

< shakes head >


< heavy sigh >

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Re: re: sufficient reason to kill someone

" ... Convince the pro-lifers that a 20-week-old foetus is not a person (based on medical arguments) ... "

Let them try to convince anyone, that a 20-week-old fetus CAN survive outside of the womb without extreme human/medical intervention. Proof? Just go to any Hospital, to where newborns are, or to the NICU and see just how many premature babies there are that are much older the 20 weeks there are that can't.

I don't need to prove anything or anyone. Reality does that. And reality gives no fucks at all to what anyone "thinks".

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Re: re: sufficient reason to kill someone

I'm guessing .......................

Much, much, MUCH longer then the training that you got.

And your second question is moronic. Completely and utterly moronic.

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Re: re: sufficient reason to kill someone

" ... Doctors simply are not trained to make these decisions. ... "

And you are?

Then there's the actual oath that doctors take. One that is actually all about ethics.

" ... within that oath is "first, do no harm" (or "primum non nocere) ... "

How much more ethical can you get?

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Re: re: sufficient reason to kill someone

" ... Would you trust doctors to decide which fetuses must (as opposed to may) be aborted? ... "

Okay, so we shouldn't trust doctors at all? for anything?

Oh wait, we don't. We trust them to give us their considered medical opinion. We trust them to give us choices. And for us to then make informed choices for ourselves.

Which in many places in the US, is something that can no longer be done. Because old men and religious fanatics, who don't have a fucking clue, are making that choice for everyone.

So yes, trust doctors and the person making the decision.

It's her choice. Period.

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Re: re: sufficient reason to kill someone

" ... but it's up to society ... "

Then let "society" actually decide. Oh wait. you can't do that. Because we know what society would decide.

In the US, society, by a majority, quit a large one, is against the overturn of Roe v. Wade. And we can't have society decide. No, no. Can't have that.

" ... for individuals to decide how close to that they personally want to go. ... "

So her body, her choice?

No shit.

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Re: re: sufficient reason to kill someone

" ... This whole argument is about giving people the right to terminate a life because they were irresponsible! ... "

Complete and utter bullshit.

And I have a whole lot to add to that, but I won't. Because it might offend you and your parents if I did.

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Re: re: sufficient reason to kill someone

" ... Sex isn’t just about procreation. It’s about building relationships. It’s about love. It’s about the whole damn sticky fun of it. ... "


We have us a winner! Johnie, tell them what they've won!

" ... because otherwise there’d be a whole townful of my offspring ..,. "

And an honest person at that.

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Re: re: sufficient reason to kill someone

" ... I'd argue a fetus IS someone/a person/a human being. ... "

Okay. Then let me ask you this.

Can that "someone/a person/a human being" exist/survive on it's own ( without human intervention ) survive outside of the womb? Can it breath, take sustenance on it's own?

No? Then I would have to disagree with YOUR definition.

Now I am not arguing that the premature, naturally born should be allowed to die because they can't. Just arguing about WHEN a fetus becomes someone/a person/a human being.

And if IRC when it comes to religion, the Christian Bible doesn't have anything to say about abortion or when life begins. While if IRC the Old Testament does. Something about a first breath. At which time it gets a soul.

Here is what I believe ..........

Her body, her choice. Period.

My opinion is therefore not relevant. CHOICE. Hers and hers alone. Period.

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" ... She also conspired to snatch away my reproductive rights. ... "



I'm sorry. What is it that you don't seem capable of fucking understanding?

YOU CAN"T reproduce. You have no "reproductive rights". All you contribute to reproduction is .........ONE single fucking sperm. That's it.

And she doesn't need YOU to get it. She doesn't need your "permission" one way or the other. Reproductive rights are her rights and ONLY her rights. Her CHOICE, and only her choice.

If you think anything else ................. sorry, you're fucking mistaken. And reality just doesn't give a single fuck what you think.

When YOU can actually do the job of reproducing ( ie: actually becoming pregnant and giving birth ), come back and we will discus YOUR reproductive rights.

Until then ................... Just fuck off.

georgezilla Silver badge

" ... As to his rights: what are they, exactly? ... "

HIS "reproductive rights"?

Lol. He has none. He can't reproduce.

His only contribution to reproduction is ............... A single sperm. A single, solitary, fucking sperm. That's it. And she doesn't even need him to get it.

She really doesn't need his "permission" one way or the other.

Sorry to to burst the bubble of the men out there that think that they have any "reproductive rights".


Period. Her body, her choice. Fucking end of discussion.

And if you have a problem with it? Tough shit. Reality doesn't have any fucks to give on the subject.

You can't reproduce, you have no reproductive rights.

Retbleed slugs VM performance by up to 70 percent in kernel 5.19

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Re: Well, yes.

" ... Can you design better hardware? ... "

Well no, actually I can't.

But then I'm not in the hardware design business.

They are.

And it seems that neither can they.

Off YOU go ,,,,,,,,

Ubuntu Linux 18.04 systemd security patch breaks DNS in Microsoft Azure

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Re: Ho Hum

Like say .................. an STD?

Businesses should dump Windows for the Linux desktop

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Re: preaching the gospel

So about the same number as the users of Windows that actually know what the fuck they are doing?

Intel’s first discrete GPUs won't be a home run

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Re: Dodgy premise

I'm sorry ( well no, not actually ), but .............

Gaming on a 6 inch screen? Really?

Come on.


But then I'm not really a gamer.

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Re: 3060

" ... I'd rather buy a couple of those ---> ... "

At " €400 / $400 ",

If that's true, I'd give up drinking!

georgezilla Silver badge

It's still something ..............

... which people seem to be missing.

And seeing how as I'm still running an AMD 580, a 3060 competitor is good enough at the expected $325 USD ( aprox. ) price point really isn't that bad ( I paid $550 USD for my "renewed" 580 ).

And competition is a "good" thing.

Isn't it?

I'm not a "gamer". And I use Linux. So as long as it works with Linux, I'm good.

And yes, yes, I am going to wait a few months, and see if/how well, it does.

Then there's also the expected 770 at $399 USD.

So you know ............................

Get over it: Microsoft is a Linux and open source company these days

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Re: 'The Evil Empire' hasn't been evil for about eight years now

" ... feel the warm embrace and relax... ... "

You mean "embrace" as in .............




Something Microsoft has done many times?

No thanks.

Relax if you want to.

But you have been warned.

And when/if they do bend you over, you can't complain.

How a botched kernel patch broke Ubuntu – and why it may happen again

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But you see that's not how Ubuntu works.

They have .............

But it's not ours, and ours is better.

NOW PAY ATTENTION TO ME! .... syndrome.






To name a few.

All failed.

And all someone else's fault.

"Nobody likes me.

Everybody hates me.

I think I'll go eat worms."

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So who is it exactly that is putting a gun to the heads of those that are writing opensource software making them write it?

Wait ..............

Hang on .............


Don't like opensource, or the people making money off of it?

Simple solution .....................


But that appears to be a concept that is beyond some people.

Just like with those that whine about the GPL.

No clue.

But are butt hurt and whine anyway.

georgezilla Silver badge

So ...................

..... what you are saying is that because Ubuntu, and apparently ONLY Ubuntu, had a problem, everyone or anyone else but them, should fix THEIR fuck up?

It's a problem with Ubuntu, NOT with Linux. And this ISN'T the first, and won't be the last, time Ubuntu fucked something up.




So they should fix THEIR shit, and leave Linux in general out of it.

And is but another reason ( one of many, many ) I don't, won't EVER, use or recommend Ubuntu to ANYONE!