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Here we go again: US govt tells Facebook to kill end-to-end encryption for the sake of the children


Re: I wonder how Facebook is going to implement the encryption

Wouldn't they just use PKI and generate a key pair per device and store the public key in a key-chain on their servers? Then if someone wants to send you a message, their client grabs all the public keys for your account, and then encrypts the AES (or whatever symmetric encryption is used) key using each one of those keys and pushes that along with the encrypted message to the server. Then your client pulls down the message and decrypts the key using the devices private key. When you reply, the same thing happens (using the remote ends public key).

I believe this is how Apple does encryption with iMessage.

Will Red Hat come back to haunt the Open Virtualization Alliance?


Management Tools

Whats wrong with the vSphere PowerCLI and SDK for Perl? I do a lot of Host and VM management via cli on remote linux servers. VM backups using the VIBE perl script from NetApp work nicely (rather then having to pay for the crazy expensive NetApp commercial package). You can also configure the VM's to allow you to connect via VNC rather then having to use the vSphere client. Of course, I just set up a Windows VM to run the vCenter server, and run the client through that when lazy.


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