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Microsoft to rebuild Redmond campus, including cricket pitch


Street names: C: drive, D: drive, etc..

ha ha

What is this bullsh*t, Google? Nexus phones starved of security fixes after just three years


Whither Project Fi?

The only devices that work on Google's mobile service (which roams between Wi-Fi, Sprint and T-Mobile networks) are the Nexus 5x, 6, and Pixel.

Today, from Google, you can buy a 5x for $249 or a 6p for $399. Apparently, should you choose to do so, you will not be on the current Android version in 5 months and your phone will be insecure before you have paid it off, if you lease it.

What a deal!

It's BACK – Stagefright 2.0: Zillions of Android gadgets can be hijacked by MP3s, movie files


Re: Can they fix Android?

Apple, I'm afraid, will fix the situation.

AWS outage knocks Amazon, Netflix, Tinder and IMDb in MEGA data collapse


Re: Cloud?

NB This was a slowdown across an AWS region; it likely affected multiple data centers in that region. I expect Voegels et al will take this pretty seriously.

Boffinry breakthrough: Bullied bumble bot bolts brutal brat beatdowns



Basically, beany-bearing babies be beating boffinry's best Bayesian-brained 'botics. Bots better bash back.

KRAKKOOM! SpaceX Falcon supply mission to ISS EXPLODES minutes after launch


Re: Motoring along...

That is also my (nearly useless) perspective of the video. Musk's comment agrees.

Still, even if that is the proximate cause, the root cause could be different. Columbia broke up because a wing failed. The real problem was the inability of management to address a known, manifest flaw in the design of the external tank insulation.

Bloke called Rod struck by lightning for second time


Re volt ing, I amp shocked and appalled.

Joule be sorry, eh Watt?

Google helps Brit crims polish their image – but what about the innocent


Google has a right to forget, no?

If they are pleased to take down links that they are asked to, why complain? They are not a public record keeping entity.

(A possible objection is that they are a monopoly. However, that would only apply to taking down links to harm competition, not here.)

Amazon enrages authors as it switches to 'pay-per-page' model


Re: Use Large Fonts.

Amazon is miles ahead of you. They have defined the KUNPV, kindle unlimited normalized page view, and that is the basis for the payment. It controls for font size. It also controls for genre, which is interesting.

Even Apple doesn’t mess with Taylor Swift


Re: Supermarkets

That's actually a pretty dumb thing to say, and I mean that in the most loving possible way.

Raspberries are cheaper to produce in season, so the supply is large, and so suppliers price drops to maximize their total profit. Making 30 cents per unit selling a million things is a hundred times better than making $3/unit selling a thousand. But, If you want to donate to farmers, feel free to send cash.

Nor do supermarkets force doughnut makers to do anything, including making doughnuts, not this side of the iron curtain in either time or space.

FTC lunges at Kickstarter bloke who raised $120,000 – and delivered sweet FA


Why did the FTC spend your money on this?

The cost of this lawsuit will exceed the total "investor" losses and will recover nothing. The Kickstarter "investors" are either fools or just having fun. They are going to still get their game.

Real investors protect themselves, and pay for their lawyers themselves when they feel cheated.



Huge? It's only a few inches across

Look at the scale in the photo inset.

The entire civilisation might be swallowed by a small dog....

Psst. Want a cheap cloud, VM? Google has one. But there's a catch


Replace pre-emptible instances?

I get the part about running batch stuff off line, thanks for the discount, it's great.

However, why would I expect to be able to spin up a full-price instance immediately after my pre-emptible instances was shut down? The pre-emptive instance was shut down for lack of capacity at some level; if everyone tries to spin up an equivalent paid instance, there is still no more capacity. (With a 70% discount, some bright spark will automate all this for MapReduce work, so in fact everyone *will* be doing this, but it won't scale.)

Auction pricing for spare capacity would work better. I wonder if Google could implement an auction at that scale, it might have other business applications :)

Soil and sand harden as SPEEDING MISSILES and METEORS SLAM into GROUND – boffins


Soon, scientists like these will break the 15 MPH barrier.

And what will that portend for worldkind and dogkind?

Forging administrator cookies and crocking crypto ... for dummies


Missing POODLE, please call 555-1234

The talk leaves out attacks based on degrading encryption algorithms to obsolete ones.

Which just shows how tricky things can be, a point which LVH emphasizes well.

It's Big, it's Blue... it's simply FABLESS! IBM's chip-free future


Re: So why Starbucks?

Starbucks does not excel at making coffee, and they are downright bad at providing pastries.

They do excel in providing a consistent, controlled, "nice" emotional experience across space and time; a customized beverage and lousy bakery item is just part of the ritual. (Crucially, the monetized part.) The ritual is very useful to many people who are dealing with stressful situations, such as meeting strangers in strange places, and also restorative for many people whose daily activities are not generally under their control.

In this light, the large scale has a lot of value. For one, the local coffee shop can only provide this for locals, not even for those who move around town on a daily basis. For another, a great deal of care (based on design and research) goes into evaluating, improving, and refreshing this experience.

Super Cali optimistic cloud is now a focus – even though the sound of it is something quite


Legendary headline!


Texan parks quadcopter atop Dallas Cowboys stadium


Easy to retrieve

If you play a country music song backwards, you get your truck back, you get your girl back, you get your drone back, and your dog comes back to life.

Interstellar Fight Club: Watch neutron star tear Goliath a new hole


Say it quickly:

Knock knock. Who's there? Knock knock. Who's there? Knock knock. Who's there? (repeat...) Knock knock. Who's there? Philip Glass.

Apple Safari, Mail and more hit by SSL spying bug on OS X, fix 'soon'


Trivial error + code release = negligence

It is a trivial programming error, but evidence of negligent software development.

Every intro to programming book explains that "goto" is bad. Lint probably caught the error, but no one noticed amongst its other complaints, if they run lint. Decent unit testing would have caught it. Any respectable functional testing would have caught it. And that's just 4 off the top of my head.

And this is the security code, and not at a performance hot spot. It is probably handled with maximum care. So what now is a responsible estimate of the quality of software development at Apple in general?

Google helps out utterly underexposed Lego brand with Chrome toy



Profligate planet's projected productivity plummets precipitously, post popular plastic plug-in plugin's publication; Post perusal, pithy punchline panned per p***-poor P-word performance; Perverse, plenty painful, pinching, plucking procedures planned; "Please!!! Pretty Please!!!!', pleas perturbed pundit, perhaps placating probable punishers. Phew!

Deep beneath melting Antartic ice: A huge active volcano


Re: it's Washington Uni, not Washing ...

Upvote on the correction. (And don't confuse it with the University of Washington, either.)

Downvote on the IT angle. It is well known that "it" can refer to any object in the English language.

Upvote on El Reg coverage of climate news, which is better than other sources costing 10 times more.

Robot WildCat slips its leash and bounds around parking lot


But does it clean itself?

At least they are are managing to keep the noise level and exhaust reasonable.

US.gov - including NASA et al - quits internet. Is the UN running it now?


Very biased

Portraying the majority of the House or Representative as a "hard core" fringe is absurd, and amounts to a sheep-like retelling of the Reid/Obama party line. El Reg should aspire to better models than Pravda.

Red Hat parachutes into crowded PaaS market


Avoiding lock in

That's right.

It is inevitable that coding to any API commits you to some degree of work to use a different API. The key is to value APIs that are open, and to recognzie that otherwise you are actually committing to a single infrastructure vendor.

Writing to OpenShift allows your app to run on a private cloud, on AWS, on RedHat's cloud, and any respectable future infrastructure cloud. Try that with Elastic Beanstalk. For Azure, Microsoft occasionally has promised this, but you can bet they will charge you whatever they can get away with for it.

EU boffins in plan for 'more nutritious' horsemeat ice cream


Instead, feed it to the rich

And to the people who serve on committees that make such recommendations

Google+ architect: What was so great about Reader anyway?


What people liked about it

Was that it continued to work as it had without requiring more learning or fuss or configuration than they had already done. And what they dislike about the alternatives is that they all require additional fuss, learning, and configuration. You see what happens when that fact is disrespected. Don't expect them to migrate to Google's preferred alternative after Google cut the rug out from them.

The downside of a free service is that they can always just give you a refund.

On International Woman's Day we remember Grace Hopper


Exquisite choice

Thanks for the article. It is easy to lose the thread in acrimonious debate, but women's rights is not about who deserves what and who is guilty of what. Rather, it is about the value of enabling, or at least not impeding, all people to live their lives to the fullest.

For every Grace Hopper there were at least 10,000 women with a similar dream and probably 100 with comparable ability (hey, she was not merely utterly determined, she was also extraordinarily talented) who were forced away from their dream in favor of a droll, merely conventional dream belonging to someone else. Hopper is a hero for resisting, and so revealing to us the sort of thing that we might be missing.

Amazon accused of knocking off AWS customers' products


Shocked, shocked I tell you!

That is like a car company offering a stereo as standard equipment on every car instead of allowing you to choose which one you want and having it custom installed. Or including wheels and tires (tyres?) with every car.

That is like Apple or Dell or HP including an operating system in the price of their computers, destroying the market for 3rd party operating systems. Companies like Ubuntu would have to just give their stuff away for free.

Or including a web browser with every operating system; if they did that, it would just destroy Netscape as a viable business.

That is, it is business as usual. There's no crying in baseball. Sorry about your investment. And, by the way, if Amazon copied and released your stuff in two weeks after you did, you had nothing so original to begin with; you as likely copied them.

It's fine for El Reg to report the discontent, and not a bad article. But if this is the first time this occurred to you, do not be investing large sums of your own money in this sector.

US lawmaker blames bicycle breath for global warming gas


Forget the bicycle, it's our children that threaten the planet.

And we must save the planet. For the sake of our children.

Come to think of it, if bicycles lead to early deaths, they might save carbon. So we should ban helmets. And ban health care for bicycle riding accident victims; if they were wearing a helmet, they are degenerate scofflaws. If they aren't, they have a death wish.

Now, credentials established, on to climate science....

New Japanese craze: Knickers for iPhones' nether regions


Fondleslab, indeed

I blame the Register.

VMware execs shake fists at Amazon Web Services cloud


How could they fail to beat a company that sells books?

Perhaps by continuing to charge usurious prices and force big capital investments from their customer they could manage to lose. VMWare should cost 1/10th of what it does.

They could also underestimate the company that figured out how to sell and deliver books and everything else effectively over the internet. Mind you, they figured it out the hard way, but there is a chance they have learned something. Say, perhaps, an estimate of the value of the ability to provision hardware at known rent in hours or minutes, rather than weeks or months after a capital purchase is approved.

Grouchy, commoditized sysadmins notwithstanding, commodity public clouds are the future. There are network effects around sharing of data and the cost of import/export that give EC2 a huge lead. You have 20 seconds to comply.

Groupon CEO Mason sent packing as shares continue to plummet


Re: I have to admire his honesty

And humor. Funniest intentionally-funny corporate communication in some time. His calling out of the insincerity of most resignation statements is refreshing.

Obama says patent trolls 'extort money', pledges reform


This man featured Tim Cook in the State of the Union speech

Is there a bigger patent troll? Or is he the good sort of patent troll, that is to say, a supported of the Democratic Party?

Tesla's Elon Musk v The New York Times, Round 2


Surely you're joking

Musk: "Broder was so determined to run down the battery so he could give the Model S a bad review that he drove in circles in a parking lot"

Musk is dealing in one small fact (he drove in circles) and a few giant conjectures (he did so intentionally, with the particular intent of running down the battery, with the further intent that running down the battery would enable him to give the car a bad review) and ignoring other salient facts (That he somehow failed to run the battery down, that it was done at night, and at a Tesla Motors dealership parking lot.)


It Must Be User Error.

Tesla apparently is styling its customer service after Microsoft's.

Blobs that swarm spark ‘it’s alive’ hypegasm

Thumb Up

Re: Muzac

Amen. Nothing with background music can be trusted.

Space Shuttle Columbia disaster remembered 10 years on


Worth reading

The report is very excellent reading. The precision with which it identifies the mechanics of the failure is astonishing.

I think the indictment of the "top brass" for not trying to fix Columbia after it was damaged is overblown. It is not a simple call to take heroic (risky) measures fixing a hypothetical problem.

The real indictment of the "top brass" was for cultivating a culture that ignored many, many clear warnings on reliability and safety on this and other issues, and was unwilling to deliver bad news. On the one hand, this is an organization with Challenger in its past, and had plenty of evidence that things were not generally up to stuff. Nevertheless, an organization like NASA will rally against anyone (high or low rank) who tries to put on the brakes; soon enough, the people to whom these things matter to all leave. That is a problem that will take another 1,000 years to solve.

Tell Facebook who's the greatest: YOU are!


But what about finding a plumber?

I'd think Facebook's graph search could be pretty useful for vetting plumbers.

FAA grounds Boeing's 787 after battery fires on plastic planes


You forget the 2009 Hudson River crash

Granted, it was not open ocean. But. it validates the safety card design, and that's the important thing.

8086 and All That. Revisited


I always thought

The reason the British didn't make computers is that they couldn't figure out how to make them leak oil.

Revealed: The Brit-built GRAVITY-powered light that costs $5


Sure, nice light, but what about the noise?

Such a monotonous, cloying sound, like guitar gently strumming. Seems like all devices built for the poor produce a noise like this. Strange.

Is 'activestor' Icahn circling sickly HP?


Painfully naive

"A 51 per cent stake would run just under $14bn"

A shamefully stupid bit of analysis, that. Market cap is predicated on the current market conditions, but the article hypothesizes a radically changed market by imagining a take-over. Do you think you could, say, buy half of the gasoline in the US at the currently price? In other words, if we cut the supply by half, the price would be unchanged?

US Army demos first robot Black Hawk helicopter


Nice helicopter, but about that CB radio...

Or is that the helicopter muttering autonomously? My GPS speaks better. "Recal-uh-culating."

Obviously a billion dollars only buys your the stripped down base model.

WHITE WHALE spent 4 years trying to tell us something, then stopped


It is just imitating Rob Brydon's small man in a box

Obviously. One gets bored with that after 4 years.

SpaceX confirms Falcon rocket suffered engine flame-out


The opposite of confidence building

The fact that the rocket got to orbit despite a failure does not mean the failure was insignificant. It means things are not working as expected, which means they do not understand what they thought they understood. For all anyone knows at this point, there may have been a 90% probability that the explosion would damage an adjacent engine, and they just lucked out this time.

Both of the shuttle disasters are transparent examples of this sort of management self-delusion that problems that occurred frequently (o-rings partly melting, foam occasionally falling) were not problems, because nothing bad had happened. Yet.

That does not mean Space X is a bad company, nor that its rocket isn't better than everyone else's, or that NASA is wrong to contract for it. This actually is rocket science, after all. Rather, it means there is serious engineering work to do; It is 10x more serious since Space X apparently thought they had solved a similar problem, so both the engine and their mechanism for assessing the engine's behavior are both wrong.

Facebook co-founder Moskovitz scrambles to offload his shares


Nonshocking nonnews

Owning stock is not like owning a pet; you are not obliged to keep it. Anyone who suggests otherwise should apologizing for not framing their Amazon gift cards and hanging them on the wall rather than redeeming them

If it is insane to pay $30/share for Facebook, it is equally insane not to take that money if someone solvent offers that deal.

Amazon exploited by hacker in scribe's epic Apple iCloud pwn


The last 4 digits are not secret

They appear on every printed credit card receipt in the US and every my-account page I've ever seen. They are sent in clear text in emails more often than not. The PCI standards do not require them to be hidden. In fact, it is essential they are public, in order for merchants to identify to a customer with more than one card which one they used for a transaction.

If Apple does not start groveling soon they will be deprived of my account.

VMware CEO exile rumour: Not a punishment for Maritz


Re: It's Maritz, gits; mind the little bitz

Thanks for the blitzed editz! Sorry for the hissy fitz.



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