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Lib Dems: Gov must look at security of public data cloud


UK.gov should support its cloud industry - and the wider economy

The government needs to develop a proper strategy to support the cloud industry. This would help the UK economy out of recession. It could start by:

1. Ensuring cyber criminals are prosecuted through the criminal courts and permit cloud providers to take civil action against perpetrators.

At present, only those directly affected by an attack may take legal action.

2. Creating a statutory duty to preserve consumer data held in the cloud.

Current approaches vary wildly. A statutory duty would provide consistency.

3. Developing an agreed set of transparency principles, to promote consistent policies on data breaches, privacy and security.

This would enable UK consumers to make informed choices when selecting a cloud provider.

There also needs to discussion with other governments about how data regulation issues are handled.

Microsoft is soon to meet with the UK government to propose just such a strategy. More details here - http://lnkd.in/Aa_Yaf

Surviving the Facebook app 'swamp' with Azure



Good piece - gonna post this up in the Microsoft cloud group on LinkedIn (http://linkd.in/nAX9S4). Join the group if you want to post your own discussions, questions, feedback etc.

Hybrid vigour boosts Cloud formation


Want to join cloud group on LinkedIn?

Hi Brad,

I'm the community manager for Microsoft UK's cloud group on LinkedIn and I wondered if you'd be interested in joining? I think members would be really interested to hear about your experiences of setting up and using a hybrid model.

You can see the latest discussions at http://linkd.in/loDcLU


Caroline White.

Email in the cloud



Hi Andy,

are you a member of the Microsoft UK Cloud group on LinkedIn? If not, you should join - I think a lot of people would be interested to hear about your experience of this....


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