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UK computer dealer Aria PC loses £750k VAT fraud appeal attempt in THAT case

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He certainly seems to be making that a central part of his business proposition...

iPhone XR guts reveal sizzle of the XS without the excessive price tag

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Re: Poor mans Pixel.

Did you have a special 'time travel' version of the pixel 2?

Because it wasn't launched until 17th October '17, so not even close to 18 months ago.

In your rush to make a point, you ruined it.

PC makers: Intel CPU shortages are here to stay ... for six months

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Pah... when I was a kid...

I spent £100 on FOUR MEGABYTES...

And I thought that was a bargain...!

Marcus Hutchins free for now as infosec world rallies around suspected banking malware dev

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Re: Blind support

Before lawyer present:

"Your family don't know where you are, no one does, you've disappeared off the planet."

"Admit you did it and we'll let you go"


"Admit you did it and we'll let you go"


"Admit you did it and we'll let you go"


"Admit you did it and we'll let you go"

"ok, I did it."

"HAHA!! We were only joking! Ok, let his lawyer in now, and tell his family where he's admitted to hacking"

Google's macho memo man fired, say reports

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Especially for an organisation that allegedly embraces debate and invites opinion.

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So your solution is to blindly pretend there are no differences between any areas of difference despite knowing that doing so might in some way damage your organisation?

Sorry that's balls.

I agree that my example was 'in an ideal world', but I don't believe you fix something that is faulty by employing another fault.

Embrace the diversity and use the strengths it brings. Don't deny it exists.

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"For example you could use the old British civil service system which was based on which public school they went to and their ability to speak Latin. Their argument would be that anyone who came from outside that culture would not fit into the environment and therefore be less effective. The fact this was total bullshit and used to ensure power rested with the ruling classes didn't stop the system being used well into the 21st century."

Indeed, which reinforces my point.

I said that where the differences empower your organisation you should seek to employ them. In this example, it could be seen that those prejudices were inhibiting them, and they should actively seek to address that.

You would expect an organisation to look at its culture or mindset to assess whether it is helping or hindering. It would be foolish of a business to ignore damage being done to their brand or earnings by wilfully allowing a damaging culture (See: Uber).

As for who decides, that's a separate argument.

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Sorry, but that's a shite comparison.

No you don't employ people who can fit in with a culture that is clearly poisonous. But a good head wouldn't allow that, or would employ to fix it.

This is what I meant by 'best person for the job'.

I think your own biases are at play there, making assumptions on my behalf. In fact, that's a great example of where a woman WOULD be a good fit. If the top end is so macho and gung-ho, then yes, that's exactly where you SHOULD be looking to employ the strengths of a diverse workforce.

Please be clear on what I said. I never even inferred anyone is inferior to anyone else. I just said that everyone has differing strengths, and yes, that also means that men are better suited, *in the main* to some tasks, and women are better suited *in the main* to others.

Are ALL men better motor mechanics than ALL women? NO!, but fact is, that men IN THE MAIN are better suited to it because it's a physically demanding job, and *in the main* men are physically suited to it. Does that mean that women shouldn't even try to be a mechanic? Also, clearly no! But it's surely quite natural to assume that men would more naturally gravitate to a job like that than women, no?

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So glad I find I'm not alone in this...

From the minute I read the memo (yes, I actually read it, all of it) I wondered what the big outrcry was actually about.

The guy IMO said (TL:DR version) there are differences between men and women, why try to pretend otherwise? Why not accept them and work with them instead of trying to force them into the same shaped role?

What exactly is wrong with that? How is it wrong to see that men and women are different, in the main have differing views, see situations differently, respond differently? The point surely is that these differences *shouldn't* be treated as *worse*, just 'different' and use that to strengthen your company?

Where differences exist due to social or societal reasons, yes, we should empower people (not just women remember...the poor, black and other minorities, disabled etc) to get over those. But try to stamp out biological and behavioural differences 'because its not right' isn't the right reason.

The best person for the job, is the best person for the job. Don't remove the differences, embrace them.

Foot-long £1 sausage roll arrives

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This is a cow...

It's far away.

(obscure reference dept. No 1253.)

Spammy Google Home spouts audio ads without warning – now throw yours in the trash

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Seriously, people are surprised?

This is fucking Google...

This should not shock *anyone*...

Next Xbox won't need always-on internet after all

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Re: Just like the Xbox360

What utter trot.

The 360 didn't 'back the wrong horse' when it came out, as stated at the time, they didn't consider the extra capacity a neccesity back then, or worthwhile costwise.

In case you didn't notice, the ps3 came out a year later, and cost a massive whack more than the 360 on launch, the main reason? the br drive.

And MS haven't 'caved in', they have simply taken on board the prominent format, and NOW they really do need the extra capcity. What other choice presents itself?

BlackBerry: THE TRUTH about that 5.1 per cent UK market figure

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Re: I know who I believe,

Strange you put it like that. As Whilst I agree on BB, I literally don't know a single person with one, and I currently work in a very large organisation with a huge BB base.

But I do see WPs knocking about in here. Public penetration is growing... Probably down to Nokia.

And calling Wp and BB dead in the water... WP is actually growing it's share, so calling it dead, whatever your personal view (bias?) is premature at least, plain wrong in fact.

As for BB, well, it will have to lever it's business base brilliantly to hold onto it, as the yoof crowd that gave it it's public user base is certainly moving on.

I also don't get this actual 'anger' that people express towards other platforms that they don't personally own or like. What exactly is wrong with choice? What is wrong with being different?

You can say one thing for sure, if it wasn't for the other competing platforms, your own platform of choice wouldn't be as 'good' as you find it today.

Apple to end support for original iPhone: report

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Re: N95-8G

People manage with physical keys that don't change because they have to press a physical shift key to activate the upper case, pretty bloody obvious if you are about to type an upper case character...

On a software virtual keyboard, surely it WHY NOT make it display the upper case letters to avoid confusion, it's software... it's easy.

I presume you are an 'i' device user?

T-Mobile UK punters break for freedom in inflation-busting bill row

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It appears they are trying to lie their way out of it...

Which frankly, is utterly shocking.

Their own T+C's make it abundantly clear as to which period the RPI comparison is made, and now they are trying to weedle out of it, with straight up lies.

The latest response indicates that they 'guessed' at what the RPI figure would be. Is that a responsible way to run a publicly traded company? Is it possible even against the law?

If they got it wrong, millions of punters would be entitled to cancel. Well, I suoppose they already are.

Tmobile have screwed up, and instead of admitting it, keeping it quiet, and handling the small number of people who spotted it, they haveput up the barricades, and allowed it to balloon.

Fact, they have screwed up. Their OWN T+C's dictate very clearly their own allowed actions.

They have messed up.

FYI: Anyone that wants to take advantage of this (and given how Tmobile have behaved, I strongly recommend that you do) you must do so soon... Before the rise comes into effect.

I suspect this is the reason they are stonewalling. Once the rise takes effect, the rise is binding, even if they got it wrong. Once the rise happens, I think you will find them quietly admitting the mistake, and trying to sort out deals with customers. So get your complaint and cancellation request in pronto.

Review: Nokia Lumia 520

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Re: Update to ICS

Ah, I see.

Should anyone question you, you will resort to random name calling, and attacks.

I didn't think they allowed the internet in little school?

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Re: Meh

For what it's worth, Instagraph does just this, but seriously, how many ways do you need to show off your latest sodding baby picture?

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Re: @ Andrew

On a Windows box, it indentifies as mass storage, so I'd imagine it'd do the same.

You have my interest peaked now, I shall try this when I return home thisn evening...

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Re: Nice Phone

HTC gave you that upgrade to ICS did they?

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Re: Meh

Not sure which recent Nokia's you've used, but just going ont he 920...

Decent camera?

By all 'quality' review opinions and test, best in class, especially in darker shots, and class leading video image stabilisation too.

So I'd call that a 'decent camera'.

And ease of use? I presume you've not used WP8 much? Again, by any reasonable review, it's THE easiest to get into, and just 'use'.

To avoid flame war: Android and IOS each has their advantages, but on the two things singled out here, I really think the Nokia has it won against a Sony Android.

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By GPS aggregation... when you are moving, it's easy enough for it to work out which way you are heading...

By watching which way you are heading...

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Re: Where's Eadon....

maybe he has


El Reg drills into Google's search biz offer to Europe

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Re: This is akin to

wow... you completely miss the point of this don't you?

Google search DOES work well, but the complaint is that they favour their own content too much... Does the fact that this stifles competition completely evade you?

Do a search for something Google does, such as mapping, and it's own results are completely dominant at the top of the page, so dominant that you wil barely bother to look at other options.

This is not good.

Microsoft to unveil new Xbox console on May 21

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Re: Love it...

My god, here, have a knee... now jerk it rapidly...

Think about it for a second. Exactly WHO do used game sales benefit? Developer? Publisher? Hardware maker? Game buyer?

Oh yes, they game buyer.

Now I'm not suggesting that used game sales are stopped, it's saved me a few quid over the years, but I'm not blind to the fact that used game sales hurt the devs that MAKE THE BLOODY GAMES.

How many times 'should' a used game get sold?

As I say, I'm not saying they should stop all used sales, but I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest that any manufacturer, MS, Sony, whoever, would look to cut down on used resales.

And the downvoters... hows Steam working out for you on the resale front? Oh.......

I only see people singing the praises of Steam on here and in general. It's a good system, bar it's inability to resell when you are finished with something.

But in case you missed it, it's a form of always on DRM...

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Love it...

Love the way everyone is quoting worst case internet rumours as complete fact.

Always on can mean many things. My current Xbox is effectively always on, my phone is, my steam connection is.

Do people honestly believe anyone would enforce ALL functions to have perma connection DRM enforced? They ain't that stupid.

Can you blame them for looking at ways to cut down on used game sales? Sony would do it if they could. They still might. They just haven't announced it.

Any neither have MS...

Let#'s let them actually screw us first, before we start complaining, eh?

But hey, let's not let a good MS inspired rant stop anyone whining eh?

Sony flogs off more assets in scramble for full-year profit

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Launching the ps3 very nearly broke them and they never fully recovered, I suspect it is an exercise in hoarding cash so that they can support the launch of the ps4...

Microsoft to give free TV ad to top-voted Windows Phone 8 app

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Re: You can smell the desperation

Seriously? you rate the fact they are advertising hard, to indicate that they are desperate?

What on earth does that make Apple then? With their wall-to-wall pimping of idevices?

On your basis, seemingly about to go under.

Windows Phone 8 has a secret feature which may activate at any time

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Have you sub contracted headline writing to the Daily Mail?

What a stupid headline! Talke about sensationalist... sounds like quite a good idea if it works.

What a terrible thing to do...

Nokia primes Lumias for Windows Phone 8 push

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Re: Later this week?!?

LOL... gotta love fanboi's... mark me down for asking where I can buy it, and someone else for telling me where!

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Re: Tempted...

No physical button, but... theres an app for that...

I use it myself, for erm, similar reasons :)

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Re: Later this week?!?

Seen that Caleb. But I live in the middle of no where, not a chance I'm going to pay for 4g when I can barely get 3g. I want it sim free or on a normal network at normal prices!

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Re: Later this week?!?

How do you know P4U will sell it sim free and at that price? Can't find it listed anywhere...?

Ballmer: Win8 'certainly surpasses' Win95 in importance

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Re: He's right

How unutterably crass of you to compare a piece of software YOU don't ike to lifechanging premanent disabilty.

You sir, are a fucking moron.

Everything Everywhere's 4G: Why I'm sitting this one out

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it's snowing in hell...

It must be chilly there, cos I'm agreeing with Orlowski...

I've wondered for a while now just WHY we need higher speeds on a PHONE than a decent 3g HSPDA connection can provide, heck, even a half decent one!

I'd rather my phone could last a proper, full day of heavy use, with out worrying whether it'll get me home, than have it provide 15mbps downloads that'll save me 3/4 of a second ....

Tech hacks should admit taking corporate coin, but don't start a witch hunt

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Was a tea-spitting moment.

Thank you sir, and a new keyboard please!

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Are you for real? If I missed the implied /s there, then I apologise, but the tone of your post implies you are actaully serious...!

Apple MacBook Pro 13in

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You missed the point I think... that being not about integrated graphics hitting 30fps, but a £1000 laptop 'only' hitting 30fps... As pointed out, a cheaper dell beats the arse of it in that respect...

Android Firefox: Screaming, awesome, you'll go blind etc

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Re: Dolphin's great


And I use it on my phone, but my Android tablet's had Firefox on it for a while. Only one reason: it's got adblock. Early Android Firefox was rubbish, but the latest versions have been pretty good and adblock tipped the balance.

Have to see what this new one's like, but fingers crossed. I do hate them ads.


Oh the wonderful irony of someone using adblock on an android device...

I presume you understand why/how it's free?

Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe

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Re: Xbox Live

Link or it didn't happen!

I can't find it! TELL ME WHERE IT IS!!!!!


Must try harder: Cumbria tells BT and Fujitsu to resubmit fibre plans

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Re: fairly obvious but

Actually, I live in a VERY rural area, and have to make do with 3 meg BB, but I don't blame the townies for it.

If we want to get into subsidies per capita, and the return on that investment, then I suspect that rural folk would fare VERY badly against townies and city folk.

Oooh look, I managed to say that without flinging insults...

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Re: fairly obvious but

Ahh... another country bumpkin who thinks that they have the right to the same benefits of living in a city that the townies enjoy...

Of course you can have broadband, it's not a city exclusive technology, just don't moan when it's later, slower and more expensive than that served to those in the city.

It's a damn sight cheaper and easier to provide the population dense cities with broadband at a high speed than the population sparse, difficult terrained villages in rural locations.

It's not high level economics....

AMD palms PCs with LiveBox miniature desktop

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Re: Price?

Really? they could sell it for 30 quid???

Cos that's what bulk sellers will be paying for windows licenses...

Nokia lights up Bat Signal for Lumia 900

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Re: Not even a screen printed bat logo

Moths to a flame Barry...

1st post? You see the point I made now...

You really cannot help youor self can you?

Where did that nasty Mr Gates touch you? Show me on the dolly....

YouView reportedly set for 2500-home pre-Olympics trial

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Why do people (read: press) continue to ignore the main driver for these platforms?

IE: choice.

This isn't about ANOTHER replay tv platform, it's about being able to choose which tv stations you want, and how you want to watch them.

I am one amongst many who bemoan being forced to buy a package of channels I don't want in order to watch a couple that I do. Imagine being able to just choose those channels, without the overhead of say, the satellite, or the cable provider... I have bandwidth, i'll use it how I want.

Hands on with Nokia's 808 41Mp camphone

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Re: blimey...

Oh, and Barry, you may wish to observe that the first ones in ANY WP post are the same couple of poeple spouting the same old rubbish about it...

The 'positive' ones only post in response to your crap.

But of course, simple truths won't get in the way of your astonishingly blinkered view, will it?

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Re: blimey...

As i said, Barry, moths to a flame...

You just can't help yourself can you?

Dave's Jubblies


Why is that the same old people every time feel the need to tell the world about their own hatred of something?

We get it, you don't like it. But you know what, many people do!

And Barry, why do YOU pop up every time with the same old FUD? Do you just copy and paste?

Windows phone simly isn't a 'dire' experience. You can 'not like' it, but dire? Get real. If you want to moan about something, at least use realistic targets.

EVERY time a windows phone pops up, the same few people shout up and say the same old things.

It's boring. Move on. You seem to hate it, and yet you are attracted like moths to every single WP post...

It's like beaten wife syndrome.

Mole sheds light on incoming illuminated Amazon Kindle

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Re: Welll duh....

What, so they should never try to improve it?

In case you hadn't noticed, a book doesn't require batteries to be charged, and will happily survive a fall downstairs. Many times.

That would make the book better. But E-reader hold lots of books. That make them better.

Add light to the e-reader. Better still.

The whole point of an e-reader is convenience, and to IMPROVE the 'book' experience.

Progress eh? Gotta love it.

7.85in 'iPad Mini' said to sport retina screen

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No no no no no no....

It'll be ipad2 based... so the new shrunk processor, cooler and less power hungry, with old res screen, so no big power requirements, = smaller battery.

Essentially ipad (2) mini.

This will then of course also leave apple free to launch the new, improved model in classic apple fashion 6 months later so everyone can buy it again.