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Men lie more in online dating - except about their weight

James Farrell

Lies, damn lies, and statistics

So if most statistics are made up, what is the deal with statistics about number of people telling lies??

Loch Ness Monster surfaces on Google Earth

James Farrell

That's not Nessie

Its the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Staten Island manhole swallows texting teen

James Farrell

Are we sure

...it wasn't terrorists?

Pandemonium at NYC 'Top Model' audition

James Farrell

Sounds like a Lynx advert to me

1. large group of "models"

2. clothes and shoes left in street

3. ... I'll be back in a bit...

Cows can't detect earthquakes: Official

James Farrell


"One cow actually sat down at the exact second that the earth began shaking"

Has anyone considered this: that the cat sitting down, actually CAUSED the earthquake?

I for one welcome our new bovine earthquake-causing overlords...

El Reg seeks top net neologism

James Farrell
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I can't believe we've forgotten...

(another Reg-special)

Bulgarian Airbags

James Farrell
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I must be getting confused, I thought I'd seen 'twatdangle' as 'twatdongle'... maybe its just me finding an IT angle in everything. Still, either is good.

Fucktard gets a vote too, my expletive of choice when driving.

And I've always liked fuckmook, but that comes from a film, so its probably not allowed here...

Shawshank thesp erased from NY voter rolls

James Farrell
Paris Hilton


Hang on, am I missing something here?

'...he's been voting at same New York City polling station since 1997 - "The poll workers here know me," he said. “I’ve been voting here 15 years.”'

15 years ago is not 1997... unless he works in special Hollyweird maths?

Tech gadgetry brings about pet-o-geddon

James Farrell
Jobs Horns

ipods injuring animals

Perhaps the animals aren't following the guidance and are turning the volume up too loud?

My kittens have be known to eat hair ties, and chew through speaker cables, but they've avoided any serious harm... yet... I think...

New BAE destroyer launches today on the Clyde

James Farrell

i just hope...

that these Windows warships have all got Minesweeper installed...

El Reg seeks ultimate 'nom de sex'

James Farrell

comedy names

I noticed this article on BBC and saw a brilliant name... although its pretty ironic.


Mum given young nympho's phone number

James Farrell

The real question is...

...whatever possessed this woman to move to Virgin Media in the first place?

Virgin Media tech support goes premium rate

James Farrell


"...we can't sustain our award-winning service..."

Exactly what award did they win??

As for "...free email support", is it actually possible to do anything using this? Our phoneline has been out of action for 3 of the 4 months we've had it, but the only way to contact anyone regarding telephone problems, is... via the telephone support. Genius.


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