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UK.gov tells freelance techies to slap 20 per cent on fees as IR35 tax hike looms


VAT anyone?

So, a quick question for Mr. HMRC, why am I charging VAT in "wages"... plus if you RTI my "wages" then there will be no Corporation Tax, none at all, in fact my company will then be making a loss so I'd expect to claim some Corporation tax back...

I'd suggest you haven't really thought this through, go away, come back when you have.

Jedi light-sabre beats Taser in Oregon parking-lot fracas


"interfering with a police officer"

Am I the only one who can only think of this as some sort of sexual offence?

2011's Best... DVRs and Media Streamers


Humax didn't make the grade?

I for one I'm glad I take the Reg Hardware reviews with a massive pinch of salt, the Humax HD Freeview box I bought for the HD recording and was then blown away by the fact it streamed ALL of my existing content from my media server (iomega) despite odd items that won't play on either my 360 or PS3.

Even the Humax catch-up stuff seems fairly robust, though with a PVR I don't need these features often, it even thoughtfully points out that the program is available in HD if you select to record it on an SD channel in the guide...

Now as a self confessed gadget addict I was slightly surprised that a couple of well priced over the counter products just worked without me having to mess around tweaking everything only for it all to go tits while I'm working away all week... making me very unpopular at home and then wasting most of the weekend re-installing Home-Server or some other "easy for a home user to understand" product.



Yes, Love the Onion, enjoy swearing drinking and shagging etc. however I really like being able to read reviews on my employers time and making a fucking rewiew of just a bastard PDF twatting app is fucking retarded...

Just my opinion, cunts.

Rock star physicist Cox: Neutrinos won't help us cheat time



Nothing **with mass** can accelerate to c.... photons don't they just pop into existance at light speed.


Feds warn 'pox party' zealots not to send viruses in post


Yes god only knows what you put in your spam version of the smallpox vaccine, the brit one is extremely civilized in comparison yet still seems to stop me catching smallpox?

French nuke biz slapped in mystery cyberattack


as *SERIOUSLY* expensive as a terrorist attributed meltdown?

as far as I remember a reasonably local leased line has never been vastly more expensive than a fast internet connection, and for most command and control uses vast bandwidth isn't the issue and the latancy issues you may have using internet (or at least VPN, PLEASE!) also go away with a synchronous data leased line...

I rest my case your honour, make it illegal to use t'nternets for any CNI, leased line only, (I know BT may be happy about that, but how about forcing a CNI discount?)

Hannspree Hannspad 10.1in Android tablet


It certainly seems a bit crap...

Not forgetting that the Vega also has a camera for obligatory videoskyping goodness, in fact the only reason I don't have a Vega is because I now have my dearly beloved'd cast off iPad v1, unfortunately this still leaves me without a camera for skyping but then again I could always just use my N900 if it skype didn't crap out all the time ;-)

I'm a bit confused also by the score that this gets when The Vega was slapped for a couple of areas that the hanspree is also deficient in...

Men pocket $1.5m in alleged ATM skimming spree



This wouldn't surprise me in the slightest, many (oh gods, many, many, many) years ago I was let into a bank back office to install a new line, about half an hour hunting for the termination point lead me to go outside to trace the cables, and I realised I should have been in the bank next door....

So a cheery "I've just come to update the ATM machines" would probably do the trick

Powerline network radio interference debated in Commons


Sad trekkie...

You have completely missed the point...

I am both a PLT user and a radio ham, as someone with a vague understanding about radio transmission I choose to use well build and tested PLT kit that doesn't seem to affect radio reception.

OFCOM *should* be doing something about the crap kit that causes interference right across and out of the top of the ham bands...

Oh and obviously it matters not to you because they too are a tiny minority but the military use most of the HF bands, hams have a tiny slice... so shove it and take your pointy ears with you freak.


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