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HDMI 2.0 spec arrives ... 1.0 years late


>Who cares!

Those who can also distinguish question from exclamation?

Wake up call - monitors and TVs have been converging for ages, as have entertainment- oriented PCs and dedicated entertainment devices.

So why wouldn't you want them all using the same interface, especially that which is the most capable? Which is traditionally DP.



Should be the one true way forward.

Can this new HDMI standard daisy chain independent displays?

Qualcomm exec on eight-core mobile chips: They're 'dumb'


Re: Except that...

completely, completely wrong. Adding more cores does not speed up most experiences. It's only a few niche workloads that benefit from more cores.

I typically have multiple browser windows open at any one time, totalling dozens of tabs. And of course the browser runs background processes for its plugins eg Flash, Java.

And the OS likes to run multiple processes/threads in the background, to do things from time to time.

Add in a couple of Office apps and a media player, and you can easily load 8 cores at times. In fact, I imagine that a larger number of slower but lower power cores is the optimum implementation for such a workload (lots of things going on but none requiring extreme CPU power), in terms of providing a consistently smooth user experience with lowest overall power draw.


Except that...

... the next stage in smartphone evolution involves them taking over some of your general computing needs, by docking like a laptop and presenting a proper desktop on an external monitor. See what Canonical are doing.

That will require more cores.

Staggering lack of vision / abundance of cow poo (delete as appropriate) from the QC dude.

Intel unzips new Atom phone chip: Low power, fast - is that right, ARM?



I want a phone running proper Windows, with a proper Windows desktop when it's docked, and compatibility with my usual software and devices. Ie an actual pocket PC. That's probably when Atom becomes relevant.

Raspberry Pi DUMBS DOWN to target world+dog


Great, so

Now all they need is a hardware revision that works with any USB power adapter and SD card, doesn't corrupt anything and has an on/off switch.

Gigabyte's BRIX fall into place



That's what cheap ARM boards/boxes are for. Who wants to pay the Intel/MS taxes.

PC market facing worst-ever slump in 2013


Re: Naah, its market saturation

I desperately want to replace my 6 year old Pentium M Dell notebook with a modern one WITH THE SAME RESOLUTION SCREEN (1920x1200, 16:10), and my trusty HP netbook with a faster one.

Because I do actual work on my systems, and 1080p isn't good enough, and nothing comes close to the netbook form factor for handiness when doing it on the move.

Despite knowing many other likeminded and equally stuck people, who also use their systems for actual work, the industry seems to have decided that we don't matter, and offers us only a million me-too products that add nothing we need, but take away things we really do need (and took for granted 6 years ago).

Given the declining market we'd like to think that some enterprising OEM will wake up, think for themselves and fill these niches. Because they aren't niches, they're bloody big holes in the market that really shouldn't be there

New Ubuntu for phones due 'by end of May' – usable this time


Wanting a command prompt on a phone

.... isn't such a stupid idea if it's remote. I have that on my Android phone, like many others. Very useful for all sorts of reasons.

Australia's alternative NBN plan: some taxpayer-friendly questions


Oh God

I'm going to have to vote Labour after all

Dead Steve Jobs 'made Tim Cook sue Samsung' from beyond the grave


Re: Jobs

Many people make shiny hi-tech products.

Their only industrial design innovation that I can think of was to integrate the antenna with the case, and we know how that turned out ;-)

Oh..and the rounded corners.


Re: Jobs

>> So, the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 constitute zero innovation. Having actually upgraded from a 3GS to a 5, I can tell you that your position is false.


You might want to look up what "innovation" means. Hints:: 1) removing OS limitations (that competitors don't have) doesn't count, and 2) cutting and pasting in your competitors innovative parts (screens, CPUs, etc) doesn't count either.

Microsoft blasts PC makers: It's YOUR fault Windows 8 crash landed


MS has a point

I haven't bought a Win 8 license because I haven't bought a new laptop. I haven't bought a new laptop because nobody makes one with the same screen res that I've been using for 10 years - 1920x1200..

So I soldier on with my 2005 Pentium-M Dell Inspiron, with its gorgeous 17" 1920x1200 display, but annoyingly crap performance, bulk and loud fans.

Get your act together., OEMs.

Sir James Dyson slams gov's 'obsession' with Silicon Roundabout


We have a more fundamental problem to address

- getting the professional classes to breed more, and the professional benefit cheats to breed less.

2012: The year that netbooks DIED


Well there's a surprise

More proof (along with the screen sizes fiasco) that the PC industry has completely forgotten how to serve its customers with products they want.

Give me a better version of my HP Mini netbook (eg. back-lit keyboard, better screen, HDMI out, faster/cooler CPU) and I'll buy it..

Give me an ultrabookish notebook with a proper hi res screen, and I'll buy it.

What, you can't? Not buying anything then.

Stroustrup on next-gen C++: I didn't want to let go of my baby



C is a great language.

C++ started off as a great language (extending C to OOP)

But once template was introduced to C++,, it descended into a dogs dinner of a language. Hard to understand, hard to implement without a compiler debugger, hard to even read - code looks like an drunken octopus has danced across the non-alphanumeric part of the keyboard. I'm no compiler expert, but I could have done it better,

Oracle tunes up VirtualBox hypervisor for Windows 8


Re: Yes yes yes but......

> I keep pointing to VMware simply because the clients are hardware agnostic, and I can

> cut and paste the files to as many machines as I want, at will.

The only host-specific hardware that a VM normally sees is the CPU. I say "normally" because Virtualbox lets you set a VM's CPU to a "synthetic" one that is neither AMD nor Intel, this preventing the VM from seeing any CPU change if you copy it it from one PC to another with a different physical CPU.


vboxmanage modifyvm --synthcpu on|off

Of course your VM settings might specify things that impose certain hardware requirements on a different PC that you may copy it to, for example having the same physical network cards, but thats hardly a virtualbox limitation.


Re: Why does anyone even bother with VirtualBox any more?

I heartily wish they'd beef up the storage performance. For example compiling a large software project is soooooo slow in a Vbox VM compared to doing it on the same host.

Best and the Rest: ARM Mini PCs


Ras Pii

The Raspberry Pi is often touted as the basis of a great, cheap media player. It has a puny CPU, but it's good enough for a UI, and its GPU has hardware decode acceleration for most common video formats.

Unfortunately they only provide (blob) drivers for accelerating H264. So if you want to play live terrestrial DVB (still mainly MEPG2) via a USB tuner, a physical DVD (MPEG2) via a USB DVD drive, or one of your old XVid/Divx (MPEG4) movies or ISOs (MPEG2) then you're stuffed. The GPU can't do it without the drivers being supplied, and the CPU isn't fast enough for software decode.

The Foundation *really* needs to get that sorted out. There needs to be a "plus pack" of drivers that allow access to the GPUs ability to decode all of these things in hardware.

Intel: Windows on ARM won't run 'legacy apps'



..don't legacy apps expect mouse and keyboard input anyway?